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Letting Go

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"The plan to make family connection unduly and to form people interdepend artificially with people that would never naturally do so have caused much sadness for several. you do not belong to your immediate family. You belong to the human family. you do not own your children. Nor are you the possession of your parents. you are not obliged to satisfy the needs or destiny of your kin. it is vital to consciously know that you're here to make your music which you do not need to die together with your music still in you. Granted this will trigger some family drama, on the other hand again, which may be just your excuse for not following your path. From my experience, I earn much more respect then reproach from my family whenever I encourage myself to measure the life I would like to measure. thereto end, these sorts of excuses got to disappear. I can not disappoint my parents or my grandparents. Why should I be the sole one rebelling and eager to move out of town? Or take up a replacement occupation. Or marry outside of our faith. Or whatever else may incur disapproval or censor from relatives. These are thoughts supported FEARS that were conditioned in childhood to secure an area in your tribe. Yet, what were reasons to the kid you were then, got to be recognized as excuses by the adult you're today. Don't let FEAR or family dramas keep YOU from changing outdated, unnecessary, or unwanted thought patterns."

-Dr. Wayne Dyer from "Excuses Be Gone!"
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Is Time Speeding Up?

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TIME is speeding up. Faster earth rotation creates stronger fields and slower rotations create weaker fields. Earth’s rotation is slowly decreasing causing the National Bureau of Standards to adjust the atomic frequency measurements for time otherwise by the end of this century we would think its noon instead of actually being midnight.

You’re not delusional, time is speeding up. This may explain why many are currently being challenged by old fears we’ve avoided for a long time that’s starting to bubble up quicker to be resolve or transcend through forgiveness and compassion. It's believe by many indigenous traditions that the time of awakening will be very quick through a couple years or a decade.

It won't take thousands of years for humanity to regain universal spiritual consciousness to evolve back into an advanced human civilization again through understanding the clues left from ancient civilizations that have puzzled archaeologists as to why such civilizations had much more advance technology than modern times.

The article below “Earth’s Core Rotation Faster than the Rest of the Planet, But Slower than Previously Believe” by Science Daily helps explain the science behind this phenomenon.

The article below “Atomic Frequency Standards and Clocks” by National Bureau of Standards gives the science behind adjusting real time to match the frequency of the Earth's rotation.

The link below is the article “Eclipse Predictions and Earth’s Rotation” by Nasa explains the science behind this on a solar level.

“Ocean Tides and the Earth’s Rotation” by IERS Special Bureau of Tides and Nasa covers the science behind the increases in tide waves as it reacts to the decrease in the Earth’s magnetic fields as the Sun loses magnetism through its current transformation as being documented by the solar storms as reflected in the continual videos of Aurora Borealis in northern Europe, Alaska, Canada, and Michigan (USA).

The articles below from Nasa and the academic community shows how the Earth quakes in Chile and Japan have proven to shorten the days. It's expected as the century ends to shorten the length of the days, but we won't be aware of it using our time counting system we create.

The link below helps give a complete understanding of the weakened magnetic fields and it’s impacts to us now living on Earth as scribed through ancient indigenous texts in this video series “Awakening to Zero Point” (1/2)by Greg Bradden, author and biologist.
Shift of the Ages

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Elder chiefs of many Mayan tribes try to dispel the sensationalized speculations that Dec. 21, 2012 is a doomsday date for Armageddon that correlates with long held western beliefs.

Instead, the Maya tribes want to inform others that 2012 is a date that signals the end of a long 13,000 year cycle of humanity living in systems of fear and that humanity is awakening into a new beginning where many return to living in loving systems of unity through uniting core beliefs in many traditions.

The Mayan elders along with many indigenous cultures like the Hopi Indians, Tibetan Buddhism, and so many more indigenous philosophies believe that much of humanity is reuniting with the ancestral beliefs of unity consciousness by living in sustainable oneness with each other and mother Earth.

Along with living in harmonic balance with Earth, such indigenous tribes also speak about the grand illusion that life is but a dream as quantum physics and modern science have proven to be true through the unified field in all living things.

