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1x1 6th-Sense Consultation:

This is an online service I offer to people who may NOT be able to visit the Seattle area to talk about their unusual experiences with me. Often, people from all over the world are having spiritual awakenings and ascension experiences, which are growing exponentially. These experiences may activate dormant 6th senses and at times if they already had inklings of subtle spiritual 6th senses, they're spiritual awakenings and ascension process could amplify their 6th senses. At times, even new 6th senses that are unknown of could amplify, making it hard for my clients to place an understanding about it and how live with their new skills responsibly. 


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Sometimes, for people coming into their 6th senses through the spiritual awakening and ascension process, it feels like you're the only light in a dark room. As an energy being of higher light, bugs are attracted to you. Learning how to navigate this and other new 6th senses that come online is an easy and enjoyable process to adopt in your new 5th dimensional awareness. 


Why is This Happening?

According to the indigenous belief about the new cycle on Earth, the Earth is a living being that has a consciousness as well. People are aspects living on her, which makes up aspects of her body. Earth completed a processional cycle around 2012 BCE, and began a new cycle that will last for a very long time. The cycle she closed out was the cycle of polarity. The indigenous tribes did not do anything, but they waited a long time for Earth to move into the higher 5th dimensional awareness. In 2012 BCE, which in Buddhism is 2,555 BCE, it signifies a new cycle of unity consciousness on Earth. From then on, the Earth has been bringing in higher and higher energies to level up her consciousness further and further into the 5th dimensional awareness. The 2012 Awakening ceremonies that was performed by many indigenous cultures worldwide such as the Mayan Chiefs, Chiefs of the Polynesian Islands, Native American Chiefs, Vedic Hindus and Buddhism just acknowledge this natural growth to Earth's consciousness. 



The reality you exist in now is the 5th dimension where the higher energies on Earth manifest whatever you focus on much faster. If you focus on 3D issues, you'll get more of it, because it is an opportunity for you to clear up old dense energies holding down your frequency. It is not a punishment, it is a learning lesson. This is because if a 3D person is manifesting their fears and nightmares instantly or much faster in the higher energies, life would be hell every day. Whereas, if someone thinks they are 4D awareness, and manifesting in a linear progression works for them, then that fine too. For example, jobs can be stepping stones for career growth. However, if someone is 5D awareness, their career paths can zig-zag quickly, because there are faster ways to manifest the best experience. There's plenty of examples of the difference between 3D, 4D, and 5D awareness. 

Aa result, post 2012 is a "choose your own reality" adventure. Many indigenous tribes worldwide have been honing in their knowledge and skills of how to manifest using 5th dimensional awareness in a 3rd dimensional world. Now, the Earth already moved us into the 5th dimension by raising the frequency on Earth so everyone on Earth is being pushed into the higher dimensions regardless of if they are ready or not. As a result, more spiritual awakenings begin to happen and people's 6th senses come online before they are ready to acknowledge and live with them. It is liken to having a growth spurt and all the sudden coming into new abilities that your body and consciousness can do, but being clumsy and unaware how to live with the new abilities.

That is what is happening to many people in this space. In spiritual terms, these people graduated from preschool and are learning how to walk, read, and write in the new leveled up experience. Because living spiritually awakened and creating using your 6th senses is new to many cultures, especially in the west. Many of these people have no where to go for guidance or to talk to about their unusual experiences that are literally, scaring the SHIT out of some of them and their loved ones.


What's the Difference Between the 3D, 4D, and 5D?

Simply, all the dimensions exist and access through your consciousness. It is from your own consciousness that you create the physical world. However, it is fun to play with others in the sandlot. In the case of a collective reality, we co-create as a collective consciousness. Science has already proven that people can access up to 11 dimensions in their brains. 

  • 3D is construction of forms. 
  • 4D (4th Density) is see reality in relation to  perceiving reality in relation to time. For example, the past creates the present, the present creates the future.
  • 5D (5th dimensional awareness) is knowing that all of time exists in the present, "now" moment. For example. when someone on this path of inner enlightenment and 5D consciousness, then they heal past dense issues that held down their frequency. They forgave or no longer held people to those limited beliefs. As a result, they can literally change their past history in the present moment. They also change the trajectory of their future experiences as well, because they learned the lessons of the past in the present moment, which causes new potentials to spring forward in their soul's next highest experience. People coming into this space will have undeniable personal Mandela Effects or Reality Shifts, which is a 6th sense long depicted in Buddhist Mandalas as people navigating between parallel realities through shifting energies in their consciousness.  Different dimensional awareness is also parallel realities as it all exists in the same moment in consciousness, regardless if it is horizontal or vertical dimensions. 


Click on the image for the Science behind how our brains access new dimensions of reality:  https://bit.ly/3mj7ixP 

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What Are Some 6th Senses to Look Out For?

