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What's QHHT?


What's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a technique developed by the author,  Dolores Cannon (1931-2014) who had a 45-year hypnosis practice regressing clients into a theta (semi-awake) brain wave where the client can remember a past life. It can also regress clients into a life-between-life on the spirit world, future life, and parallel life if the Over-Soul desires the client to glimpse into those lives to help bring clarity into their life lesson in this lifetime. The biggest benefit of this spiritual technique is the ability to directly communicate with the one Over-Soul that's connected to the client and all soul's in creation. 

Why is QHHT different from other hypnosis techniques?

Many other hypnosis techniques stop at going beyond the individual's subconscious to uncover blocks to the client's growth, in an effort to not go into the unknown gray area where the Over-Soul and other lives run parallel to this one that could give insight into issues recurring in this lifetime as well. The practitioner must have a strong grasp of universal spirituality in order to be open-minded enough to practice this technique and ask in-depth questions to the Over-Soul to help the client facilitate their own self-healing and clarity. This goes beyond religious, cultural, gender, class, and political limitations because many parallel lives have different belief systems that could run through recurring themes in the client's existing life. The practitioner respects the Over-Soul by keeping confidentiality unless the client gave permission to discuss their session outside of the regression. Abuse of this trust results in the Over-Soul not cooperating with the facilitator in the next session with another client.  

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique can take clients to the most relevant past life memory that has direct relation to the issue that the client is trying to address such as relationship issues with their soul group, finding their purpose, career issues, money issues, addictions, phobias and paranoia's, and health issues in this life. The technique may also with the permission of the Over-Soul provide insight into other lives in other universes and as beings other than humans, speak to spirit guides, past loved ones, and the Over-Soul. This connection to other spirits is due to all of creation being interconnected in the fabric of time and to the Over-Soul. Yet the person is having its own individual experience so that it can evolve spiritually and the Over-Soul grows and understand itself through a direct connection to its creations.

Reincarnation and Life Planning Hypnosis

How can you prepare for a QHHT session?

There are three parts to the session.

1. Interview and go over your questions you have prepared for the Over-Soul. I also use a dowsing rod to measure the health of my client's chakras before a session. Typically 30 minutes long. 

Below are the guidelines for common questions you want to have ready for your QHHT session. Also, please add your own questions about your life to ask the Over-Soul at the end of your regression. 

Your name
Birth year
Why did I pick the parents that I have?
List your soul group:
Parents, spouses, children, siblings, significant friends, etc.
Illnesses or recurring injuries: 
       What parts of the body are affected?
Personal requests for the Over Soul to please remove such as quit smoking, exercise and eat better, remove the migraine headaches, pain in your joints, etc. 
Why are there recurring themes in my life lessons and what can I do to learn from them?
What is my purpose?
What advice can my Over Soul give me to have long, peaceful relationships and live a balanced lifestyle?


The Client In-Take Form has all these questions in it as well. Feel free to download it and fill it out. Completing the Client In-Take Form is insightful on its own. A QHHT session allows for a deeper understanding about your soul's growth that the Client In-Take Form prepares for.

Click on this link:

Merkaba Chakras QHHT Client In-Take Form


Surrogate Alternatives: Surrogates doing the QHHT session on behalf of someone who gave permission for a surrogate to take their place are done when one of these conditions are met. 


1. Mental health issues (personality disorders, etc.)

2. Language barriers (must be fluent English speaking)

3. Hearing impaired (must be able to hear the practitioner)

4. Minors under 16-years old. 


Get your Gamma on: QHHT attains a Theta wave frequency in your mind under hypnosis and continues onto the Gamma wave frequency once a conversation with your Over-Soul is established at the end of the session where self-healing can be asked and at times attained if it is permitted for the person's life plan and soul evolution. The Gamma wave frequency is the state where you can reset your genetic codes in the matrix and self-healing can take place. This is because the Oversoul and the spirit world it creates radiates at a Gamma wave frequency. Below are some exercises you can get started doing before your session to get comfortable with resonating at a Gamma frequency.

Do Gamma Exercises:                                                                                               

A) Be grateful by listing things you are grateful for. Gratitude releases Gamma waves.   

B) Listen to music with binaural beats in Gamma waves and focus on the end result of being healed of your ailments and troubles. Don't focus on the details, that's God's job. Youtube has a huge free library of Gamma wave music to listen to.      

Brain Waves in Consciousness                                          


2. Induction into the lives or childhood memories that your higher-self wants you to review that will give you the most benefit to addressing the issues you came into the session to get answers for. Typically 2 - 2 1/2 hours long depending on what your Higher-Self and Over-Soul reveal to you to see.

Under the Theta brain state, you will remember everything, but in a more relaxed state. This is typical of when you're asleep at night, but awake enough to go to the bathroom. 

You will be aware of 3 observers in your session from your subconscious. One will be your brain's ego who will constantly be questioning everything and trying to take control of the session because that is its job to give you the individual experience in the body, but just ignore it and go along with the regression. The second personality will be you, yourself observing the regression and being a silent observer. This is your soul. The last person is the Over-Soul who you will recognize when you start speaking about yourself in the third person. This Over Soul is the same personality in everybody and is very caring and understanding with the client. 

When under regression and a life reveals itself, you will first see a small image like a shoe or ring or something small, then as more questions are asked about what you see, you will begin to see more of your surroundings and the full scenery begins to become more vivid. You can also feel the emotions of the person who you are in this lifetime. If the scene is too dramatic and painful, then you can move away from being the direct person and into an observer mode. As the QHHT practitioner, I will constantly be asking you more in-depth questions to see what you were seeing, feeling, and experiencing so that you uncover the source of your block that manifested in this past lifetime or childhood and may be carried on to this lifetime.

3. Closing the induction with a direct conversation with the Over-Soul about your progress in this life, recommendations, and answering your questions that you prepared for the session. When we are at the point in the session when we are discussing your journey with the Oversoul, your brain waves will change from Theta to the Gamma brain wave frequency. We can see this change in brain wave because Gamma waves operate your muscles. This is why you see people in hypnosis or good mediums move their eyes, ears, and muscles. The information is coming from outside the brain of the person under hypnosis. Energy healing and changing of DNA on an energetic level is also done under Gamma waves of the brain, because it is the Oversoul who is a non-local consciousness that is stepping in to the person to make the changes for the person. In essence, the Oversoul is making adjustments for itself through the extension of this individual it is connected to since we’re all ONE anyways. I also ask the Over-Soul if there are any negative energy in my client's aura, and if the Over-Soul can kindly remove them and not attach to anyone else. Lastly, a dowsing rod is used to re-measure the chakras in my client's aura to check for improvements. Typically 30 minutes long.


Von Galt's Journey as a QHHT Practitioner:

Aside from being a QHHT practitioner, I am an IT professional and an author who writes about metaphysics. I earned my Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Washington. I attended graduate school at the University of Maryland University College for E-Commerce, and ultimately graduated with my Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on E-Business from Westwood College Denver North. My metaphysic interest in the evolution of consciousness comes from my 40+ years as a Buddhist. The Dharma Wheel of Karma and Reincarnation is a central part in understanding the relationships and life lessons that people undergo in this lifetime and many other parallel lifetimes in the past, the present, the future, the in-between lives, and in multiple dimensions, which all exist at the same time. I investigate metaphysic modalities and peer review them against much academic research for writing material in future books I work on.


I came across QHHT after reading all of Dolores Cannon's books about metaphysics, reincarnation, and life planning prior to incarnation. This lead me to become  a QHHT practitioner in order to  understand why people make the life planning that they did in the spirit world and how they progress in living it. In my QHHT hypnosis practice, I continue to get clients that are Starseed and Indigo incarnates, whom are brought to me to uncover their mission to help raise the Earth's frequency by helping raise the consciousness of the people in their lives. This recurring phenomenon is being documented for a book I am writing that explores the challenges of Starseeds and Indigos in the ascension of Earth.   

Chinese Energy modality of using dowsing rods to measure the client's merkabah/aura field is a combined modality that I use with QHHT to assist in balancing the torus field around the human energy body upwards through the chakras so that clients can establish a healthy Merkaba. I've been a channeled scribe for 3 ascended master teachers that help guide me in my practice through synchonicity. They are Kwan Yin, the legendary female buddha, who helps facilitate self-healing through the chakras, Archangel Metatron, who taught me about oneness in creation through Sacred Geometry, and Yeshuah (Jesus), a Buddhist monk who teaches how to change frequencies through finding clarity in life lessons. You can read some of those blog articles on my website.

All my sessions are unique. Each one of my client's stories bring clarity, wisdom, and understanding of God's expansion through direct experience with its creations. I'm most grateful to be a QHHT practitioner because I do not advertise for QHHT clients. The universe sends me QHHT clients when they are ready for a session and they often seek me out.


Feel free to contact me to request a free 5-minute initial consultation conference call to go over Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique service. If a full QHHT session is a fit for you, then we can schedule an in-person appointment for the regression.


Cost: $250/Session + Sales Tax

Session Overview:

  • *30-min. Interview & Measure Chakras
  • QHHT Hypnosis
  • *30-min. Recap & Measure Chakras
  • Take Home Recording of Your QHHT Session


  • Past Life
  • Future Life
  • Spirit World insight
  • Life-Between-Lives
  • Starseed & Indigo Incarnates
  • Conversations with Over-Soul (universal consciousness), past loved ones, spirit guides, angels, council members, master teachers, etc.


The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is only offered to local residents in the Seattle, WA, USA area at this time! Please visit to locate a practitioner in your area.

WA State Unified Business ID: 604 131 489


View my practitioner profile on Dolores Cannon's QHHT registry:


If you have a YouTube channel, an online radio show, or iTunes webcast, and would like to interview me about the ascension of Earth from the information my Starseed and Indigo clients bring forth through their QHHT sessions, then I'm happy to chat. I disclose the information, but protect the identity of my clients unless authorized to. I offer FREE interviews.

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