So please let the Maya elders clarify their messages and not use perpetuated fears controlled by media and systems of fear to ruin their beautiful beliefs that are very ancient and very accurate.

Below are links from many elders and chiefs from many, many indigenous tribes.

Here is Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, 13th Generation Maya elder of the Council of Maya Tribes telling people “Do not be scared about Dec. 21, 2012. Be excited for humanity’s new beginning.”
Buddha's Brain

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“BUDDHISM has had the foremost cross over with western science because it shares two core values with science. First, take nothing without checking alone. Second, specialize in causes and results. once you bring multiple traditions together like the western traditions of neural science and psychology, eastern traditions, and western religions like JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, and ISLAM also as others you get CROSS VALIDITY CHECKS. When the quantum physicists and therefore the yogi’s point at an equivalent moon, you get greater confidence and new methods. By studying the brain, we will get a far better understanding of inner peace. we'd like to be hospitable new information.”

-Dr. Rick Hansen, neurologist, teacher, author of “Buddha’s Brain”, and lots of more.

Please inspect the link below for the remainder of the “Neurology of AWAKENING” speech on how cultivating a healthier mind, inner peace, positive assuring thoughts, and unconditional love for others changes our DNA to be healthier, younger, and live longer.

To learn more about his brain research within the FREE 3 part “Whose Brain Is It Anyway” speech on how ALL humans share one higher universal consciousness above their own that's interconnected to each being, please inspect the link below. We are ONE. Period!

"A Collective Awakening for the longer term of Our Planet" by Thich Nhat Hanh. Thich speaks about the Buddhist tradition of a private awakening or enlightenment, which may be a major step towards spiritual growth.

It’s critical now to possess a planetary collective awakening worldwide because the illusion of separateness from long misinterpreted or manipulated ideologies are leading us towards extinction. we'll destroy ourselves if we don’t unify much of the cells of our physical body.

This call isn't religious, but universal.

“The Great Shift” by Michael Bernard Beckwith and David Hawkins, Ph.D. of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This site may be a library of free resources on a scientific perspective of the awakening of the worldwide collective and individual consciousness.

Michael and David explore the importance of simply being more aware and more loving and therefore how people can incorporate such shifts into their daily lives.

Forgiveness, compassion, and reverence toward ourselves, God, and fellow humans can, they assure us, heal our sense of separation and increase our experience of well-being.

“The Great Shift” by Awakening Zone. This site may be a library of free resources of individuals who channels the wisdom of ascended masters and archangels altogether spiritual traditions around the world.
Surrender Your Ego

Surrender Your Ego 0

“The Great Shift” by Michael Bernard Beckwith and David Hawkins, PhD of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This site may be a library of free resources on a scientific perspective of the awakening of the worldwide collective and individual consciousness.

Michael and David explore the importance of simply being more aware and more loving and therefore the ways in which people can incorporate such shifts into their daily lives.

Forgiveness, compassion and reverence toward ourselves, God, and fellow humans can, they assure us, heal our sense of separation and increase our experience of well-being.

“The Great Shift” by Awakening Zone. This site may be a library of free resources of individuals who channels the wisdom of ascended masters and archangels altogether spiritual traditions round the world.

“Infinite Love faraway from FEAR & Ego” by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
Energy Medicine

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"We are all energy composed of twisted waves of vibrating light and energy medicine practitioners are pushing against mainstream medicine to demonstrate a naturopathic approach to prevention of diseases, slowing of the aging process, and rapid healing. Energy medicine involves the energy of frequencies and wave shapes that stimulate the repair of certain tissues. once we ignore energy, we miss 99% of reality and fact. once we leave energy out of biogenetics, we leave a huge amount of our healing potential. we've been using visual impairment for over 100 years. Energy medicine are going to be mainstream within the near future."

- Dr. James Oschman M.D., Teacher, physician, and author of “Energy Medicine”, “Energy Medicine in Therapeutic and Human Performance”, and “Earthing: the foremost Importance Human Discovery”.

