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Remembering Dr. Zelenko (Z-Stack)

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This is my personal testimony, and I pass lie detector tests. I've said this on my Buddhism podcast, Merkaba Chakras and on my limited time only podcast, COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions, my family uses Z-Stack. When the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020, my family was alerted that the 1st acknowledged recipient of the CV-19 virus came from a local man in his 30s who lived in my small city of Everett, WA, USA. He was treated at my local Providence Regional Medical Center (hospital), which is 5-minutes away from my 80-yr old in-laws who watches my children. Every week, as I dropped off my children at their grandparent's house, I would drive by the hospital to see it's bustling occupancy as reported by the local and national news stations that the CV-19 virus is contagious and deadly.


To my surprise, the hospital and my local area of the Seattle metro area and the nearby counties did not have this epidemic of Hollywood proportions where people are dropping like flies through catching this deadly airborne virus. Through-out 2019 - 2023, the hospital remained very much a ghost town and not many are admitted due to deadly CV-19. I found it ironic that the COVID-1 9 pandemic started in 2020, but the naming convention states in the "19" was the year that this virus was discovered, which is why it was named "COVID-19". Also, in the Fall/Winter of 2019, my best friend, her boyfriend and a couple others caught this terrible respiratory flu that cause ammonia, pink eye, and some went to the hospital to get steroids for it. By the Spring of 2020, the very same friends visited their clinics to do a CV-19 antibody test and found that they have CV-19 antibodies. So, when the CV-19 shot became widely available, it was optional for them as they already developed natural immunity. 


All that changed, when the CV-19 mRNA inoculations were advertised all over the place as the only solution to surviving a CV-19 infection. For myself, my doctor in college told me to never take any inoculations for any type of flu or cold, because when he administered the flu shot to me, I became paralyzed for half a day. It was very scary and I never forgot that. I am a caregiver of my handicap brother, and was given 1st priority to get the CV-19 shot in January, 2021. I looked at YouTube, Facebook, and even Google and could not find much information about adverse reactions from the CV-19 shot. I could not find much information on adverse reactions from the CV-19 shot on mainstream news and commonly used big tech platforms. Little did I know at the time that big tech was censoring all these video testimonials and comments on their platforms so that none of these voices would be heard, and that big tech was in bed with the drug companies as so many other agencies are. So, I went onto the Department of Disability and Department of Health website to register for the shot. Upon filling out the online questionnaire, the online appointment system rejected my application due to my history of an adverse reaction from any inoculation including the flu shot per the CDC website's guidance. Therefore, I kept a neutral position about the shot and respected everyone's personal decision to get the CV-19 mRNA shot or not.


In the meantime, my children being half of my genes will not get the shots. My husband decided to not get it for personal spiritual reasons and to not take an experimental clinical trial inoculation that may or may not affect me due to sexual interactions. We consulted our lawyer and EEOC for his religious exemption. Therefore, until we learn the long-term effects, my family did not part-take in the CV-19 clinical trials. As a result, we had our fair share of being branded as vial, selfish human beings who will catch and spread the CV-19 virus and "kill" others. We had some of our family and friends stay away from us until they got their CV-19 shots. Ironic, because none of our family and friends had adopted this medically discriminative behavior before the CV-19 shots became commercially available. Being a consumer of naturopathic medicine and energy healing my whole life, I researched for alternatives to the CV-19 shot. I found that these supplements detox the graphene oxide and metals in the shots and boost your natural immune system: NAC, C60, Quercetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, and Glutathione. Since 2021, my husband and I have been taking these vitamins independently and they are a MEAL of vitamins. Plus, Asians drink lots of green tea. So, I matcha green tea daily.


