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Letting Go

Letting Go
"The attempt to make family connection unduly and to make people hang together artificially with people who would never naturally do so have cause much sadness for MANY. You don't belong to your immediate family. You belong to the human family. You don't own your children. Nor are you a possession of your parents. You're not obliged to fulfill the wishes or destiny of your kin. It's important to consciously know that you're here to create your music and that you don't have to die with your music still in you. Granted this can trigger some family drama, but then again, that might be just your excuse for not following your own path. From my experience, I earn far more respect then reproach from my family whenever I encourage myself to live the life I want to live. To that end, these types of excuses need to disappear. I can't disappoint my parents or my grandparents. Why should I be the only one rebelling and wanting to move out of town. Or take up a new occupation. Or marry outside of our faith. Or whatever else may incur disapproval or censor from relatives. These are thoughts based on FEARS that were conditioned in childhood to secure a place in your tribe. Yet, what were reasons to the child you were then, need to be recognized as excuses by the adult you are today. Don't let FEAR or family dramas keep YOU from changing outdated, unnecessary, or unwanted thought patterns."

-Dr. Wayne Dyer from "Excuses Be Gone!"

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