For the entire FREE video from Dr. James Oschman's presentation on energy medicine, please click on the location below. The link below is his energy medicine in physics presentation with Dr. Wolf-Dieter Kessler, MD.

To find out more about using energy medicine in your everyday healing, please inspect the links below.

“A New Spin on Energy Healing” by Rolf Binder, Wolf-Dieter Kessler, MD and James Oschman, PhD.

“Your Bio-Energy Field” by Valerie V. Hunt, Ed.D. and Dr. Wolf-Eieter Kessler, MD.

“Healing: Frontiers of the Heart” by Mitchell Krucoff, MD.

All energy medicine is linked to the unified field or force of universal consciousness.

Energy Medicine Resources:

“Matrix Energetics” by Dr. Richard Bartlett and Matrix Energetics. Another resource for learning the way to do quantum healing together with your fingertips.

Focuses on teaching children and their families the way to roll in the hay to heal themselves et al. . There’s nothing religious about it. We all have the God/Goddess/source consciousness within each folks unbiased and every one we've to try to to it tap into the force and pull a number of that energy out. Matter is simply a delusion of the mind.

We create matter. we will all heal ourselves and every other on a quantum level. Although our chakra's are good to understand about, on a better level, compartmentalizing our bodies is additionally an illusion because it is all one unit anyways because it is all interconnected.

Compartmentalizing our bodies tells our cells you're break away one another and may explode on any tangent you would like and that we know that's not true because the user of our bodies.

Our bodies are an illusion of our minds, because during this holographic reality, we are just waves of energy. once you treat the entire system together unit in energy therapy, then you address it all rather than having to deal with this issue which issue and this new issue.

Just a physics tip to feature on to our knowledge about the tree of life we call chakras.

“Reconnective Healing” by Dr. Eric Pearl. Here’s another resource in quantum healing that anyone can learn to try to to on themselves or others through tapping into the force of universal consciousness. Matter is made within the mind.

We sleep in the matrix and everything is interconnected. this is often why anyone can heal with quantum healing techniques.

“Quantum Entrainment” by Dr. Frank Kinslow. And another doctor teaching the general public the way to tap into the force of the unified field of consciousness during this matrix to conduct quantum healing.

“Energetics of Healing” (1/10) by Caroline Myss, PhD. this is often an entire presentation to know how our chakra system functions and the way it's linked to our bio-energy field (aura) that manifests in physical ailments.

Caroline goes over many people’s fear of self-healing, forgiveness and our attraction to staying in pain and suffering. We are energy and that we have a bio-energy field which will be healed through connecting to the field of universal consciousness and an oneness with all things during this matrix.

Nothing is separate. you're not break away others either. She urges us to completely heal our self and social conditioning to feel interested in suffering to urge attention we get when in pain. We all deserve better and it starts with each folks alone.

“Chi Masters Using the Universal Life Force” by Human Metamorphosis. there's nothing mysterious about the force. The force is an unbiased universal vital force or commonly understood as God/Goddess consciousness that resides inside all living things.

Once someone becomes consciousness of the holographic matrix during which we co-create in both individually and collectively, then they can also tap into the force to conduct quantum healing techniques, move objects kinetically, and lots of more varying “6th” senses.

This was taught in ancient Buddhist & Hindu medicine techniques throughout time and goes back even further into ancient Egypt and beyond.

A more famous chi master of quantum medicine from the Kashmir Indian school of Buddhist Medicine is Yeshua or Jesuah. This ancient known quantum knowledge regarding metaphysics are being relearned, explored, and shared to the general public to find out also .

Mastering this data is being the natural crystalline energy body or rainbow body of the human potential as famously depicted in spiritual artworks. It begins with awakening, being aware of your manifestations and intent, then mastering the talents you plan to find out .

Good luck and have fun!

“Becoming A Energy Healer” by Barbara Brennan, PhD and former NASA scientist. Dr. Barbara Brennan shows her students the way to utilize the universal force of consciousness to harness energy healing.

