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Mandelbrot Set

Mandelbrot Set
We are ONE. There’s only one. We are god expressed in different incarnations for unique sequences in order to experience consciousness’s holographic creations first hand. Mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot published his findings in 1975 that the universe is a fractal universe of repeating sequences in nature that’s infinite no matter how infinitely minuscule you investigate. Everything in nature put under a microscope shows the same repeating fractal patterns and are interconnected. Mandelbrot artwork are kaleidoscopes of universal truth of oneness conveyed in math. The only way to believe you are separate from others and nature is to decide to be ignorant to your own delusions. All patterns and cycles in nature are interconnected. The universal truth is that God created everything and everyone in various facets. There is no separation as consciousness is in every living being by superseding observations of the lower individual’s behavior, but allowing the individual the free will to create whatever his/her heart wants to experience in order to have an infinite possibility of expressions. Hurting or damning others mathematically shows that the energy used to create that experience will return to hurt you in another hurtful manner in order to repeat the Mandelbrot cycle. In essence, the Mandelbrot mathematical sequence substantiates the karmic beliefs of many Buddhist traditions and indigenous cultures to be accurate. Are you finally getting this? War and hatred are pointless repeating cycles. No one wins. It's time to get off it and move on to creating an exciting new world full of possibilities fueled by unconditional love for all as ONE.

“Mandelbrot Set” by Jonathan Coulton's in collaboration with Pisut Wisessing, “Film 324”, and Cornell University.

“Fractal Universe, We Are All Connected”

“We Are Living a Fractal Hologram”

“The Mandelbrot Set” by the University of Utah. This is for those math geeks out there that like to find truth through computations.

“A Guided Your of the Mandelbrot Set” by Princeton University. This is for those like me who love to see universal knowledge of oneness through a fusion of math and science expressed in art. This gallery shows that no matter what patterns in life or nature you want to put a microscope on, you will always get a Mandelbrot set of infinite possibilities of repeated sequences. We are one.

“History of Benoît B. Mandelbrot” by Wikipedia.

The basic understanding of the Mandelbrot sets according to the mathematical law of universal truths is that everything is a fractal repeat of the patterns inside. Like a kaleidoscope that repeats the patterns in nature from a large view over and over again into the smallest view to prove that everything is interconnected in oneness and just reflections. So in spiritual terms, what you put out, you get back. Karma! The lies, hurt, and blame you send out gets sent back to you until you finally transcend them to start living honestly so you can start reflecting such values back to you to be experienced. Negative people project out an energy that projects back to them negative people and experiences until they transcend that by living positively. People and organizations that have been successful at instilling constructs of fear thereby reflect fearful situations and circumstances back to them lie after lie, harder lessons after harder lessons until it blows up on the creator to either self destruct or transcend by changing the projections to be ones of unity, unconditional love, and compassion, which are positively charge projections that can continue to expand on each other without becoming self destructive. The Mandelbrot sets can be understood best by one of my favorite scientist and spiritual teacher, Buddha in 500 B.C., “Everything you see and perceive is a reflection of how you feel inside.” Get it? The truth is that spirituality is universal, not discriminative, and can’t be put in any box. Not even Buddhism, which is why Buddhist will say that the spiritual emptiness is the zero point where everything comes out and nothing comes in like the “0” point between positive and negative numbers of polarity in a math chart. The only person to save is yourself from yourself. Even that is a holographic illusion. The whole point of the human experience is to enjoy it and all of your beautiful creations in all incarnations. Balance and harmony succumbs to the laws of nature otherwise nature will wipe you out for not being in harmony as seen through sacred geometry. I know people are finally getting this cause according to the math; self destructive behaviors are self defeating and doomed to not repeat itself. Repetition as shown in the Mandelbrot sets is an artistic law of nature showing expansion through love energy, which is our human nature always.
  • Von Galt