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Royal RIFE Frequencies - Spooky2

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This is my testimony and why my family uses Spooky2's Royal Rife Frequency machines. As a lifelong Buddhist from Laos, I am familiar with energy medicine and studying different versions of it from a variety of Eastern modalities. Energy healing, metaphysics and consciousness are the three basic pillars I focus on in my Buddhism podcast, Merkaba Chakras. I enjoy learning new energy healing modalities in modern science and medicine. One of my favorite modalities is energy healing using frequencies by Dr. Royal R. Rife. Dr. Rife identified that everything has a unique energetic frequency including illness and viruses. When the user listens to the virus's own energetic sound DNA code, it start to self heal the body of the ailment. As a lifelong consumer of energy healing with a direct connection to the Christ (Crystalline ) Consciousness of the Lord, I had to try it.

However, many of the earlier versions of RIFE frequency and scalar home generators were too expensive for me and they had early adoption issues to fix. I ordered the Spooky2 generators for sending wellness frequencies such as the Schumann Resonance, Chakra balancing, and many more frequencies to my family. Since, my husband, kids and myself are healthy and take no medications, we had no ailments to send energy healing for. I enjoyed the testimonials of people reporting health success using Spooky2 products for frequency healing. I invited engineer and founder of Spooky2 Royal Rife products, John White to discuss the technology on my Merkaba Chakras podcast after watching many testimonials on how people worldwide are finding success detoxing parasites. My family eventually got the Covid-flu in October, 2022 and we used our RIFE generator on it and immediately report our sinuses draining once we turned on the energy healing machine. Click on the hyperlink to watch the 2nd podcast interview on how I use my RIFE generator before you buy one yourself. 

I also suggestion Spooky2 to my quantum hypnosis and 6th senses clients worldwide who are looking for a frequency wellness machine for various ailments. Many of my clients report they also found wellness using Spooky2. 

Many infinite blessings, Von Galt

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