This video goes over the oneness of all living things in our holographic universe and shows us the way to use the force to measure peacefully within ourselves et al. within the matrix. We are ONE.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Oa4oE3bQTY&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuHJdXMfNUk&feature=context-cha http://www.barbarabrennan.com/

“Bio-Energy Healing Live Demonstration” by Michael D’Alton as interviewed by Tamara Bull of “Wellness Within”. Michael Alton teaches the general public about being aware of the living experience as we create our manifestations and the way to use the unified field of consciousness or force to get rid of blocks in our human energy body or human aura.

“Bio Energy Healing” by Birdie Hamilton of BCIT Magazine.

“Bio-Energy Healing As Seen On Oprah” by Remedy Me.

"Testimonials About Bio-Energy Healing" by the D'Alton School of Energy Healing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn2LndCLcNk&feature=plcp

“Matrix Transformation” by Dr. Richard A. DiCenso. Dr. DiCenso uses Nasa’s M.A.P. (Matrix Assessment Profile) technique to properly diagnose on a quantum level to ascertain where the underlying issue started and why it continues to resurface when modern healthcare wasn't ready to diagnose it.

He helps clients evaluate their bodies where modern medicine has not found anything and therefore the patient still feels chronic symptoms. He stresses that the physical body is trying to speak with the person to point out where in their life they're imbalance.

Dr. Judith A. Swack, Ph.D. along side many other naturopathic doctors located round the world are revolutionizing medicine by offer patients who have chronic pain that traditional medical procedures and drugs haven't been ready to cure.

She uses energy psychology to assist her patients identify in their consciousness what fears they hold in their psyche that's manifesting into the chronic pain they experience. Energy medicine doctors are shaking up western medicine and offering cheaper solutions to patients.

It’s posing serious questions for western medicine and drug industry as a growing number of patients mix naturopathic approaches into their health care strategy.

-Dr. Judith A. Swack, Ph.D. of Healing From the Body Up (HBLU).

To learn more about energy psychology as a reasonable option, please visit the links below.

“Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century” by Qigong Institute. Qigong is an ancient sort of energy exercises that's show to bring balance into people’s lives and vitality. t'ai chi and yoga are later forms that sprung out of Qigong, which is usually utilized in Asia as a preventative medical technique to ailments in conjunction with western medicine for severe ailments also .

“Gateway to Chinese Medicine, Health, and Wellness” by Acupuncture.com

“Reiki Training” by International Center for Reiki Training.

“Quantum Healing Hypnosis Training” by Hypnotherapist and author, Dolores Cannon. Dolores has been a licensed hypnotherapist and author for over 40 years.

In the QHHT method of self-energy healing within the super-conscious higher self that's also connected to the universal collective mind of source, Dolores Cannon has taught thousands of energy practitioners worldwide her technique to enter the Theta brainwave of hypnotherapy.

In Theta brainwaves, which are a slower, more relaxed state after the meditation state in Alpha brainwaves, the patient is unbiased, intuitive, and absorbs information easily. Before the client goes into sleep at Theta, the practitioner is asking the client’s questions they need answered by their higher self and therefore the refore the collective mind and the client themselves are answering their own questions that they were too stubborn to concentrate to their intuition close to uncover the underlying root explanation for their predicaments and illnesses.

It’s a sort of hypnotherapy where the practitioner helps the client get into Theta and take a self-examination and hard look within the mirror where they will ’t mislead themselves about their problems and where they can get their answers.

It’s another story when the client wakes up and has got to decide if they need to use their own answers to lifestyle . Highly recommended.

Note: Energy healers are facilitators, not the healer. The healing is completed by the patient & a unknown source (the spirit world) per university research findings. Energy healing isn't a replacement for conventional medicine. it's an accompaniment only.

“Dr. Bengston: Energy Healing” by Dr. William Bengston. Presented by Dr. Bengston on his research on energy healing with cancerous mice. Dr. Bengston approaches energy healing through a methodology of using research on mice to seek out out how regular people taught to use different modalities of energy healing techniques have an impact to heal cancerous mice and other people .

His method of cycling on the top results is explained in his book. Energy healing isn't a replacement for conventional medicine. it's an accompaniment only.

  • Von Galt