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Pyramid Powers

Pyramid Powers
PYRAMIDS ARE A POWER PLANT for free energy that connects the world together, which is why there's ancient pyramids around the world.

The Abha Torus Vortex is a circular funnel that creates the perfect equilibrium to harness unlimited, clean energy to end suffering for the world that is fueled by non-local universal consciousness and absolutely nothing at all. It will erase all diseases, fuel space ships, create unlimited food, fuel anything, and more using cymatic sound waves that bounce around in the shape of sacred geometry in this holographic matrix we co-create.

This knowledge came from the study of Archangel Metatron’s sacred geometry of oneness found in the flower of life form depicted in Egyptian pyramids, ancient temples around the world, and in indigenous mandala artwork from Buddhist, Mayan, and many more traditions.

This sacred geometric math formula that have been substantiated in lab experiments came through comparative religious studies that cross reference metaphysics in Buddhism, quantum physics, consciousness, archaeological, and anthropological research.

The struggle of separation fueled by lower vibratory beings of egocentric nature have culminated into a new era of oneness where we awakening in unity towards unifying all truths in all religions, science, medicine, and math to voluntarily work together in an open source forum to transfer this knowledge of the ancients into a solution for the betterment of all as one so we can end physical suffering and start a higher evolutionary path of a enlightened society.

So, who wants to be the one to figure out how to transfer the Abha Torus Vortex into a usable large scale instrument? The knowledge is here with resources. Good luck! We can do it!


“Vortex Based Math” (1/2) by Randy Powell at TED. Harnessing power of unlimited, clean energy is where all of this work on understanding the unified field of universal consciousness, Mandelbrot sets, quantum physics, and Archangel’s sacred geometry is leading to. The magnet demonstration is run without anything and won’t stop. It’s a small scale replica of the Abha Torus Vortex powered by empty space of non-local consciousness (the God particle).

The Abha Torus Vortex was derived from understanding the Enochian angel language of numbers that are activated through sound wave frequencies.

The call is being made to all women, men, educated, uneducated, rich, poor, right brain, left brain, children, and adults around the world to understand the math about the torus energy system and replicate the technology in order to fuel large scale expansion for fix everything we suffer through as a species.

None of the corporations or governments is helping add this revolution in leading edge math as it would end the energy wars and reliance on inflated energy resources. The secret is transference of the vortex into engineering a replicable system that we can transfer into a large scale.

“Intro to Vortex Math” (1/2) by Randy Powell.

“Vortex Based Mathematics” by Marko Rodin.

“Double Torus Dynamic” by Thrive Movement and Nassim Haramein, Physicist. This video illustration shows how we derived a torus structure that creates an equilibrium of circulating unlimited energy fueled by non-local universal consciousness from our study of Archangel Metatron’s sacred geometry where the flower of life structure has been understood through mapping out sound wave pathways in the pyramids.

Our understanding of sacred geometry have been pulled from understanding metaphyics in Buddhist doctrines and mandala artworks from indigenous traditions left in ancient temples like the Mayans and the Egyptians.

“Flower of Life” by Thrive Movement and Nassim Haramein, Physicist. This video quickly illustrates how The Flower of Life mandala artwork isn’t a flat image of a flower, but a sophisticated math formula coding a 3D structure of sacred geometry of 64 points that creates a black hole of unlimited clean energy that can be harness through technology.

Understanding sacred geometry to create the flower of life shows us how we create an Abha Torus Vortex to create free, unlimited energy that will end suffering of humanity and Earth using nothing. Wow!

“The Seal of Soloman and the Great Pyramid” by Professor Scott Nelson. Professor Scott Nelson read the “Keys of Enoch” book by Dr. J.J. Hurtak below whose life long research into comparative religions and math of the Ethiopian Enochican language of angels gave him the spiritual insight to come up with the math for sacred geometry that he mapped in the pyramids to show the pyramids are a energy structure that is a perfect harmonics for waves to bounce around in sacred geometric shapes and completed the math formula.

Scott Nelson used the sacred geometric math formula from Dr. Hurtak to complete the sequence of the pyramid structure design. This knowledge was then expanded by Rodin Allen to transfer the math sequence onto an Abha Torus Vortex shape that is the perfect cylinder for energy circulation like tornados, blood cells, and tires.

Through applying the completed formula of the pyramid energy matrix completed by Scott Nelson from the math formula created by Dr. Hurtak’s comparative religious and archaeological research onto a Abha Torus Vortex shape, the Rodin Allen team was able to create a small illustration on how clean energy can be created using non-local consciousness and absolutely no resources to fuel it.

“Keys of Enoch” by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, PhD, PhD. This book covers Dr. Hurtak’s lifelong research in comparative religious studies, ancient archaeology, and anthropological research in order to crack the mathematical code of the harmonics in the design of the great pyramids of Giza that we have been able to investigate aside from the dozens of other pyramids around world we have yet to touch.

He had his spiritual awakening of universal consciousness of oneness and the equality of all people through studying the destroyed remnants of the ancient Gnostic Christian texts that believed in the divinity and oneness of humanity. He saw pararrells to other indigenous traditions in Buddhism, Judaism, Kabal, Mayan, and many more ancient traditions.

Dr. Hurtak claims to have been able to speak to Archangel Metatron, Enoch, and the unbiased Melchezedik order of divine teachers that help him on his research to understand the Ethiopian Keys of Enoch. The Melchizedek order is believed to be divine teachers of source energy that have been seeded in different spots on the Earth to help the people find balance and harmony living their incarnations they choose.

Some believe they are ascended masters such as Abraham, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Quinyin, Isis, Thoth, Ra, Muhammad, etc. His research shows that the pyramids maybe a energy vortex architecture that resonates a sound frequency that maps out to be the shape of sacred geometry known in mandala artworks in ancient Buddhist, Mayan, Egyptian, and many other traditions around the world computated in sacred math he derived from his spiritual angels that helped him.

His book came up with the sacred geometric formula for the harmonics of the pyramids that was later used by Professor Scott Nelson to complete the code that was paired with the grand unified field theory that was discovered through the partnership with Buddhism and science to understand quantum physics and consciousness research findings.

Scott Nelson’s completed computation of the pyramids was also used by Marko Rodin who applied the formulas into the Abha Torus Vortex along with his partner Randy Powell to engineer a basic simulation of unlimited, clean energy using absolutely no electricity to start it aside from the harmonics in empty space.

The Abha Torus Vortex is the cosmic solution given by the Enochian angel language as a solution that would eliminate all diseases, create unlimited, clean energy, create food, and many more innovations to take humanity off the rat race.

It is coming at a time when it is believe that humanity has passed the test of universal spiritual awakening to be able to use it properly without using it against each other to create the golden era of enlightenment. The Enochian alphabet is believed to be the language of the angels by 15th century mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I, John Dee.

John Dee claimed to be able to communicate with angels and come up with the alphabetic chart, but he died and did not use the system for fear of what may come out from his religious conditioning. The math formula Dr. Hurtak was able to derive from his lifelong career have proven to make the earlier teachings of Gnostic Christianity to have common truths to other spiritual traditions of metaphysics and universal consciousness.

He tried to study the King James version of modern Christianity, but kept hitting a dead end. When he studied Gnostic Christianity and compared it to other spiritual traditions, he was able to cross reference truths using the healing chants of eastern traditions that helped his team.

His team used radio sound waves that traveled certain directions in the pyramids over and over again 150 feet below them showing there are hidden chambers 150 under the top level of the pyramids that allowed for the sound waves to bounce around in a pattern mirroring sacred geometry. The top level of the pyramids is just a front for the real equipment below the ground.

He then took this research and mapped it to draw pararrells to the Enochian alphabets of the language of angels that depict a math formula for the harmonics of a sound wave inside the pyramids. Ironically, the math formula mirrors the symbol for the Brotherhood of the Free Masons.

When this math was completed and mapped in a Abha Torus Vortex structure, it shows the perfect structure to create unlimited energy using non-local consciousness of the universe (God particle). His scientific findings derived from applying science to comparative religions shows that the modern King James version of Christianity has some fabrication and missing critical information regarding enlightenment, oneness, equality, and universal spirituality, which explains why he was not able to derive math out of it.

