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Yeshuah Bin Yusuf of Kashmir (Jesus)

Yeshuah Bin Yusuf of Kashmir (Jesus)
The story of Jesuah (Yeshuah) Bin Yosef of Kashmir, India is one of unconditional love for all as one as himself. The Hemis Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery located in Hemis, Ladakh, India that holds well preserved ancient scrolls thousands of years old that document direct accounts of the activities of a foreigner named Yeshuah Bin Yosef (Jesus Benjamin Joseph) who studied metaphysics and quantum medicine in Buddhism from the age of 13 to 28 years old at this monastery that laid the foundations for his teachings along with much older records going back further to the original teachings of Gautama Buddha and the council of Buddhist scholars from Nepal.

He traveled here through the Silk Road. He also is documented in ancient scrolls at Chinese monasteries to have learned Zen traditions dating back to his time and much of India to learn from Hindu yogis and other faiths in the area to get a comprehensive perspective from the area that completed his Buddhist studies while in training. While living and learning metaphysics as a mystic in India, the locals nicknamed him Sananda as did the indigenous Muslims that named him Issa, which is documented in the Koran and Hindu texts.

After his formal training, he went back home to teach what he learned to help his people transcend their current perspectives regarding enlightenment. Scholarly knowledge at that time was only available to nobility or for free at Buddhist monasteries, which were the only free universities in the ancient world that offered room and board to anyone for as long as you want to study.

Jesuah is documented as a scholar who excelled in metaphysics and achieves great enlightenment shown through his healing abilities as his main dormant 6th sense was activated through universal knowledge. He was advised by his mentors to blend his knowledge into his culture when he returned home by being an example of everyone’s potential for awakening into the path of enlightenment if they choose to transcend their illusions in this holographic plain of existence (dimension).

He traveled back home to teach these teachings, but the power structure of the religious politics of his culture saw him as a threat and sought to destroy him. There had been a time when Buddhist monks of the east traveled to his home to bring him back to monastic living for fear of the predicted outcome they and he foresaw, but he refused as his life was established and wanted to continue his walking meditation and lectures along the way.

He achieved the rainbow body by mastering energy manipulation in this holographic universe. It is not clear if it was he or a double that survived this near-death experience, but this person was cared for with the help of his fellowship and trusted friends. The crucifixion was also discussed as a possible hoax constructed by Yeshuah Bin Yosef and Judas who took this secret to his grave. His friend refused him because it was not Yeshuah. It was a drugged, mentally ill man who believes he was a prophet that volunteered to go through it to help fulfill the current society’s need for blood to get to the next level in consciousness.

Esoteric, mystic traditions do not believe heinous acts are needed to raise one's consciousness into the next vibration level along with one's spiritual growth. After much meditation, it was something that Yeshua, Judas, and a very small amount of peers knew needed to happen for their society that was directly impacted as they needed violence to feel pain at the lowest level and use that pain as a motivator to leap of faith forward towards an uncharted metaphysical belief system they longed for away from what they have known that they know have become corrupt at the time.

This experience showed him that a peaceful life may not be possible in this area so he secretly fled to his childhood monastery in Kashmir, India to live peacefully in seclusion till death into the old age of 120 years. It is also believed that Yeshua stayed in Kashmir for a while after his return that was documented in Buddhist records at his monastery, but what was not documented is if he did or did not return to his travels to continue to learn and teach along his journey to Egypt and Europe, which is spoken folklore.

While in Kashmir, he continued living amongst the fellow Buddhist scholars he studied from, beloved Hindu’s, and beloved people of other faiths in peace. He was so revered by locals that later descendants who became Muslims mentioned him 33 times in the Quran. He impacted the community by continuing to learn from others and share his metaphysics knowledge and heal people. The people he touched fled as well. His legacy was so impactful that the religious, political institutions of his culture took hundreds of years debating his teachings and how they were to manipulate it as a tool to control mass consciousness.

These institutions changed much of the principles using fear constructs to have control of mass collective consciousness, removed much of the original teachings of enlightenment within each person connected to the unified field of universal consciousness through oneness, fabricated Yeshuah’s story using ancient mythology to confuse people, removed knowledge about each person's ability to harness spiritual 6th senses/gifts through raising one's energetic vibrations through awakening into the path of enlightenment, demonizing sects of the culture that allowed equality for all, wiping out Yeshuah’s scholarly years before he returned home, and created various illusions of separatism using fear, coercion, and bribery to stay in power.

Yeshuah’s name was even renamed to be easier for the masses to say and separate him from his lineage to re-create his story new. The new dogmatic religion that was created by political/religious priests that worked together chooses to change his name to Jesuah and then shorten to Jesus.