We played the mask and social distance games through-out 2020 - 2021. Everyone in my immediate family took the CV-19 shots, which were my mother, my handicap brother, my sisters and my older sister's family. No one reported any serious adverse reactions. I was still shifting through the commonly used search engines and social media sites I used and not seeing any contradictory information. Oh, the dangerous future consequences of big tech censorship.  Then my tech associate emailed me a list of new blog, video-sharing sites and podcast sites to put the RSS feed of my Buddhism podcast on such as Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee, Brighteon, and over 70 sites. Comedian, Sam Tripoli who I became friends with via a series of book interviews on his podcasts got censored by YouTube and introduced me to Rokfin.com. Now, I was exposed to a lot of sites that did not censor a wide variety of information regarding the safety and efficacy of the CV-19 mRNA gene therapy inoculations and discussed natural remedies to COVID and other mutated colds that modern medicine may or may not work on. Once the CV-19 censorship in big tech began bullying podcasters covering the censored stories around the CV-19 pandemic, podcasters started running for the hills with their content to start back-up channels all over the place. We were sharing resources with one another like AI censorship was mad cow disease.


This is when I came across Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's interviews. I watch all of them and researched the protocols he recommended after treating over 4,000 COVID-19 patients at his NYC hospital. Once the NY governor revoked doctor’s ability to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and other drugs that work, he did his research and found in medical journals that the same vitamins I was taking helps in boosting immune systems and aids in healing from COVID. I've found other great vitamins and anti-parasitic drugs such as Ivermectin were suggested by other naturopathic and hospital doctors. I bought a couple packages of Ivermectin prescribed by a doctor through https://honeybeehealth.com/. Me, my husband and kids still haven't gotten COVID all through-out 2019, 2020, and most of 2021, but we had our share of small colds. 


In May, 2021, my father was dying of Sepsis at the hospital. He did not go to the hospital until a week of stomach pains, which accelerated the Sepsis. My father grew up in a farm in Laos. One year his family almost went bankrupt due to a respiratory flu that the chickens caught from one another. He immediately recognized the symptoms and learned to mask around the chickens in case they cough blood on him, social distant the sick chickens apart from healthy chickens, wash hands, and pray. His family did not leave the sick chicken to die alone. None of the humans caught the flu from the chickens. When sick chickens got better, he isolated them in new pods and then with healthier chickens. Some chickens did die from the respiratory flu they caught out of the blue, but most recovered. However, Laos is superstitious, so most people did not want to buy formerly sick chickens, which almost bankrupt his family. They sold the chickens that year super cheap.  So, when my father saw the COVID symptoms, he knew it was a mutated flu like the ones that affected his farm that year. I was reminded of this and followed the advice of my farmer dad.


My dad did not take the CV-19 shot because he wanted to see long-term studies and validate it with people he knew who had it. I flew to California to see my dad in the hospital and it was a turning point for me. Upon arrival at the hospital, my two sisters wore masks and showed their CV-19 vaccination card to hospital admission, but I only wore my mask, no CV-19 card. The hospital gave me some push-back and I reminded them that the CV-19 card is optional and I flew here from Washington state to see my dying dad. So, I am happy to get my lawyer on the phone to go over patient and family rights. Luckily, a head nurse was called in to escort us to see my dad. That nurse casually talked about the shot and ease of the vax card with admissions, but agreed with me that the CV-19 shot does not prevent catching and transmitting the CV-flu to others, it supposedly only reduces symptoms of COVID. She then asked us if we are ok re-classifying my dad's death as a COVID case and the hospital can give us a large check to help cover the funeral expenses. I looked in her eyes and was confused and asked her, "He's dying of Sepsis and organs are failing. Why would we lie for COVID? We already have the funeral paid for?" I disregarded that nurse's comment and she never mentioned it to us again.


Two weeks later, my father, who was a paper mill owner in Laos and florist, used his English skills to create English documentation for political asylum for over 500+ Laos-Hmong families which were displaced and marked for re-education by the communists that fought against the US soldiers in the CIA's Secret War in Laos, died at Community Regional Medical Center (Fresno, CA) of Sepsis. When I came back to Everett, WA, I started to look up all the clinical trials and research on the CV-19 pandemic. Soon after, the mask mandate in stores became optional, and since then, I have never worn my face mask, except in medical centers that are still requiring it for some reason. Concurrently, my husband told me that one of his friends lost his wife and handicap son recently, and he agreed with the hospital to reclassify their deaths as COVID to help pay for the funeral. This forgery happened at two hospitals I know of with people I knew personally, and no one was talking about it.


