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Power of the Heart

Power of the Heart
Many heart transplant recipients report that the electromagnetic waves sent out from the transplanted heart manifests new experiences that correlates with the likes of the former person who owned that heart.

Modern medicine reports that it’s important for people to heal their heart through forgiveness of old painful wounds in past impactful relationships in order to easily be able to hold positive loving emotions of compassion, gratitude, and unconditional love in their heart’s non-local consciousness.

Otherwise, transplanted patients of such unresolved heart memories will continue to play out such memories until resolved and synchronized with the new patients for a harmonious balance.

The video “Transplanting Memories” (1/4) below does a great explanation of how the human heart has cellular memory as reported by heart transplant patients and many doctors.

To read more regarding research finding about the deep memories stored in our hearts by the article “Little Brain of the Heart” by J. Andrew Armour, MD, PhD., please click on the link below.

Below is a recently published article regarding even stronger brain cells found in our heart as explained in the article, “A Change of Heart: Researchers Reprogram Brain Cells to Become Heart Cells” by Vickas Patel, MD, Nataliya Peternko, Miler Lee, PhD , Junhyong Kim, PhD, Jai-Yoon Sul, PhD and Jae Hee Lee, PhD.

“Biomeridian Technology” by Innovative Health Technology. This machine measures the acupuncture points in the hands and feet that emit energy to measure the human energy field a.k.a. human aura or torus vortex as believed by many esoteric traditions regarding the human chakra system that begins from the heart torus field out into the other torus fields of other chakras into one big torus field around the body that has been measured through the HeartMath Institute regarding magnetic fields emitted from the heart to communicate with others and in measuring of impending heartfelt events from mass consciousness to predict major events hours prior to them happening through measuring the magnetic frequencies of the heart chakras at Princeton University’s Global Consciousness Project.

Neuroplasticity or brain research has found that the brain also emits a smaller torus field, but not to the magnitude of the heart, which has also been depicted for ages in many spiritual artworks around the world accompanied by the human aura vortex.

This human torus has always been portrayed in many indigenous spiritual artworks through depictions of the human torus as our individual merkaba’s designed like the sacred geometric shapes of Metatron’s cube of oneness in the Sri Yantra, Star of David, and Flower of Life, which are all the same thing.

Measuring a patient’s health through reading the energy patterns shows that the human form is a hologram in the matrix and information is stored in the human energy field as practiced through energy medicine in the East and now in the West.

In essence, we are all energy and a healthy torus field indicates a healthy immune system against diseases and break down of the body over time. What the machine does is measure the frequencies emitting from the patient and compares the notes to registered frequency rates in a healthy human’s energy reading to diagnose any issues in someone’s immune system and organs.

Different frequencies in the holographic body will say if someone is prone to heart disease and many other dis-eases. This also suggests that causes of immune deficiency may steam from stress caused from emotional imbalance.

It is fascinating how modern medicines are becoming more Star Trek and metaphysical in conception to help us all live enlightened lives in the physical. At this rate, death may someday be a choice as we learn more about our holographic reality and ourselves.
  • Von Galt