I record new 6th senses from my clients to document how the high-vibe peoples of Earth are fulfilling the Buddhist and worldwide indigenous prophecy of the Golden Age of Interstellar Humanity for a book project I am working on called, "X-Men of the 5th Dimension". In ancient times and even today, many people work on their spiritual 6th senses in Buddhist monastic institutions where this is normal. Their lamas and teachers will provide wisdom and guidance for how to live peacefully with their 6th senses. However, there are more and more people worldwide coming into their 6th senses through a spiritual awakening that need assistance in guiding them on their growth spurt.

The process of getting there is to LEARN the WISDOM teachings of the sages so that you are responsible with your 6th senses. Everything is amplified tenfold in 5th dimensional awareness. What you create with your 6th senses, you, yourself get back tenfold. Misuse of your 6th senses not only could hurt others, but definitely damage you the worst. That's why in advance Buddhism, we take fine tuning of spiritual 6th senses to know thyself very seriously. 




There are many modalities are online to help people. People will gravitate to the right modality and facilitator that fits their journey. This probable future for humanity is in many indigenous beliefs. Even the late mental health doctor, Dr. David R. Hawkins called them, "Homo-Spiritus". Dr. Hawkins coined it an offshoot of humanity that became an enlightened civilization of higher responsible, but spiritual empire. Many indigenous cultures would say that 5D Earth makes ancient Lemuria and ancient Atlantis look like Kindergarten. 

There's many great explanations outside of Buddhism and many indigenous traditions about what 5th dimensional awareness is and how to understand it as best you can through the lifelong works of many spiritual researchers of consciousness such as Dr. David R. Hawkins and author, Mellen-Thomas Benedict. NDE Author and 5D inventory said in his book, Insights From the Other Side, “5th dimensional reality is when we go beyond the mental. The mental has served us, and will continue to serve us in the future. The mental is only a small part of the being that we are. 5th dimensional reality is the gateway to all other dimensions. When you are a 5th dimensional awareness, you are an awareness that conceives of a past, a present, and a future in the now. It is a dimension of manifestations.

Manifestations are making material out of thin air. They’re basically using the atomic structure of the universe to do it. There’s plenty of energy in the universe to manifest anything that we want. If one human can do it, then all humans can do it. Realize what’s coming. All manifestors manifest with their eyes open. Say they want to manifest a rose in your hand, they have an intense visualization process that they see in 3D to 4D reality, and the energy fills into that mold. They have intense visualization outside of their head. It looks like if you’ve ever seen a time lapse photography of something jumping around real quick. It looks alive. Suddenly, matter forms and it forms into something.” 



Welcome to the 5th dimension love, you made it. Now, let's learn to live and love in these higher energies as best we can. 

  • Energy Healing (lots of different modalities)
  • Invisibility
  • Flight
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Weather Modification (Rain.Stop.Start)
  • Unusual Strength 
  • Mindfulness Abilities: Channeling, Telepathy, Precognition, Empathy, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing
  • Clairaudient, Clairsentient
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telekinesis (matter manipulation)
  • Instant Manifestation
  • Time Manipulation, Time Travel, Time Slips
  • Teleportation, Geo-location
  • Reality Shifts, Mandela Effects
  • Awareness of Parallel Selves and Parallel Lives
  • Seeing/Sensing "ghosts"



How Much Does It Cost?

The 1st 5-10 minutes is complimentary. This is enough time to answer some basic questions and access needs. If your case needs more consultation time, then you'd likely need more focused guidance in a 1x1 consultation call. At that point, we will need to schedule it out. 


1x1 6th-Sense Consultation Cost:

Many consultations can be done via cell phone calls, but some people need visual Zoom or Skype call instead in order to show me their 6th sense abilities so I can access it and provide suggestions for dealing with it. In Buddhism, the lamas and aides would help people learn to work with their amplified or awakened 6th senses, which is the result of the process of spiritual awakening and ascension towards Buddhahood. Now, since this is happening worldwide to people all over the world due to the Earth raising her frequency further into the 5th dimension, everyone living on her is also getting raised up in frequency whether they're ready or not. It's like humanity is having a growth spurt, and needs to learn new ways of living with their new bodies.

  • $90 for a 1-hour session over the phone or Skype/Zoom (9.8% Sales Tax Included).  
  • $180 for a 2-hour session over the phone or Skype/Zoom (9.8% Sales Tax Included).  


Accepted Payments: 

All major credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, Venmo and PayPal are accepted. 



For the exploratory quantum hypnosis services, the practitioner is not a healer. The practitioner can only facilitate the hypnosis. Energy Healing is a self-created conscious phenomenon. This is exploratory hypnosis and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or legal advice. For the 6th senses consultation, I can only provide consultations and recommendations. Your progress is up to you on whether or not you do the recommendations to seek the answers and results you desire.  There are no guarantees. However, I have much success helping clients manage their 6th senses. Metaphysical consultations and exploratory hypnosis is very personal, because reality is dependent on your personal decisions and perspectives. Everything is confidential.


Just submit a contact us form when you're ready to schedule a 1x1 consultation call with author, Von Galt. Please write in the form what time zone you are in so she is aware of it. She will get back to you about your request. 

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