I did not know that critical information about the pandemic was censored or suppressed, and not reported in the news until I found the censored information on all the websites my Buddhism podcast is now publishing to. I interviewed two women on my Buddhism podcast, one is a local Washingtonian about their adverse reactions and being censored by big tech on commonly used platforms. I was unaware of the level of big tech censorship around the CV-19 topic, that I published it on my YouTube channel, and was given my 1st warning. Following that was a series of back-and-forth bantering with YouTube over censorship. I ended up making YouTube trailers to a limited time only podcast where people who got censored for speaking about their CV-19 adverse reactions and their struggle to get medical help from hospitals who refused to acknowledge any link to the mRNA shots can freely share their personal story to help thousands of others worldwide going through the same thing.


In August, 2021, within 6-months of getting both CV-19 inoculations, my mother called screaming about blood clots in her legs and that the doctors could not do much for her. My mother was open to taking the MEAL load of detox vitamins I was taking. Within a couple days, the pain in her legs stopped and she was self-healing. Shortly afterwards, Dr. Z introduced his Z-Stack detox vitamins and I bought Z-Stack for my mom, my little sister, and my handicap brother. They were relieved to only take 2 all-in-one Z-Stack vitamins a day as compared to the handful of vitamins I gave them to get the same ingredients. Instead of spacing out and counting numbers in her head much of the day at that time, my mother quickly recovered from whatever fogginess and migraines she suffered all summer up until the blood blot in the leg incident. My mother quickly regained her strength and wit again. Since then, she has been back to normal.


In August, 2021, I spoke at the Mukilteo School District Board Meeting about why they should not use school resources to advertise the CV-19 mRNA clinical trial inoculations because if it were found out that some people got severe adverse reactions to the shot, they may be liable for damages against their bonds and school insurance. Plus, if they knew the long-term harm they may be participating in, then it will bother them for the rest of their lives. I received a email from the Superintendent in response to my public statement that the school district is obligated to follow the CV-19 EUA vaccination campaign to continue to receive their ESSER Funds. The CV-19 mandates and passports also came out at this time. My husband who founded an 80s cover band (Nite Wave), could no longer play due to the CV-19 vaccine passports that many entertainment venues were doing since he did not get the CV-19 shot. I had friends who had family recovering from cancer and other serious health conditions call for insights I may have about the CV-19 shots from my research and how they can navigate the mandates to not take the inoculations for work. For advice on how to use religious exemptions, I called the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).  


I emailed the instructions with links and resources to over 500 people. I quickly noticed my Facebook Messenger and Google email was not delivering my emails to other people and getting confirmation from people as well. I even took pictures of my phone showing my emails were being censored in Facebook comments and messenger. I made some friends from the Mukilteo School District Board meeting I spoke at, and helped teachers with their religious exemptions and offer information on how to get Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and other natural vitamins that help. When we met at the front lawn of a local teacher's house to discuss how to navigate the CV-19 mandates, a black helicopter flew over the 40+ attended meeting, and hovered for a little bit. After that, we moved meeting locations. The Mukilteo School District ended up having one of the largest amounts of teachers who did not get the CV-19 shots that the Seattle Times newspaper write a op-ed piece trying to shame these teachers for putting children in CV-19 harm.


My husband and I even sponsored a voter’s initiative against the CV-19 mandates and passports, Initiative1441.info. We reached out to over 500 Washington State lawyers and all of them refused to help with any anti-mandate initiatives. We got free consultation and direction on how to write our initiative from Nathan Arnold, a lawyer in Walla Walla County whom was already representing hundreds of federal workers against the CV-19 vaccine mandate. Even when Nathan Arnold filed the original case, the law office was still getting hundred more people wanting to add their name. Due to the group effort in the lawsuit, it only costs $300 to be added in. More similar anti-mandate lawsuits followed. The kids and I joined my husband at the weekly protests against Boeing CV-19 vaccine mandates. We joined newly formed aerospace anti-mandates and passports groups, and eventually signed up with US Freedom Flyers to keep the airline industry safe from vaccine injuries.


Boeing employees and supervisors were swapping intel, lawyers, and covering for one another so they can peacefully protest. Weeks later, Boeing lifted their mandate ahead of the federal government's CV-19 mandate deadline. I reached out to 2,000 Washington State media contacts to cover all these protests and our Initiative1441.info, and no media contact could cover the mass anti-mandate/vaccine passport protests. Many of the media contacts told me that they were obligated to not cover much of the publics response against the local health authorities narrative or risk being penalized. We did get one Seattle radio station, Tim Gaydos of LIVE From Seattle to cover our Initiative1441.info. We did not approve of the tyranny our governor, state government and its agencies were trying to install in Washington state. We considered moving to another state and even planned a trip to speak to a home builder in Florida if Washington State successfully installed medical tyranny. We meet lots of like-minded people and we promoted each other’s local gatherings, protests, and events against mandates and the state’s effort to add the CV-19 shot to school vaccinations.


At these meetings, many Southeast Asian Americans told me that what's happening mirrors the tyranny that they escaped from in their old countries. I assured them that my family is Buddhist. So, my dad doesn't raise sheep. He raised lions. Over 60+ independent grass-roots organizations started by parents, grandparents, and Americans of all political spectrums and diversity sets reached out to local news agencies to cover these large protest and efforts. The local news agencies told many of us that they could only barely cover it due to contracts with their sponsors and that they had to follow the federal government stance of pushing vaccine mandates and passports. Therefore, many of us rallied on using and sharing uncensored platforms that popped up over night such as Telegram App, etc. We got smart with AI censorship and algorithms. Peaceful, non-violent activism just met the freedom-fighting parents of the CV-19 pandemic.


In November, 2021, the schools started offering CV-19 mRNA clinical trial shots at designated facilities, and parents who did not know the censored adverse reactions from the CV-19 shots lined their children for the inoculations. My older sister and her kids got the CV-19 shots. No matter how much research I texted to my older sister to wait for more data on long-term adverse reactions, she insisted that none of the medical reports I provided from the clinical data on any subject censored by the mainstream media was more factual than the organizations we trust for safety such as CDC, FDA, etc. This was exactly what Dr. Z talked about in his videos that trusted agencies, governments and media outlets have been bought out and is being manipulated by the drug companies and banks. The deception is documented. I went over all the research that Dr. Z. and many other censored doctors provided.  I hoped and prayed that my sister and her kids got placebo.


Within a week of CV-19 inoculations at schools, my daughter brought home COVID-flu. My husband and I took our Ivermectin, and recovered within a couple days. I gave my kids over-the-counter flu medication. My daughter slept off the COVID-flu within a day and my son slept it off within 4-hours. A week later, my husband and I got severely sick again with the dang COVID-flu. He got tired of it, and went to the Everett Clinic (Shoreline, WA) to get monoclonal antibody treatment. The doctor who administered the IV treatment made sure he did not get the CV-19 shot because it is only suitable for people who did not get the CV-19 inoculation. The ingredients of the CV-19 shots and monoclonal antibody are not compatible somehow according to what he was told in the hospital newswire. Shortly afterwards, the federal government halted monoclonal antibody treatment with no valid reason. Later that night, my husband recalled getting severe vertigo and minor hallucinations after the monoclonal antibody. By the next morning, he decided to go to the Providence Regional Medical Center (hospital).


The ambulance drivers picked up my husband at our house, but gave both of us masks to wear in our homes to protect them from us since we have COVID. A paramedic who did not want to listen to his supervisor about making us wear masks to talk to them, told me that I could not see my husband at the hospital since now he would be off limits in the COVID wing. Plus, since I have COVID, they would also admit me there. Since I am not severely suffering bad COVID symptoms, I should stay home with the kids and send someone else to check in on my husband at the hospital. I told all the paramedics that we do not want Remdesivir administered to my husband at the hospital. Please call me 1st with the medical options as he is not very conscious of his decisions currently. The paramedics agree to my statements. My little sister came over to my house to watch the kids while I rest. My father-in-law checked in on his son (my husband) at the hospital.  


I called the hospital when my husband got admitted to check on his status. He was conscious and slowly talking better. When I called the hospital four hours later to check on the results of the X-ray, the head nurse administered Remdesivir after I already told him, the paramedics and the ER operator, "we don't want it". The nurse said, "it's our COVID protocol" and that I should seriously consider signing paperwork to donate his organs if he doesn't recover from COVID. I said, "even vaccinated". I informed the nurse that Remdesivir has a high mortality rate according to clinical reports and if I signed off on donating his organs, then the staff would not try hard to save him as his organs are more valuable to the system. The nurse did not know that and was shocked, but told me that is the authorized protocol they have to do.


