"You've always been enough. Use the resources all around you to create a life you want to experience. A life full of joy and love. The spirit world will nudge you through synchronicity. You can do it" -Source


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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is an in-person hypnosis modality. Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is another modality that also connects you to your higher-self for your soul's insights about your life experience. However, BQH is the online option I provide for clients who are not able to make it to an in-person session. Typically 3.5 - 4 hours depending on the materials the oversoul brings forth to discuss and the self-healing that is facilitated.



1. Fill out the client in-take form as best you can, which I will email to you beforehand. 

2. Please review these pages within the Merkaba Chakras website:



3. Please download a recording app on your cell phone or iPad, which you will use as a back-up to record your session. Be sure to test it and make sure it has at least 4 hours of memory in the app beforehand. Bring your charger with you.

to the session.


4. Be sure to eat before you come, wear comfortable clothes, and let your love ones know that you will not be available during the session.


Surrogate Alternatives: Surrogates doing the hypnosis session on behalf of someone who gave permission for a surrogate to take their place are done when one of these conditions are met. 


1. Mental health issues (personality disorders, etc.)

2. Language barriers (must be fluent English speaking)

3. Hearing impaired (must be able to hear the practitioner)

4. Minors under 16-years old. 


To schedule a hypnosis session, please fill out the contact form below. I will be in contact with you shortly to schedule your session.


Payment is paid at the session. 


If you would like to schedule an appointment over the phone instead, just call 206-574-8844. 



Quantum Hypnosis Cost: $360/Session (9.8% Sales Tax Included)

Session Overview: 4 hrs

  • Interview & Measure Chakras
  • Hypnosis 
  • Recap & Measure Chakras


  • Past Life
  • Future Life
  • Spirit World insight
  • Life-Between-Lives
  • Starseed & Indigo Incarnates
  • Conversations with Over-Soul (universal consciousness), past love ones, spirit guides, angels, council members, master teachers, etc.


1x1 6th Senses Consultation Cost:

Many consultations can be done via cell phone calls, but some people need visual Zoom or Skype call instead in order to show me their 6th sense abilities so I can access it and provide suggestions for dealing with it. In Buddhism, the lamas and aides would help people learn to work with their amplified or awakened 6th senses, which is the result of the process of spiritual awakening and ascension towards Buddhahood. Now, since this is happening worldwide to people all over the world due to the Earth raising her frequency further into the 5th dimension, everyone living on her is also getting raised up in frequency whether they're ready or not. It's like humanity is having a growth spurt, and needs to learn new ways of living with their new bodies.

  • $90 for a 1-hour session over the phone or Skype/Zoom (9.8% Sales Tax Included).  
  • $180 for a 2-hour session over the phone or Skype/Zoom (9.8% Sales Tax Included).  


Accepted Payments: 

All major credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, Venmo and PayPal are accepted. 


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