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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry in Earth's Planetary Grid

Sacred Geometry in Earth's Planetary Grid

Anthropologists may have found that the planetary grid of Earth is an icosahedron by mapping high magnetic field locations in anomaly zones such as the Bermuda Triangle. The icosahedron is the shape of Metatron’s cube (Sphere of Creation), which is a sacred geometric energy form that includes all other forms including the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Tree of Life, the golden ratio, the golden spiral, the golden mean, Phi, Fibonacci, tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron and the dodecahedron. Metatron’s cube has shown up unbiased in many traditions throughout history from the ancient Tibetan Book of the Dead, Free Masons, Judaism, Hinduism, Mayan, Celtic, ancient Egyptian, and many more.

Metatron is believed by many mystic traditions to be an archangel that helps in the creation process. The message mapped out in the form of math as depicted in Sacred Geometry is an infinite unbreakable truth in nature, which is that everything exists in unity, harmony, and oneness. If any living thing doesn't realize this, then nature dismantles it and recreates new life forms that will work with the laws of nature. If we live in an icosahedron grid as proposed by Sacred Geometry researchers, then everything people focus on with their emotions & thoughts will manifest at a faster rate than before we entered the higher vibrating sphere.

A person’s fears may manifest first to release unconscious conditioning and then positive experiences start surfacing to create loving experiences. If someone has been deceiving others and fearful of their secrets surfacing, then such fears will surface so they can be forgiven or transcended. We may live in an era where all truths surface so we can start co-creating more beautiful experiences through a unified collective consciousness. This is why it’s important to live a life guided by your higher self than by your ego and live from your heart guiding your mind. Some may have a hard time working through their fears in this era.

Sir Alfred Watkins discovered ley lines in 1921. He discovered that through dowsing techniques that he can map out the magnetic field lines on the Earth. He found sacred monuments often resided along these energy grid paths on the Earth and that the axis points along the sacred pathways often had large abundance of energy like a vortex. He had spiritual experiences at an axis point near Stonehenge by his home during his business travels. Sir Alfred Watkin’s work was able to show that the Earth functions like energy lines that follow Sacred Geometry patterns and when put together represents a sphere that has energy grids that move in a “wheel within wheels” design as depicted in many ancient texts around the world.

The Earth’s magnetic ley lines form an icosahedron and the axis points where the lines intersect is often where large cities form. He believed that most people are attracted to these magnetic points. Most ancient temples and monuments around the world such as the pyramids, pagoda’s and other monolithic structures reside along the Earth’s magnetic ley lines.


The Flower of Life is believed to be the first completed pattern of life formed out of sonic vibrations from the basic Seed of Life structure. These patterns show up in various religious artworks throughout indigenous mandala artwork such as seen in ancient Tibetan Buddhism, ancient Egyptian, and many more much older mystic traditions. The strongest sacred geometric shape known is Metatron’s Cube, which is also known as the Sphere of Creation.


The Flower of Life, Seed of Life, tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron and the dodecahedron fit into the 5th element, which is Metatron’s icosahedron cube. Metatron’s Cube is the 2D Star of David in Judaism. The Star of David is also the 2D mandala often depicted in Buddhism. When the six pointed Star of David is depicted in 3D, then it is all the platonic solids that make up Sacred Geometry. When all the platonic solids are combined into one structure, then it makes up the 2D Sri Yantra in Hinduism. The 3D version of the Sri Yantra put together make up the 5D icosahedron in Sacred Geometry, which is Metatron’s Cube.

The mathematical formulas of Phi, Fibonacci, Golden Ratio, and the Golden Spiral can be mapped consistently in all sacred geometric forms. Studying Sacred Geometry shows that we are all interconnected. We’re all one. We are all energy as mapped by the sacred geometric math in the creation of the sound waves of your spiral coiled DNA.


When studying Sacred Geometry in engineering, Ken Snelson and Jon Monaghan show how they found that the icosahedrons weaving pattern was so strong that it turned fabric weaving into a steel clothe-like texture and back again. New advancements in engineering are developed in understanding the icosahedron function.


UCLA found in their Sacred Geometry research that most diseases form in a geometric pattern. Most viruses and the component of water are in the form of an icosahedron. It’s being researched that the Earth is moving from the Star of David tetrahedron energy body into Metatron’s crystalline icosahedron energy body through more people maintaining a higher states of unity consciousness.


Sacred Geometry researcher, Charles Gilchrist explains the basics of creation in the language of Sacred Geometry through energy frequencies have also proven correct in cymatics experiments. The image in the article was created has a dodecahedron image that was label icosahedron. The image was supposed to be an icosahedron and at the same time looks like a dodecahedron. The caveat is that the icosahedron is transcendental in nature so it can be both a dodecahedron and icosahedron, but the dodecahedron can only be itself. The dodecahedron fits inside an icosahedron. Not the other way around. That is why the icosahedron is a transcendental platonic solid as it can be seen as both the dodecahedron and the icosahedron at the same time.


Our linear thinking is what throws us off. One has to be one, then the other, but what if it can be both? That’s the trick question. That’s what throws a lot of people off about Sacred Geometry. Metatron’s cube is an esoteric, transcendental form that can collapse within itself smaller and smaller and still maintain its form all the way into infinity. In contrast, it can also expand larger and larger and maintain its shape all the way into infinity. Charles Gilchrist explains that the icosahedron is a transcendental form that looks that way, because it has both the dodecahedron and the icosahedron inside it, because the dodecahedron fits inside the icosahedron and not the other way around.


David R. Hawkins. MD, PhD. of the Institute of Advanced Spiritual Research mapped the human consciousness to emotion through kinesiology studies. He is a life member of the American Psychiatric Association and had 50 years of clinical experience. In measuring the energy of an individual’s human energy field (aura), different people radiate different colors in their aura field showing their spiritual, not religious acumen. New medical devices are measuring the health of patients through mapping their aura field.

Consciousness research done by the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton have shown along with the HeartMath Institute that the human body can’t lie in these muscle testing and energy field studies due to the fact that humanity shares one collective consciousness tied to the unified field of the higher mind.

Currently, many research institutions in Consciousness Studies are investigating the phenomenon of higher aura fields radiating from a recent influx of higher vibrating young adults and children as compared to previous generations in mass. The new era in humanity will not compare riches in the physical such as what car you drive, how big your house is, etc., but what is your level of spiritual consciousness. Such research is showing emotions of acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love are the highest emotions that have far greater effects on the matrix than lower emotions of lower consciousness individuals.

Life is not a race, but an eternal learning experience for one’s spiritual evolution. We are all going on this ride together collectively and in each and everyone's individual lives. Research in energy medicine and consciousness is uncovering more every day about the holographic matrix we all share and project experiences in both individually and collectively.


Sacred Geometry research shows that the Earth is an icosahedron. The icosahedron is the final and last platonic solid of Metatron’s cube of oneness that encompasses all the other platonic solids within it perfectly as an infinite torus vortex of its. Architect, Bucky Fullminster coined a 5D Earth entering enlightenment as Spaceship Earth.

This is why many indigenous mystic traditions believe that each person creates their own reality based on how they feel inside. Each person must make a decision and go through the self-cleansing themselves and enlighten their consciousness in order to vibrate at a crystalline consciousness (Christ Consciousness).

The indigenous mystic traditions of the Mayans, Native Americans, Egyptians, Celtic, Buddhists, and many more believe that more people will awaken to becoming self-aware of how to manifest in harmony with the holographic matrix. They likely will work together in unity consciousness as one collective to pull and transform the 3D reality into the 5D reality through a transformation process.