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Buckminster Fuller C60-Global Healing


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This is my personal testimony using the Buckminster Fullerene C60 vitamin for detoxing and maintaining optimal DNA health. As many readers of my Buddhism books know, I have written about learning sacred geometry as a little girl in many Buddhist monasteries through studying Buddhist art history. The art I studied are Buddhist murals that decorate all Buddhist monasteries I attended growing up. The master teachers, often referred to as Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and sometimes, Ascended Masters depicted sacred geometry mandalas above their head and around their body, which combined makes up their aura field aka merkaba/mandala. Everyone has a healthy energetic mandala that is reflected in the avatar they are experiencing reality through.


In Buddhism, the lotus is not separate from the person, it is inside you. Meaning, we all are directed connected to the universal one mind of Lord buddha, God. Even Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni, the 1st Buddha returned to Nirvana and merged back into God. As did Yeshuah Bin Yosef and many others throughout the eons. God is the creator of all within existence because all consciousness manifestations exist within the consciousness of the universe, source itself (God). In the physical state, that direct connection is mirrored as 5th dimensional because it has all five platonic solids of energetic codes held within the 5th design, the icosahedron. A 5th dimensional consciousness is crystalline consciousness aka Christ Consciousness.


As a teen, I learned about Mr. Richard Buckminster Fuller and how he learned about the sacred geometry of Christ Consciousness within all sentient beings in his awakening. You can click on the hyperlink here to read my blog I wrote about the Mr. Buckminster Fuller and his legacy of the Bucky Balls in architecture, in engineering, and so many more applications. As a girl, I immediately recognized the teacher, Mr. Richard Buckminster Fuller because like all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on all the monastic murals, Buckminister came in the form of a 5th dimensional mandala and his legacy is of helping all his students attain 5th dimensional Christ Consciousness and live in peace, unconditional love, and WISDOM. So, for my whole life as a student of our creator, I follow medical, scientific, and consciousness research to see who'll introduce 5D tools of energy healing and create 5th dimensional New Earth worthy of commerce and sharing positive experiences with higher-vibe beings of the cosmos, who also serve our Creator within existence (Samsara). I came across gene editing technology in graphene oxide, Ai parasites and other negative factors that damage the energetics of people through medical advancements often well-known in research publications.


However, most common people are unaware of the harmful effects to the DNA in theses shiny new medical frontiers before rushing to put it out to market. As more illness advances to the point that modern medicine can not cure them, I believe naturopathic and 5th dimensional energy medicine will offer many solutions. I happily found that the Buckminster Fullerene C60 icosahedron vitamin is a great antioxidant to fight against harmful toxins I may be unknowingly ingesting in my food, water, air, and maybe even medicines. I was taking 3 times the volume of C60 to get the amount my spirit recommended. Then, I came across Dr. Edward Group's Supercharge C60 vitamin. Yah! Dr. Group and his team introduced their offering of Supercharge C60 with 10-times the dosage found in the market today. Now, we get the option to take a lot less C60 vitamins to get the healing benefits that our DNA craves. I am eager to follow Dr. Ed Group's work on using Royal Rife frequencies to create C60 energy frequencies so that soon we can start moving away from 3rd dimensional ingestion of supplements to 5th dimensional energy medicine via frequencies. Hey, maybe one of our 5D frequencies engineers can isolate the frequencies for physical objects and create a 5D replicator like we see in Star Trek!


Click on the image to watch my full interview with Dr. Edward Group going over the Buckminster Fullerene C60 vitamin, which studies from his company lab's findings that Supercharge C60 detoxes graphene oxide and the newest Ai synthetic parasites people could be ingesting through food, air, water, medicines and vaccines that include mRNA technology.


Many infinite blessings, Von Galt


For more information about the Dr. Ed Group’s offerings, please visit his company website. For more information about the Dr. Ed Group offerings, please visit his company website. Supercharged C60 discount link for Merkaba Chakras audience: