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Surrender Your Ego

Surrender Your Ego 0

“The Great Shift” by Michael Bernard Beckwith and David Hawkins, PhD of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This site may be a library of free resources on a scientific perspective of the awakening of the worldwide collective and individual consciousness.

Michael and David explore the importance of simply being more aware and more loving and therefore the ways in which people can incorporate such shifts into their daily lives.

Forgiveness, compassion and reverence toward ourselves, God, and fellow humans can, they assure us, heal our sense of separation and increase our experience of well-being.

“The Great Shift” by Awakening Zone. This site may be a library of free resources of individuals who channels the wisdom of ascended masters and archangels altogether spiritual traditions round the world.

“Infinite Love faraway from FEAR & Ego” by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.