I told the nurse that I have phone records and this is medical malpractice. Give my husband his cell phone so he can talk to me now.  When we get the bill, it better have Remdesivir listed on it because we have phone records of it being administered without a conscious patient and family consent. My tired husband called me back and I told him that they want to keep him for observation and keep giving Remdesivir every day. The hospital COVID protocol is to administer Remde$ivir, which $3,000 or more and given every day for 5-days. According to many medical journals I read, Remde$ivir has an extremely high mortality rate. By day 5, many trial participants suffer kidney and organ failure, which is why they eventually hook up a ventilator. Ask for other steroids or other treatments 1st. He discharged himself within 6-hrs of admittance since his bad reaction subsided and they were going to do nothing else besides "hold him for observation" using the 5-day Remde$ivir protocol.


My hubby recovered at home within a week and video conference the Everett Clinic instead. We still have not gotten the bill from the Providence Regional Medical Center (hospital) that day. It is like it never happened. My husband fully recovered and then I got bad COVID-flu. I was recovering from COVID at home with my husband as my caretaker. I called the Everett Clinic and request video conferencing to go over what they can prescribe for various symptoms I have that aren't life threatening. The sever cough made me lose my voice for 1-week. The PA/MD prescribe Albuterol Sulfate inhaler & strong cough syrup. Plus, load up on vitamins D and C. It took another 3-weeks to rehab my voice so I can have conversations again. I rescheduled all my quantum hypnosis and 6th sense consultations that month. Also, when I tested C+ positive, the WA state public health contact tracers called me to see if I am at a safe place with a caregiver to recover. Otherwise, they can send their team to relocate me to a "quarantine facility". Unless you have to get tested for work, then be aware of this. Life carried forward. I continue to work remotely as an IT contractor and in the evenings work on my Merkaba Chakras podcast and Buddhism book writing.


July, 2022, my older sister convinced my mother to get her CV-19 booster. My mother believes the fear propaganda, so she and my handicap brother got boosted. Within 2 weeks of getting the CV—9 boosters, they both caught COVID. My mother recovered after a couple days, but my handicap brother who has a weak immune system started to get worst with his breathing and started to throw up coffee grind type blood on his bed. My older sister refused to come help our mom and handicap brother while they recover when my little sister who lives with my mom was at work. The half of my family that got the CV-19 shots were scared to come to the aid of our mother and handicap brother for fear of catching what they had. My little sister who did not get boosted and have been taking Z-Stack vitamins never caught whatever they got even though she took care of them when she was home from work.


Therefore, my unvaccinated (CV-19 shot) kids and I went to care for my mother and little brother. My mother was tired, but overall recovered. My brother had his eyes roll up and he was vomiting the coffee grind blood. I gave my brother the Ivermectin and Z-Stack. The next day, he was coughing up a lot of mucus and gee (stomach) blood and his eyes were clearing up. By the 2nd day on Ivermectin and Z-Stack supplements, he was back to playing again. By the 3rd day, everyone recovered and no amount of detergent can get those gee blood stain bedsheets cleaned. So, we threw away the bed sheets.


It’s now, January, 2023, and life goes on. My husband is working remotely for Boeing and playing in his 80s cover band again (once the CV-19 vax passport dissolved), I am continuing my remote work in IT, the kids are in school, and I have weened back on the anti CV-19 mandate and passports activism. Now, I support the heavy hitters who’ll legally seek justice and carry forward the truth about the CV-19 pandemic such as freedom fighting organizations: ICAN, US Freedom Flyers, and the Z Foundation. This is Von Galt’s COVID-19 pandemic story. It mirrors many freedom fighters across the United States of America and worldwide. With the grace of God, from all walks of life, we found each other, and we found Dr. Zelenko’s story. Dr. Z's legacy will continue to be part of my family’s story. I smile each time I take a Z-Stack vitamin. Long live Dr. Z! Thank you and God bless everyone!


Much unconditional love and infinite blessings!

 -Von Galt, Host of Merkaba Chakras Podcast & COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions Podcast


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