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What's 5D Spiritual Etiquette?


What is 5D Spiritual Etiquette (Good Manners)?

In Buddhism, it is polite behavior in our society. This is especially important for spiritual people who are on the process of an awakening and ascension. Depending on the stage of their spiritual evolution, these legion of new 5D people will start awakening dormant 6th senses and/or amplify existing 6th senses. New 6th senses known and unknown to the world will come to fruition. Everyone in this space is unique and has unique skills that are part of their experience in this life. Many of the master teachers is Buddhism and many mystic spiritual traditions have different 6th senses and at the same time, have similar 6th senses. Since we live in a multi-faceted, melting pot of humanity full of people with different levels of consciousness for their soul's own spiritual development, it is advised to be respectful.



Otherwise, your ego can use the new abilities against you and others before you realize the effects it has on others. The wisdom teachings of the elders in many indigenous traditions and Buddhist master teachers advise that you want your 6th senses to be a positive experience, and not a nightmare. People who do not know how to live with 5D spiritual etiquette often view their 6th senses as a curse, than a blessing. In Buddhism, your 6th senses are part of a lesson for your own spiritual development. 


Why Should We Care About 5D Spiritual Etiquette?

Simply, what you create, you experience directly either in this lifetime, 1st hand in your life review, or in another lifetime upon reincarnation. Bad karma is unbalanced energy that needs rebalancing. However, good karma is abundant, and can compound more and more.


What are Some Examples of 5D Spiritual Etiquette (Parallel Realities)? 

One of the new 6th senses coming online more people is the ability to sense through direct experience a knowing of parallel existences. You could be laying in bed, and all the sudden look over at a shadow of another version of yourself in another parallel life where you walked to the bathroom and chatted with your spouse. In the meanwhile, your spouse is playing with her cell phone right next to you in bed. Suddenly, the other version of you in the bathroom looks back at you sensing you watching them. This can be jarring if you are unaware of the phenomenon. 



The etiquette is to be aware of your 6th senses and to assure your alternate self that its another you and that they're doing fine. Kind of be each other's cheerleaders. If you get a spliced reality where you are experiencing simultaneously a version of your alternate self that is in danger, you may want to warn them so they do not get hurt. Sounds fantastic, right? Yep, these are my client's experiences. In Buddhism, it's nothing to be scared of. It's normal. These people are having a spiritual growth spurt, and need adjusting and adapting in the most healthy way. 


Telepathy/Empathy is Another 5D Spiritual Etiquette Example.

Telepathy and empathy is actually very common 6th sense. However, in these 5th dimensional energies that Earth is pulling further into more and more, these 6th senses will amplify. At first it can be overwhelming to hear everyone's thoughts. For some of my client's it is sensory overl9oad. They just want to shut themselves away in the dark and away from people to literally have peace of mind. However, for most people, living as a hermit won't work. In this case, healthy boundaries to control the empathy and telepathy is needed in order to function in society and not drain your own life force with toxic garbage of others. 



Once this 6th sense is honed in, and manageable, life can be playful again. A lot of these people with these skills spend much of their time with pets and animals, because friendly animals help ease their anxiety. Often, friendly animals have happy, loving thoughts and emotions that are enjoyable to engage with for telepaths/empaths. These people are like playful children. However, not everyone wants you to snoop into their hidden thoughts and emotions. There's a lot that goes into being a responsible and respectful Empathic person in 5th dimensional awareness.


Sensing "Ghosts" is Another 5D Spiritual Etiquette Example.

A common 6th sense is being present to many dimensions. This means that since they are higher-vibe, they can perceive "ghosts" or people and disembodied spirits, etc. Basically, the veil between dimensions and timelines are thin to these people. Spiritual etiquette is not to be scared, because what you project, you create and amplify more of it. For these people, it is about understand that there is no hell and demons, because everything in creation came from the light upon it's creation. At some point, they got lost and have forgotten the light. 



I teach these people how to send unpleasant and lost souls to the light where there is nothing but love for them no matter how horrid they thing they are. As we go further into the 5th dimension higher reality, these lower vibe existences do not exist. It's like oil and water. They don't mix. This 6th sense can be fun too. People with this skill can have loads of fun sending lower-vibe beings to the light for love. They can also ease the suffering of lost and hurt souls no matter when they existed into he light for loads of love. It's just a love fest for these people once they learn to manage this 6th sense. I've even had some of these beings say, "show us the way home". 


Time Lapsing is Another 5D Spiritual Etiquette Example.


This is a relatively unknown 6th sense, but it well known in Buddhism. Very few people in history have been able to exhibit this ability. It is the ability to time lapse things. Someone with the Time Lapsing 6th sense exists in the present "now" moment, and they are viewing all phases of the growth of an object at the same moment. However, they are viewing the object grow in real-time. For example, this was demonstrated by Chinese metaphysician, Yao Zheng who demonstrated the blossoming of a flower bud in real time. 


This is a wonderful tool many 5D gardeners have to communicate with the garden to grow bigger, faster. The reverse effect such as reversing aging of the flower is also possible. The reason why is because moving forward and backwards in time is relative. However, the spiritual etiquette is that the person needs to get permission from the object to time lapse it's experience and if it is part of the incarnation's pre-life plan, it will be done. Otherwise, no time lapsing. 


Welcome to the 5th dimension love, you made it. Now, let's learn to live and love in these higher energies as best we can. Below are some other 6th senses.

  • Energy Healing (lots of different modalities)
  • Invisibility
  • Flight
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Weather Modification (Rain.Stop.Start)
  • Unusual Strength 
  • Mindfulness Abilities: Channeling, Telepathy, Precognition, Empathy, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing
  • Clairaudient, Clairsentient
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telekinesis (matter manipulation)
  • Instant Manifestation
  • Time Manipulation, Time Travel, Time Slips
  • Teleportation, Geo-location
  • Reality Shifts, Mandela Effects
  • Awareness of Parallel Selves and Parallel Lives
  • Time Lapsing
  • Seeing/Sensing "ghosts"


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Many consultations can be done via cell phone calls, but some people need visual Zoom or Skype call instead in order to show me their 6th sense abilities so I can access it and provide suggestions for dealing with it. In Buddhism, the lamas and aides would help people learn to work with their amplified or awakened 6th senses, which is the result of the process of spiritual awakening and ascension towards Buddhahood. Now, since this is happening worldwide to people all over the world due to the Earth raising her frequency further into the 5th dimension, everyone living on her is also getting raised up in frequency whether they're ready or not. It's like humanity is having a growth spurt, and needs to learn new ways of living with their new bodies.

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