The Gnostic Christian texts coupled with eastern mystic traditions helped him fill in the puzzles and draws parallels to each other's truths showing some linkage in beliefs, which also matches other belief systems as well as Islam, Ethiopian Book of Enoch, Judaism, Shamanism, and many more indigenous traditions that lightly points to the same truths.

This discovery that the pyramids may be an ancient energy generator puts light to the myths about other Egyptian tombs like the tomb of Osiris. The interesting thing about the tomb of Osiris is that a woman named Eady Day is believed to be the reincarnation of a lover of Osiris who killed herself from being pregnant from an affair with him.

The myth goes to tell that Osiris was so broken hearted that he used the technology in his temple to search different universes, dimensions, and parallel realities to find her. Eady Day today is a well known expert on the tomb of Osiris as she helped Egyptologist discover that the temple had a canal and a garden through her past life memories of its locations as that was where she used to be courted by Osiris.

Through studying these symbols, Dr. Hurtak mapped his harmonics math formula. The Abha Torus Vortex experiments stemming from his harmonics math of the pyramids are the active illustrations that his research is correct and that the King James version of the Bible is missing critical elements or has some fabrications. Dr. Hurtak was fortunate to be able to find scientific understandings from other religions to help his archaeological research into the pyramid vortex.

Dr. Hurtak currently is investigating mystic beliefs of eastern traditions to pull out knowledge about how cymatics and sophisticated, multi-layered sound waves can be used to create form in an effort to help contribute his knowledge into engineering more advance technology.

Dr. Hurtak is a Research Director at the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, was a former professor at California State University, Northridge and California State University, Los Angeles, his educational background includes a Ph.D. from the University of California and a second Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, president of the Academy For Future Science, and author of “Keys of Enoch”.

Desiree Hurtak is also co-founder of the Academy for Future Science, has co-written with Dr. Hurtak numerous books including the text and commentaries on the Coptic texts “The Pistis Sophia” and “The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene)”. Her recent work involves environmental studies and the film documentation of indigenous cultures to preserve their cultural heritage.

To this end, she has also studied and written on the philosophies and literature of various ancient cultures including Egypt and Mesoamerica to understand their importance in our evolving society, producing graphic animation films such as “The Light Body and Initiation”.

“Torus Fun: Sacred” This basic video gives a brief visual of how the shape of a torus is the perfect shape for sound waves to bounce around to create a flow of unlimited clean energy.

“Sonochemistry and sonoluminescence” by Ronald A. Roy, Boston University, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. R.Roy’s research explores Abha Torus Vortex creation in engineering.

“Sonoluminescence, Sonochemistry, and Sonophysics” by L.A. Crum from the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington. Crum’s research explores Abha Torus Vortexes in water to find alternative solutions to medical technology that maybe cross applied to creation of clean free energy.

He has over 200 articles covering his research if you want to explore it to help be the one to engineer an advance Abha Torus Vortex machine.

“The Pyramid Code: A New Chronology” (1/5)

PYRAMID POWERS: Ancient pyramids around the world suggest we use to be a unified global society. The true origins on the purpose of pyramids is still debated, but new scientific evidence shows it can be used as an energy conductor and possibly linked to each other. Remnants of this knowledge lay hidden in mandala artworks of Buddhists, Mayans, Native Americans, etc.as very well documented in art and in other symbolic references in many religions.

“Pyramid Harmonics” by Alexander Golod, PhD. Dr. Alexander Golod is a Russian Scientist and associate at the Russian Academy of Medical Science. His research in pyramid therapy on people showed that the Immune system of organisms increased upon exposure in the pyramid (Scientific Research Institute named by Mechnikov, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences). Specific properties of medicines increase with decreasing side effects after exposure in the Pyramid (SRI of Virology named by Ivanovskiy, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences).

Agricultural seeds placed in the pyramid showed a 30-100% increase in yield. Russian military radar detected an energy column above the Pyramids built by Alexander Golod which is thought to have repaired the Ozone layer in Russia (the same can be done for example in Australia). The pathogenic strength of different viruses and bacteria becomes less with exposure in the pyramid.

