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Life Planning, Karma, & Reincarnation

What is Life Planning?
In many Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and also in QHHT, life planning is defined as a soul planning the life that it will incarnate into. The soul picks out, with the help of its guides, the lessons that it wants to learn. The soul picks out its body, its limitations, it's talents, their parents, where it will be born, what universe, what reality, and a variety of different things. This is equivalent to someone wanting to take scuba lessons to know what that experience is like and need to get the proper equipment to have that experience. Prior to incarnation, the soul goes through a veil of amnesia so that it can fully experience it's chosen incarnation without knowing the answers to its own test. Sometimes Deja Vu does bleed through and sometimes your guides may speak to you to help you out, but for the most part, your journey is yours to navigate, because you asked not to have much interference with the story that you designed for yourself to learn and grow through. 

Soul Groups and Life Planning

What is Karma?
Karma is an imbalance of energy. Take this analogy for example. If someone throws a rock in the pond, karma is the ripples that rock causes until it balances itself out. In terms of life planning in the spirit world, if a soul in its last lifetime created havoc for someone, then upon its next incarnation, in order to evolve spiritually forward, it must be balanced the injustice that it did to the other soul by rectifying it somehow in the new lifetime. This is often why under regression you may see soul groups changing roles in order to learn how to peacefully get along without causing havoc to each other over and over again and lifetime after lifetime until they finally learn. Grace and forgiveness, which is letting go of the anger that the injustice happened to you often is the easiest way to let go of the karmic debt. Acknowledgement and making amends that you learned from the experience and that you no longer have any obligation to the other person, and that the other person no longer have any obligation to you, and that you release them with love and wish them the best is the easiest way to undo a soul's contract that has unresolved karma attached to it. 

What is Reincarnation?
Reincarnation is incarnating your soul from the spirit world into being born and having a life experience again.


Lost Souls - Clearing Negative Entities & Disembodied Spirits
All spirits, good and bad are creations from the universe. At some point, they lost their way for various reasons of their own. Humans have their own lives to live, and journeys to endure in this lifetime as best they can without being bothered by spirits with unresolved issues that have prevented themselves from entering the light and tunnel into the other side where they will be met with their guides, angels, family, soul group, etc. who will help them with their life review, break-down where they fell off their purpose, and what karmas they created for themselves to resolve upon their next incarnation if they choose to.  

In the mean time, if you come across such spirits, please let them know through projecting your thoughts to them that, no matter how lost or bad they think they are, they need not fear the light. They will always be received by the loving light and the universe will work with them. "Hell" is only a self created construct to punish yourself if you choose it until you realize God will always take back even the worst souls, and have a plan to help them get clean and back on track however many eons.

Otherwise, please follow this guideline for clearing stubborn souls from your space.


LOVE...Love is the most powerful energy that will clear all negative entities. 

1. Clear your thoughts

2. Focus on the purest image of LOVE to you

3. Send that LOVE image to the negative entity

4. Let go of the work. What that spirit does with that LOVE energy is up to it. 




In every QHHT session, I ask if there are any negative entities, even "demonic souls" and/or disembodied disturbed/lost souls attached to my client. I ask the Over-soul to please send them to the light or if they aren't ready to go into the light to please leave the person and not attach to anyone else. If my client got this way through excessive drug use, I ask the Over-soul to work with my client to get them on a drug rehab 12-step program to get clean and stay clean so they no longer make themselves an open vessel for this experience. Works every time.


Below is part of every session when speaking to the Over-Soul:

“Are there any negative entities, negative thought forms, negative soul contracts, negative residue, or anything at all that needs to be cleared from my client? Since we’re all connected to you, the Over-Soul, even the dark, then we ask that you please help us completely remove all these entities as a group and not attach to anyone else. Please help us send them all to the light where love awaits them for rehabilitation.”

If the Over-Soul wants me to remove them one-by-one, then I address when and why each entity attached itself and ask for healing for my client by removing each of them. Yet, since we’re all connected to the Over-Soul, and even the dark exists as part of the light trying to have its own individual experience through their hosts, then I address these entities as a group and ask for complete removal. The fact that these negative entities hate it's creator and humans so badly out of ego and jealousy for humans because humans can reconnect to the Over-soul at any time shows that there still is a drop of love left in these negative entities, and therefore, they can be rehabilitated in the light. When a spirit is really done with something, they will break free and no longer want ANY part of engaging with anything that is connected to that which they don't want a connection with.

I have many potential clients hit me up for a QHHT session to remove these entities and over and over again, they cancel due to a splitting headache or some medical issue that prevents them from making their appointment. This often is because the parasitic negative attachment does not want to be removed, and the host is too afraid or weak to follow through. There’s nothing but love and self-healing that I facilitate in my QHHT sessions. Most of my sessions are a sobering review of 3 lifetimes and a candid conversation with the Over-Soul about their progress.


Feel free to contact me to request a free 5-minute initial consultation conference call to go over Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Chinese Energy Healing service. If a full QHHT session is a fit for you, then we can schedule an in-person appointment for the session.


If you have a YouTube channel, an online radio show, or iTunes webcast, and would like to interview me about the ascension of Earth from the information my Starseed and Indigo clients bring forth through their QHHT sessions, then I'm happy to chat. I disclose the information, but protect the identity of my clients unless authorized to. I offer FREE interviews.

Cost: $250/Session + Sales Tax

Session Overview:

  • *30-min. Interview & Measure Chakras
  • QHHT Hypnosis
  • *30-min. Recap & Measure Chakras
  • Take Home Recording of Your QHHT Session
  • 3-days later, Follow-up Form w/Summary of 3 Lifetimes & Conversation w/Over-Soul


  • Past Life
  • Future Life
  • Spirit World insight
  • Life-Between-Lives
  • Starseed & Indigo Incarnates
  • Conversations with Over Soul (universal consciousness), past loved ones, spirit guides, angels, council members, master teachers, etc.


The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and Eastern Energy Medicine service are only offered to local residents in the Seattle, WA, USA area at this time! Please visit to locate a practitioner in your area.


The Client In-Take Form has all the preparation questions in it. Feel free to download it and fill it out. Completing the Client In-Take Form is insightful on its own. A QHHT session allows for a deeper understanding of your soul's growth that the Client In-Take Form prepares for.

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