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Levitation Technology

Levitation Technology
LEVITATION. Science can levitate houses, but what about levitating people? “Scientists have discovered a way of levitating ultra-small objects by manipulating the so-called Casimir force, which normally causes objects to stick together due to forces predicted by quantum field theory. This is, however, only possible for micro-objects. Quantum field theory (QFT) provides a theoretical framework for constructing quantum mechanical models of systems classically parameterized (represented) by an infinite number of degrees of freedom, that is, fields and (in a condensed matter context) many-body systems. It is the natural and quantitative language of particle physics and condensed matter physics.” –Wikipedia. In short, many innovations in levitation technology is birthing out of quantum physics (metaphysics) so that we can levitate objects made of atoms and particles. The quantum field theory that is being explored to explain the field of invisible energy in the air is basically the “force” or magnetic field that links everything together so it stays orderly. Levitation technology is just piggy backing off the force field (quantum field). The focus now is how we can substantiate the age old claim of ancient esoteric beliefs that levitation is a dormant 6th sense of humans as are being kinetic, telepathic, remote viewing, intuitive, and the many other unexplained human alpha abilities. How do we transfer this knowledge to be used by the people? Does the key to activating our natural 6th senses lay hidden through meditating in alpha brain waves? Maybe we do live in the matrix? Maybe what’s keep us back from exploring our 6th senses is our negative, fearful beliefs about ourselves and each other that’s confined by separating, dogmatic belief systems? Obviously, there is nothing religious about it. Maybe we need to come to terms with our own fears that we attach to things we haven’t understood yet? Maybe we are all “alphas”? We are just beginning to understand the science behind this natural phenomenon that’s being commercialized in moving products in the air. It maybe a brave new, exciting world and only the fearless may shine through. The paranormal may be normal after all. May the force within each of us shine brightly through always.

Below are FREE resources on levitation techniques used in moving objects as large as houses and maybe someday used by people.

“Physicists Have Solved the Mystery of Levitation” by Roger Highfield of the Telegraph. Professor Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin, from the University of St Andrews in Scotland have discovered how levitation works in the holographic matrix we exist in. They have discovered that the Casimir effect on objects attracts rather than repels as discovered in studying quantum mechanics also known in ancient esoteric mystic beliefs in Indian and Asian belief systems. They are exploring the belief and cases of some people who may be able to utilize this dormant 6th sense to levitate objects and working on how to make it known to the public that someday people maybe able to levitate on their own if the technique is refined and learned. Maybe someday people can put their suitcases on a rug and levitate it to go to their parent’s house. A fun magic carpet ride!

“Modern Science Turns a Blind Eye on Levitation” by Frost’s Meditation.

“Invisibility Two Years Away” by Professor Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin, from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

“Quantum Levitation by Left-Handed Metamaterials” by the Journal of New Physics.

“Quantum Levitation” by St. Andrews University. This paper explains further how levitation works through the Casimir Effect.

“Scientists Levitate Small Animals” by Cahrles Q. Choi of Live Science.

“Japanese Airbag Protects Homes From Earthquakes” by One Minute News. This video covers the press on Air Danshin Systems Inc. that was established in 2005 by inventor Youichi Sakamoto, to market and sell the new levitation technology that detects earthquakes within a half second and levitates homes on the system up to 3 inches in the air during the earthquake with people inside the house and releases the house back down to the ground when the home owners hit the switch after the earthquake. Cool!

“Japanese Home Levitation System” by Popular Science.

“Airlift Device From Air Danshin Systems Inc. Allows Homes to ‘float’ During Natural Disasters” by World Architect News.

“Levitation of Mattresses” by Levitation Sciences. Here, Levitation Sciences shows how their patented levitation technology helps levitate any mattress even with someone laying on it so that the bed can be made in the air and then lowered into place. This technology will likely be used to levitate anything else in larger scales to help engineer larger items. Hopefully, we can start working on levitating building materials in the air and then start building underneath it until the complete building is built out of thin air. Yikes!

Videos of people levitating. Makes you wonder…are they levitating?

“Russian Girl Levitating” by Sterile Kanal News in Russia.

“Buddhist Monk Levitation Documentary” by Discovery HD.

“New Illusionist” by Hashan Fernando on Sri Lanka TV displaying his ability to use his 6th sense to levitate and move small objects.

“Running On Water”. This video is of people practicing the act of running on water and mastering levitation over water through their conscious awareness of the matrix. Mind over matter.

Photo: “Levitation” Ian Junor Photography

FlickRiver levitation photo gallery from various artists.

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