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Meditation Changes Brain Waves Into Alpha Consciousness

Meditation Changes Brain Waves Into Alpha Consciousness

ALPHA BRAIN WAVES is the frequency where you can reprogram the MATRIX through TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION. An alpha brain wave is an energy frequency between 8 Hz – 12 Hz. Otherwise commonly known as “zero point” in conscious manifestation. It has been scientifically shown to be the human frequency in all of our chakra systems that has the most condensed spiral wave of information, highest vibration, and also maintains the most calming mode in the human body. People, who resonate in alpha more often naturally will be of higher vibrations in order to match that frequency and as a result are sick less frequently, manifest easier, live longer, etc. Any meditation practice that gets you into the “no thought” alpha state of consciousness such as meditating, yoga, exercise, arts, music creation, etc. can be the instrument that connects you to that higher vibrating frequency. It is a good alternative to medicating peoples of higher vibrations. In alpha, many people activate their pineal gland and believe to have spiritual insights as well. The alpha brain wave is the frequency in which ALL people can attain to make a spiritual 3rd eye connection with the unified field where the ONE universal mind resides…it is the FORCE. The force is within you always. Just tap into it with a pure, positive intent regarding ONLY the outcome. If you meditate in alpha with a negative intent, it will not work well as that frequency is not in matching vibration to the highest emotional frequency in creation, which is unconditional love always. The reason why synchronicity (a divine order of cosmic events aligning to fulfill your meditative intentions) works best for people who are able to maintain that blissful 8Hz-12Hz frequency is because they have silenced the ego-minded brain, allowed their higher self to link to their heart frequency to guide their brain and human energy field to magnify their intended manifestations, and reconnect to the universal ONE mind…God/Goddess consciousness. We all live in a holographic reality designed individually and collectively by our consciousness. Your brain is a loop tool and reflects memories of past images looping itself and you are adding to the visual every day. When 1% of society performs TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION, they affect the 99% positively. The effects of our individual and collective MATRIX being reprogrammed while tapping into alpha have been proven accurate in numerous brain research studies. According to a 1968 study of the Maharishi Effect by Dr. Robert Keith Wallace at UCLA, when people focus on END RESULT feelings that an outcome has happened, not that it will happen, but that it’s done; the societal outcomes reflect the electromagnetic energy sent out from the hearts of the participants of such mediation groups. To prove this point accurate, there has been over 60 scientific studies of meditation groups focusing on peace ...in violent communities such as in a case study where participants in war torn areas of Israel and Lebanon who were trained to feel the feelings of peace and oneness with the unified consciousness in all things resulted in measurable results where terrorist activities drop to 0%, crimes declined, and hospital visits declined during the meditation time frame. The mathematical formula that came from such experiments showed that only 1% of any population is needed create the energy of positive, loving change. The shift is YOU. Do not try to change or convert others. That will never work, because reality is an illusion in your mind and you are just fighting within yourself. You must shift YOU. By doing so, you shift into a new PARALLEL REALITY that matches your frequency. The entire system of the individual gained a profound state of relaxation far greater than REM sleep and the 1% of the population that meditates in oneness has a collective power to affect the other 99% who has no clue why they stopped the violence during the meditative period. The positive, spiritual energy of unconditional love and oneness is far greater than the energy fueled by FEAR often shown in today’s religions and politics. The key to meditating in ALPHA is to focus on the end result as if it has already happened and soon to be a physical reality. Again, we are all living in our own holodecks we carry around us all the time. We are our own “orbs” bouncing off each other like a Vesica Piscis sharing dual experiences over and over again like a Flower of Life pattern. Once you awaken and become self-aware of how the program works, then you can have more control over how you create your physical manifestations instead of letting your unconscious thoughts create havoc in your life and can work more “intently” on making it a reality. “INTEND IT.” The force has always been WITHIN you and everyone else always. USE THE FORCE! Join us as you are to be part of that 1%!

Below are FREE resources on the power of ALPHA meditation for the user and how it reprograms the matrix. 

“An Introduction to the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique” by Dr John Hagelin. Dr. Hagelin is the Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, International Director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, President of the United States Peace Government, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace.

“Hugh Jackman and Howard Stern discuss Transcendental Meditation” by Hugh Jackman & Howard Stern.

“Oprah Winfrey on Transcendental Meditation” by Oprah Winfrey

“Transcendental Meditation Program of Fairfield, Iowa” by the City of Fairfield, Iowa, USA.

“Breaking the Chains of Karma” by Dr. Frank Kinslow. Living in the Sphere of Creation will manifest that which you fear and love. Most of the manifestations we create are repressed issues in our relationships. We can release the illusion of Karma using transcendental meditation techniques. These quick techniques can also be used to heal yourself from physical pain and save you from unnecessary medication and doctor bills.

“Transcendental Mediation” by Robert Roth

“The Power of the Collective” by Dr John Hagelin.

There is a variety of meditation techniques that help us get the mind into a quiet zero point state where we can reconnect with source energy (universal consciousness/God) inside us to affect the greater whole. Again that 1% of society has a greater impact on the well-being and collective behavior of the 99% according to transcendental meditation research because we're all interconnect and there's only ONE. Some techniques are yoga, painting, art, music, exercise, traditional meditation, reciting mantras, prayer circles, etc. "The best meditation is sleep." -14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatsu.