The amount of radioactivity becomes less after exposure in the pyramid. More of his research findings are in the article below.

“Influence of Alignment of the Pyramid On Its Beneficial Effects” by Surekha Bhat, PhD; Guruprasad Rao, K. Dilipy Murthy, PhD, and P. Gopalakrishna Bhat, PhD in the “Indian Journal of Experimental Biology”. Dr. Surekha Bhat is an associate professor of Biochemistry and Physiology at Melaka Manipal Medical College in India. Guruprasad Rao is an associate professor at the Manipal University in India. Dr. K. Dilip Murthy is a professor of Physiology at the School of Medicine in University Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Dr. P. Gopalakrishna Bhat of Kasturba Medical College in India is currently a professor of biotechnology at Manipal Life Sciences Centre in India.

These MDs studied health of rats housed in a pyramid shape environment that is orientated in the north-south direction and found in his research that it reduces neuroendocrine stress and increases antioxidant defense that reduces oxidative stress. The research shows pyramid therapy is also transferable to humans to maintain good health.

“Housing in Pyramid Counteracts Neuroendocrine and Oxidative Stress Caused By Chronic Restraint in Rats” by Surekha Bhat, PhD; Guruprasad Rao, K. Dilip Murthy, PhD, and P. Gopalakrishna Bhat, PhD as published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health. This publication shows all there research data, images of the pyramids they used, and the evidence for their medical claims that the pyramid shape has a harmonic frequency that help in maintaining good health.

“Pyramid Healing Energy” by Kirti Betai. Dr. Kirti Betai is president of Modem Vaastu Science , Environmental Energy Sdence Research Organisation, and advisory board member of the Giza Pyramid Research Association.

“Philosopher’s Stone: Key to the Great Pyramid” by Bernard Pietsch. His harmonics research from carbon dating shows that the oldest stones are on the top downwards showing that levitation technology was used in its construction. The King’s chambers are mapped like the solar system as it is also designed in the human body. The King’s chambers sends out perfect harmonics to match up to the math of well-built architecture.

When cymatic experiments are used in the pyramids, it forms perfect Sri Yantra or Om symbols. The architects of the pyramids created a design that attunes to the harmonics of the human body in conjunction with universal oneness in consciousness. The mathematics of the pyramids fits all current understandings in Archangel Metatron’s cube of oneness with the creator.

“Giza Power Plants” by Christopher Dunn, PhD. Christopher Dunn is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Psychology at the University of Washington at Harborview Medical Center and engineer. His research shows that the pyramids have been used to generate free power and that it may likely have unified and amplified through connecting all the pyramids around the world together.

What activates it is unknown, but harmonics research inside the Giza pyramids are showing the resonance frequency points to the pyramids of the world being an energy generator.

“Giza Power Plant Theory” by David Hatcher Childress and Christopher Dunn, PhD. Christopher Dunn is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Psychology at the University of Washington at Harborview Medical Center and engineer. David Hatcher Childress is an author.

“Pyramid Roundtable” by Michel Barsoum, PhD, Christopher Dunn, PhD, Margaret Morris, PhD, and Robert Schoch, PhD . Michael Barsoum is a Professor of materials engineering at Drexel University. Christopher Dunn is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Psychology at the University of Washington at Harborview Medical Center. Margaret Morris is an Professor at the University of South Wales Medical Center in Australia. Robert Schoch is an Associate Professor of Natural Science at George Washington University and he advises to take the “red” pill to wake up in the matrix.

“Atlantean Power Source” by Edward J. Hyman Ph.D. Edward Hyman is a professor at UC Berkeley, Center for Social Research and Senior Fellow, California Institute of Forensic Sciences. Member of multiple professional organizations including the American Psychological Association, American Psychology Law Society, American College of Forensic Psychology, and American Association of Arts and Sciences . Board Certification in Clinical Forensic Psychology. On-air consultant for NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and Frontline.

Below are more free resources on pyramid powers.


To get involved, please contact either Marko Rodin, Randy Powell, or any of the contacts in the provided resources and website links to find their contact info. They're open to all perspectives. None are crazy. God speed! We are ONE.
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