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FLFE (Dr. David R. Hawkins)

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I learned about Dr. David R. Hawkins when it went around in Buddhist circles that he was being asked to calibrate the energy field (level of enlightenment) of various senior monks at many Buddhist monasteries. Until the Dr. Hawkin's introduced the Map of Consciousness, all Buddhists had was meditation and lucid dreaming to gauge Tulku (advance souls from Nirvana) teachers and students. I have been a student of Dr. David R. Hawkins for 20 years. I use Dr. Hawkin's kinesiology technique and Map of Consciousness to calibrate metaphysical books and energy healing modalities to study.


Basically, Dr. David R. Hawkins was a very success mental health doctor who ran the largest mental health hospital in New York during his medical career. He developed the Map of Consciousness through conducting his own research on his patients. He found that everyone has a unique energy frequency that is flexible based on their level of consciousness (LOC). The level of consciousness is a measurement of how much intensity their personal aura field (merkaba) emits into the matrix, which affects the people and environment positively or negatively. Tulku (starseeds) typically have high merkabas (LOC - level of consciousness). 500+ LOC is the comfort zone of many Tulku-Starseed. However, everyone benefits from the positive frequencies of 500+ (Christ Consciousness). In Buddhism, Christ (crystalline) Consciousness is 5th dimensional consciousness of unconditional love, which exudes through a direct connection to our Creator. 


My family uses FLFE energy healing frequencies all the time. As a lifelong Buddhist who studies many different modalities of energy healing and frequencies from many energy medicine teachers of the East and West.  I have been waiting for FLFE to be offered in this reality. When Mr. Clayten Stedmann and Mr. Jeffrey Stegman started their company in 2012, I observed its growth and scientific research on how the frequency technology affects its consumers. After years of observing FLFE, I decided to buy the subscription service to send energy healing frequencies to my home and cell phones. I suggest my quantum hypnosis and 6th sense clients tryout the 15-day free trial if they are looking for an easy all-the-time frequency service. Many of my clients have also found positive effects in their daily mode since using the FLFE service no matter how chaotic life gets. I've also been using the FLFE water bottle service. Once I started my FLFE water bottle, my 4-yr old son claimed it as his. He seldomly drinks milk and mostly drinks the FLFE water bottle.


Click on the image to watch my full interviews going over the FLFE service and their scientific findings on using frequencies to generate positive environments. 



Many infinite blessings, Von Galt


For more information about FLFE’s offerings, please visit their company website: https://tm179.isrefer.com/go/flfemain/merkabachakras/