"You've always been enough. Use the resources all around you to create a life you want to experience. A life full of joy and love. The spirit world will nudge you through synchronicity. You can do it" -Source


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Welcome to Merkaba Chakras, where we talk Buddhism in the 5th dimension. Each enlightened episode is dedicated to help you level up the energy field of your merkabah. You can manifest the parallel reality that fits the Best version of you.

Popular Topics are:
  • Buddhism, Wheel of Dharma, Nirvana, Samsara, and Reincarnation
  • Consciousness, Metaphysics, and Parallel Realities
  • Starseed, Tulku, and Indigo Souls
  • Golden Age of Interstellar Humanity
  • 5th Dimension Earth, Awakening, and Ascension
  • Energy Healing, QHHT, and Addressing Abundance Blocks

Join Buddhist author, Von Galt, and her soulful guests as we dive deeper into the 5th dimension.