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PEMF Device - Dr. Shealy & Dr. Sorin

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I just fell in love with the enthusiasm of Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Serjey Sorin for promoting energy healing and holistic lifestyle to prevent and promote self-healing of illness people suffer from. These two medical doctors have done the typical route of working on patients in the hospitals and have used their MD experience to further help their patients by educating people about the healing benefits of living a naturopathic lifesyle and adding energy healing devices such as their all-time favorite device, the PEMF Device. 

I personally, use the PEMF Device at night when I am watching the kids play and read night-time stories as part of our bedtime routine. I wear my PEMF Device on my neck and tuck the cord into my clothes so that the PEMF Device emits the Theta brain waves of calm when I am tucking the kids to bed. I also wear it around the house to clean with my cleaning music playing. Lastly, before I go to sleep myself, I switch the PEMF Device on the Gamma Brain Wave frequency to get those mediatiopn and healing frequencies running. I read a little before bed. I also imagine the outcomes of what i would like to experience directly during the Gamma Brain Wave frequency. As a Buddhist who has known that deep meditation and energy healing happens in the Gamma Brain Wave level of consciousness, the PEMF Device is a easy, quick way to get right into that level of consciousness. 

When I finally go to sleep, I put the PEMF Device under my pillow with the Gamma Brain Wave setting on and am open to fun lucid dreams. Under this setting, I have lucid dreams of communicating with my ancestors and angels and many other abundant encounters with beings of the cosmos and spirit world. This is why I call Dr. Norman Shealy's PEMF Device, the "Healing Halo".

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Testimony from Dr. Brian Dailey who uses his PEMF Device (Healing Halo) on himself and his hospital patients after surgery:

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Blessings, Von Galt