To read the FREE complete research findings from over 60 research papers covering 51 studies in the connection between unified consciousness and societal changes stemming from having loving peace and harmony within each person, please visit the links below.

“Brain Waves and Meditation” by Science Daily. 

“Buddhist Deity Meditation Temporarily Augments Visuospatial Abilities, Study Suggests” by Science Daily.
“Finding Right Meditation Technique to User Satisfaction” by Science Daily.

“Demystifying Meditation: Brain Imaging Illustrates How Mediation Reduces Pain” by Science Daily.

“Evidence Supports Health Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Practices” by Science Daily.

“Mindfulness Meditation Slows Progression of HIV, Study Suggest” by Science Daily.

“Patients Do Better With Psychotherapist Who Practice Zen Meditation, Study Suggests” by Science Daily.

“Breast Cancer Survivors Benefit from Practicing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” by Science Daily.

“Meditation Helps Increase Attention Span” by Science Daily.

“Mindful Multitasking: Meditation First Can Calm Stress, Aid Concentration” by Science Daily.

“Alpha Brain Waves – A Guide To Understanding” by Drew at Mental Health Tips. 

“Brain Waves” by Dr. Jose Silva. Jose Silva, the founder of The Silva Method, did extensive research on brainwaves. He showed through his studies that when your brain is in alpha wave level you are actually able to reprogram yourself. He showed that it is possible to enter into the alpha level without falling asleep. 

“Forgiveness and Alpha Waves” by James V. Hardt, PhD of the BioCybernaut Institute. Dr. Hardt has shown that the act of “forgiveness” also activate alpha frequencies and reprograms the users experiences. 

“Vedic Sound and Brain Wave Coherence” by Dr. Alarik Arenander of the Brain Institute. 

“Accessing the Super Computer Within” by Alarik Arenander, PhD. Dr. Alarik Arenander is the Directpor of Iowa’s Brain Research Institute Maharishi University of Management and studies the effects of alpha mediation and the positive impacts it has on the user. 

“An Alternative NON-DRUG Solution for ADHD Children” Alarik Arenander, PhD. 

A note on shutting down the loop cycle of thoughts in your mind to get into alpha: The easiest way to shut down the mind to prevent it from running thoughts in a loop cycle so you can get into Alpha brain waves is simple “acceptance”. That’s it. Just accept everything as is. Stop trying to control it. Just accept. Once you say and are that, then the mind has nothing to think about over and over again. “Acceptance” is the stop lost and shuts down the factory of thoughts of the mind. Accept all the drama that you have been dealing with and now focus on creating new experiences in alpha so that you are alert to when the universe delivers the sequence of events that manifest your new experiences. Now, you have achieved alpha and can start meditating on a new focus so you can start reprogramming your matrix to decide what parallel reality you want to be self-aware in. You will need to master this if you want to be self-aware in the 5th dimension where everything you feel inside manifests faster as that reality is vibrating much faster. So stop the mind’s habit of focusing on the negative and your fears as that loop cycle will manifest. Your mind is not your enemy. It’s a tool you have to help manifest your individual experiences aside from the collective experience. Without the mind, all you have is the collective experience and not the individual experiences that enrich your spiritual growth as well. Your higher spirit in physical form allowed to properly create beautiful experiences as reflections of your spiritual growth and in tune with the oneness of source energy is the leading edge experience. If used properly, it is the best of the physical and the spirit world. So give your mind a break and use it properly to start manifesting consciously. Get into alpha so you can manifest better, more loving experiences for the new version of you.

Understanding Brainwaves in children and adults with ADD/ADHD:
Brain research found that people with ADD/ADHD live in a high frequency alpha and theta brainwave state of consciousness. Alpha is a meditative wave that acts as a thoughts manifester of reality, which explains why only 1% of meditators in alpha product changes in their environment sometimes through people who are in mind (physical) EGO-centric, beta waves. Alpha is nicknamed, the “Meditation Wave.” Theta is a slower wave that’s a waking daydream state of problem solving “inwardly” such as doing math in our heads or just knowing the answers. Information is received unbiased and absorbent in Theta, which is why theta is nicknamed the creativity and intuition waves. According to researchers, this may be why kids and adults with ADD/ADHD have a harder time with focusing on school and work because their brainwaves are focused on topics that excite them. A majority of the worlds’ population with ADD/ADHD is Americans where there’s an estimated 5 million people walking around emitting such brainwaves, which is pushing the education system to be more of an “application based” curriculum in areas of interests rather than a previous “memory based” curriculum. Alpha and Theta are interchangeable, which can be why many people in these states in later life can be information junkies in careers related to computer sciences, internet, and science fields to name a few and also highly creative in expressing themselves in art and music that’s meditation for them to calm the information overload. ADD/ADHD medications in market are part of the cocaine family of narcotics and are an option for helping such people focus, but healthy diet and active lifestyles can also help. If you wanna understand your children, friends, and family that have ADD/ADHD, then spend 5 minutes to understand how their brainwaves function that explains why they may seem lost in the clouds…

“Understanding Brainwaves” by Center for Attention Deficit & Learning Disorders.

“Natural Treatment for ADD/ADHD at Any Age” by Brain and Body Solutions.