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Buddha's Brain

Buddha's Brain
“BUDDHISM has had the most cross over with western science because it shares two core values with science. First, take nothing on faith alone. Second, focus on causes and results. When you bring multiple traditions together such as the western traditions of neural science and psychology, eastern traditions and western religions such as JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, and ISLAM as well as others you get CROSS VALIDITY CHECKS. When the quantum physicist’s and the yogi’s point at the same moon, you get greater confidence and new methods. By studying the brain, we can get a better understanding of inner peace. WE need to be open to new information.”

-Dr. Rick Hansen, Brain doctor, teacher, author of “Buddha’s Brain”, and many more.

Please check out the link below for the rest of the “Neurology of AWAKENING” speech on how cultivating a healthier mind, inner peace, positive assuring thoughts, and unconditional love for others changes our DNA to be healthier, more youthful, and live longer.

To learn more about his brain research in the FREE 3 part “Whose Brain Is It Anyway” speech on how ALL humans share one higher universal consciousness above their own that's interconnected to every being, please check out the link below. We are ONE. Period!

"A Collective Awakening for the Future of Our Planet" by Thich Nhat Hanh. Thich speaks about the Buddhist tradition of a personal awakening or enlightenment, which is a major step towards spiritual growth.

It’s critical now to have a planetary collective awakening worldwide as the illusion of separateness from long misinterpreted or manipulated ideologies are leading us towards extinction. We will destroy ourselves if we don’t unify much of the cells of our human body.

This call is not religious, but universal.

“The Great Shift” by Michael Bernard Beckwith and David Hawkins, PhD of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This site is a library of free resources on a scientific perspective of the awakening of the global collective and individual consciousness.

Michael and David explore the importance of simply being more aware and more loving and the ways that people can incorporate such shifts into their daily lives.

Forgiveness, compassion and reverence toward ourselves, God, and fellow humans can, they assure us, heal our sense of separation and increase our experience of well-being.

“The Great Shift” by Awakening Zone. This site is a library of free resources of people who channels the wisdom of ascended masters and archangels in all spiritual traditions around the world.

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