"You've always been enough. Use the resources all around you to create a life you want to experience. A life full of joy and love. The spirit world will nudge you through synchronicity. You can do it" -Source


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Meditation is the practice of connecting with God, whom among many other names are also known source energy. Meditation comes in various forms such as sitting meditation, playing music and creating art. The practice is to quiet the rampant thoughts in the mind and get to a mindful state where there are no thoughts. The human mind can not think two thoughts at the same time. Like a computer, it is only capable to think one thought at a time. In order to wipe out the constant thoughts, one must think about what they are thinking about. The act of looking back at your own thoughts does clear your mind. In the zen space of your mind is where the meditator will replace the blank template with what they want to manifest.

Another practice of meditation is to clear the mind and then hear what the universe wants you to know about your journey. Discipline and discernment are practiced in this state. 

Lastly, prayer is utilized to ask the universe for favors. Prayer and meditation are often utilized for various stages in our life journey. 


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