"You've always been enough. Use the resources all around you to create a life you want to experience. A life full of joy and love. The spirit world will nudge you through synchronicity. You can do it" -Source


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Online Udemy Courses

If you are more an online learner, then here is where all of my Buddhism books have been converted into sections that you can take on your own timeframes. The Udemy online learning platform offers students on advance Buddhism through author, Von Galt's teaching.


For the Udemy coursework, click on the image below. Check back for more courses added. 


The Udemy courses are packed with:  

    • The Kindle audible version of the Buddhism book.
    • The lectures are the actual eBook chapters and content. 
    • Hands-on worksheets to apply the principles to your parallel life that are not offered anywhere else. 
    • Book interviews of Von Galt discussing the book topics in more details.