The last name Christ was added to represent the basic metaphysical teachings he learned from studying mystic understandings from the various spiritual traditions in Kashmir. The word “Christ” is from “Krystal-A”. “Kryst” which represents the 7 sacred geometric and cymatic tones of creation (ka ray a si ha la) is found in activating your Merkaba/rainbow body through your “awakened” consciousness.

The solfeggio Hz frequency of sacred geometry in music we know of now is ut (396=9), re (417=3), mi (528=6), Fa (639=9), sol (741=3), and la (852=6). “HI-A” means Allah in the Middle East where the word originated and re-transcribe to fit western linguistics. So, the name “Christ” is really “Krystal-A” meaning to find the crystalline structure (energetic sacred geometry) of God/Goddess consciousness inside you. You are Gods and Goddesses manifesting your individual and collective reality through consciousness in this hologram. Hence, live in Christhood/Buddhahood by being Christ Consciousness.

There are many names in many, many traditions for being and living in this alpha state of consciousness. Still today, there is no direct account for the early years and later years of Yesuah in western Christian texts that only account for a small section of the life of Yeshuah. Yeshuah, Jesuah, Yuz Asaf, Yesua, Jesua, Issa, Sananda, or Jesus of Nazareth are the many names given to the man who was buried in the Roza Bal shrine located in the Khanyar area of district Srinagar, in Kashmir, India. Inside is a rock carving that shows feet bearing crucifixion wounds of Yeshuah. The body is buried according to the Jewish tradition of directions and not according to the Islamic tradition by the later descendants who inherited the responsibility to care for the tomb.

Parts of Yeshuah's loving family who were the indigenous Muslims eventually became Muslim and his impact healing the people of the area gave way to his nickname as "Issa" as written in the Koran in Islam. The Muslims still live peacefully with the Buddhists and Hindus in the area today. It is currently maintained by a Board of Directors consisting of Sunni Muslims.

Regardless of the true identity of Jesuah of Kashmir, he is believed by many Buddhists to be a great westerner that achieve full enlightenment of the highest vibrational sound waves through living life guided by his higher self and by mastering his destructive emotions controlled by the ego in each dichotomous choice to choose the higher vibrating parallel reality each pivotal moment life offered. Much endearment is given to our equal brother who chooses to stay amidst a hostile and manipulative society to teach universal spirituality and oneness.

Jesuah is believed to have reached fulfill rainbow body enlightenment by being able to cross dimensions by matching the distinct frequencies of each dimension, parallel realities, and timelines through the speed of thought to continue to spread his message and joined the ranks of other ascended masters before him such as Gautama Buddha, Isis, Quanyin, Vishnu, Mohammad, Moses, etc. in the emptiness of nirvana by transcending the wheel of dharma in the life experience.

It is believed that the fulfillment of Jesuah’s dream and the ending of his controversy comes full circle when much of society awakens into Buddhahood and will pilgrimage to his burial showing the ‘fruits’ of their enlightenment to pay their respects for his very controversial commitment as a Bodhisattva (the incarnate human angel who serves humanity) who choose to commit himself to help serve humanity as all are one. The return of Maitreya Buddha and Jesuah will be the enlightenment of an enlightened society who lives in Buddhahood/Christ Consciousness.

The true essence of Christhood/Buddhahood is matching the frequency of the crystalline state of pure God/Goddess consciousness of divinity and unconditional love, which is the highest vibration in creation. Those who are anti-christ consciousness or Buddhahood are believed to be a minority during this golden era of advanced humanity and have little impact as they choose to live in darkness since one person living in the light is a million times stronger than a million people living in the delusion of darkness.

The whole world transforms when millions of people awaken to universal knowledge of oneness for all through unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness. It has been long prophesied in Buddhism that in ancient times, it made sense to teach metaphysic mysticism to those interested in the esoteric monastic universities to develop little lamas to be available to aid those in need of wisdom and quantum healing if asked. It has been predicted in Buddhism that in modern times, the world needs metaphysic wisdom as a part of every day in every aspect of society.

So the universe has forced the lama’s out of Capitol Hilltops and out of meditation to complement the planet in science, medicine, business, religion, etc. and incarnated Bodhisattva’s (soul’s that reached enlightenment but prefer to be of service to humanity to assist others with their journey until all of humanity has crossed the event horizon) during a big variety of incarnations around the world. In essence, there are not any religions, only one really big spiritual tradition as all are connected to every other somehow. These little lamas are very wise and self-aware, ancient incarnations that are here to rebuild and restructure the foundations for the new unified collective holographic reality.

Those who prefer to be a neighborhood of this new reality will likely be swept up by the new unified energy of the new humanity. we've come full circle during this cycle and beginning a replacement new cycle unprecedented on Earth and fulfilling the hopes of all previous incarnations together.

To learn more about the lifetime of Jesuah of Kashmir, India. Please view the documentaries below that cover very in-depth research on the story of Jesuah.

“Jesus Was a Buddhist Monk” by BBC Documentary Channel.

“Government of India Documentary on Jesus in Kashmir” by the Film Division of the govt of India.

“Jesus within the Himalayas” by Discovery Channel.

“The Breath of God-Book Trailer” by author Jeffrey Small. this is often a drama based on Jeffrey’s true-life research he conducted into the facts about the lifetime of Jesuah of Kashmir, India at the Hemis Monastery during his scholarly years.

“Tomb of Jesus” by the Tomb of Jesus.

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“Where Was Jesus within the First 30 Years” by Tricia McCannon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g02mG_JoJbc

“Why Didn’t God Create One Religion” by Dr. Zakir Naik of Peace TV within the Middle East. Dr. Zahir Naik may be a famous Muslim scholar of Islam teachings. He states that each one of the messengers that got sent to Earth to show the youngsters are all teaching an equivalent spirituality. the essential message is ONENESS with God. There’s just one. We, humans, changed the message through time.

He reminds Muslims that “anyone who is connected to God and oneness” is that the message. it's a state of BEING to be Muslim, not “labels”. we'd like to urge over our labels and the way we separate one another over semantics. we'd like to respect ALL messengers of divinity and love one another unconditionally together. So we'd like to acknowledge our fellow Buddhists & Christians who also are connected to God otherwise you're not connected if you can’t see we are ONE having different experiences.

Even Jesuah of Kashmir, India taught teachings of the Qur’an along with side Buddhist philosophy. we'd like to abandon the arms we hold in our hearts and see the apparent, blatant relationship to every other. The more we glance into this, the more it's so obvious. Wake up.

“Crucifixion Ruse” by Courtney Brown, Ph.D. Dr. Brown may be a member of the Farsight Institute and professor at Emory University. He conducts remote viewing research on various timelines to prove the existence of parallel realities through his team of military remote viewers. they need remote viewed and validated their research through advance predictions on the autumn of the stock exchange, the solar flares, and Hurricane Sandy. His team remote viewed the crucifixion to ascertain it's going to are a ruse consistent with their research.

Updated: This summary may help clarify the time frames of events in history. Zen may be a school of Mahayana, which originated in China during the 6th century CE/AD, 6 years after the death of Yeshua. it had been commonly referred to as the mountain teachings when it had been officially established as its unique form from its root tradition of Mahayana that originated in India and is related to the oldest historical sect of Buddhism that originated from Buddha around 500 BC-460 BC from its origins of Hinduism. Schools of thought don’t just crop up.

They have origins from older philosophies. The scrolls that document Jesuah in their schools during his “missing” years are direct accounts of his tenure in his lifetime and therefore the scrolls of his passage into the mountainous schools also are direct accounts of his short tenure of study that was kept safe up to the reform of such schools into Zen Buddhism in 6th century AD. it had been quite common for a parent, especially one mom to place their children into a monastic study in past for free education in math, science, and medicine from Buddhist schools.

Yeshua is documented as introducing himself as a foreigner who was born from one mom. As for the Muslim religion of Islam, yes, it officially started many years later, but the culture and its traditions have been around for much longer than that before Prophet Muhammad was born and refined the assumption system into the official version of the Quran. The Muslim descendants are living in India at this point as far back as the Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty, King Asoka who after his conquest of the various religious civil wars in ancient India adopted Buddhism and made it law for all the feuding sects of his country at the time to measure consonant and not start fighting over spiritual or religious semantics until he died in 232 BC.
One of the ancient sects of his time was believed to be Muslim descendants who lived with Jesuah at this time in Kashmir, India, and revered him very much that they mentioned him 33 times in the Quran when that book was officially documented with many of the teachings of Muhammad. Just like Moses who predated Yeshua (Jesuah) was often mentioned in the Bible. So, everything documented in the ancient scrolls of both Mahayana Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, and the beliefs of the history of the descendants of the Muslim culture in ancient Kashmir can be substantiated with the time frame of the historical progression of events.

Again, much of Buddhist documentation and the government of India back up their evidence of Jesuah of Kashmir. People are allowed whatever they want to believe in regarding no history of Jesuah’s missing years as believed by the Catholic church or be more investigative to the documented evidence provided by the story of Jesuah of Kashmir. Buddhist history is the only direct account today of the missing years of Yeshua. Namaste.
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