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Is Time Speeding Up?

Is Time Speeding Up?
TIME is speeding up. Faster earth rotation creates stronger fields and slower rotations create weaker fields. Earth’s rotation is slowly decreasing causing the National Bureau of Standards to adjust the atomic frequency measurements for time otherwise by the end of this century we would think its noon instead of actually being midnight.

You’re not delusional, time is speeding up. This may explain why many are currently being challenged by old fears we’ve avoided for a long time that’s starting to bubble up quicker to be resolve or transcend through forgiveness and compassion. It's believe by many indigenous traditions that the time of awakening will be very quick through a couple years or a decade.

It won't take thousands of years for humanity to regain universal spiritual consciousness to evolve back into an advanced human civilization again through understanding the clues left from ancient civilizations that have puzzled archaeologists as to why such civilizations had much more advance technology than modern times.

The article below “Earth’s Core Rotation Faster than the Rest of the Planet, But Slower than Previously Believe” by Science Daily helps explain the science behind this phenomenon.

The article below “Atomic Frequency Standards and Clocks” by National Bureau of Standards gives the science behind adjusting real time to match the frequency of the Earth's rotation.

The link below is the article “Eclipse Predictions and Earth’s Rotation” by Nasa explains the science behind this on a solar level.

“Ocean Tides and the Earth’s Rotation” by IERS Special Bureau of Tides and Nasa covers the science behind the increases in tide waves as it reacts to the decrease in the Earth’s magnetic fields as the Sun loses magnetism through its current transformation as being documented by the solar storms as reflected in the continual videos of Aurora Borealis in northern Europe, Alaska, Canada, and Michigan (USA).

The articles below from Nasa and the academic community shows how the Earth quakes in Chile and Japan have proven to shorten the days. It's expected as the century ends to shorten the length of the days, but we won't be aware of it using our time counting system we create.

The link below helps give a complete understanding of the weakened magnetic fields and it’s impacts to us now living on Earth as scribed through ancient indigenous texts in this video series “Awakening to Zero Point” (1/2)by Greg Bradden, author and biologist.

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