"You've always been enough. Use the resources all around you to create a life you want to experience. A life full of joy and love. The spirit world will nudge you through synchronicity. You can do it" -Source


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About Von


About Author, Von Galt: 


Welcome to Merkaba Chakras. I am an IT professional and an author who writes about metaphysics. I earned my Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Washington. I attended graduate school at the University of Maryland University College for E-Commerce, and ultimately graduated with my Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on E-Business from Westwood College Denver North. 


I'm happy to enlightens us on the significance of Sacred Geometry in Buddhist Mandalas artwork. I'm the author of Buddhist Mandalas: Explore Parallel Realities with Sacred Geometry, Buddhist Mandalas: Christ Consciousness of a Multidimensional Merkabah, and Buddhist Guide to Manifest Parallel Realities: Using the Four Noble Truths & Eightfold Path in the Age of Consciousness. My work reinforces the knowledge that we all incarnated on Earth with front role seats to the most incredible show in the multiverse. Sacred Geometry in Buddhist Mandalas teach us that we're infinite energy living in avatars with amnesia, and as such, we travel the multiverse in our Merkabah. We can all learn to shift in the multiverse more consciously by harnessing a connection to Christ consciousness within each of us. 


My indigenous Hmong-Buddhist beliefs speak of when we switched from the Cycle of Separation into a new Cycle of Unity Consciousness, which ushers Earth into the Golden Age of Humanity with an interstellar future. That funny 2012 AD year in Buddhism is 2555 Buddhist Era. It was a year of change-over to higher dimensions. These higher energies on Earth are tools that anyone can use to manifest quicker, easier their next best experience within the matrix. However, please answer the front door because your awakening and ascension are knocking, and "no," it's not a one-time event. The last processional cycle on Earth lasted 25,920 years, and we are at the beginning of the next cycle. We've entered a choose your own adventure cycle where you manifest what you are. There are plenty of resources to help you clean up your old baggage, fill up your luggage with good stuff, and enjoy the sojourn to more fantastic experiences that only your higher self could've planned for you. So, strap your ego in the back seat, and let's join our higher self in the driver's seat.  


You may be wondering how I got into metaphysic work in the 1st place. Well, my metaphysic interest in the evolution of consciousness comes from my 40+ years as a Buddhist. I investigate metaphysic modalities and peer review them against academic research for writing material in future books I work on. I've been researching the chakra points on Earth's magnetic portals using my Buddhist understanding of awakening and ascension to map out what's happening to Earth. Earth herself is leveling up further into Christ consciousness in the 5th-dimensional awareness. Earth is bringing everything living on her body with her, which includes humans. Ready or not, buckle up.


From the research conducted for the Buddhist Mandalas book series, I learned various quantum hypnosis skills. Along with other eastern energy healing modalities. I offer these quantum services to clients worldwide. I often get clients that are Tulku children. In Buddhism, "Tulku" is a term used for an ancient soul from the spiritual emptiness of the source itself, from various dimensions and universes that incarnated into Earth to help raise humanity's consciousness into the higher realms. However, these old souls are born with the same amnesia as other Earth souls, but they know they are not from around here. The pop-culture vernacular for these souls is Starseeds, Indigo, and Crystal children. Historically, Buddhist monks and nuns are tasked to teach these Tulku souls what they need to know about the holographic matrix, the multiverse and Christ consciousness so they are equipped to accomplish their intended sojourn and have a great time doing it. In my sessions, these clients come to me to uncover their mission to help raise the Earth's frequency by raising the Christ consciousness of the people in their lives. This recurring phenomenon is being documented for a book I am writing that explores Tulku children's challenges in the ascension of Earth and their offspring, which I call the X-Men of the 5th dimension.


In this process of exploring ancient lost knowledge in Buddhist art and folklores, I have three non-physical teachers that help guide me in my writing pursuits, which use synchronicity to communicate leads to me. The 1st is Kwan Yin, the legendary female Buddha, who helps facilitate self-healing through the chakras. Another is Archangel Metatron, who teaches about the oneness in creation through sacred geometry. The last one is Yeshuah Bin Yosef (Jesus/Issa), a Buddhist monk who teaches how to change frequencies by finding clarity in life lessons. Ready or not, let's roll!


All of my sessions are unique. Each one of my client's stories brings clarity, wisdom, and understanding of God's expansion through direct experience with its creations. I'm most grateful to be of service, because I do not advertise for clients. The universe sends me clients when they are ready for a session and they often seek me out.

Side Note on My QHHT Training:

In 2011-2012, I started writing metaphysic blog articles from my research following many Buddhist monk's initiatives to participate in academic research into metaphysics. I shared it on social media to test the interest in awakening and ascension topics, which was going to be a book I was working on. That published book is, "Buddhist Mandalas: Explore Parallel Realities with Sacred Geometry". That research brought me to write a blog on energy healing, which brought me to Dolores Cannon's hypnosis technique (QHHT). I became a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner in 2012 so I can talk to the Oversoul directly, and offer in-person hypnosis to clients in the Seattle area. I wanted to understand why people make the life planning that they did in the spirit world and how they progress in living it. 

I took the training again in 2014 to get back in the QHHT database that I already completed the training and have the 2012 course materials to prove it. When I completed the Level 2 online training, I discovered that Dolores Cannon's daughter, Julia Cannon had no clue that her mom taught an online QHHT Level 1 Udemy course in 2012. Later on, I learned from Julian Cannon that the original Udemy online class was a test run on how they wanted to teach Level 1 online. The feedback I submitted on the learning process online helped them gain clarity on how they refined the training and course material for their website.

I completed my Level 3 QHHT training with Jovy Wan in December, 2020, but did not get fully certified due to existing commitments, which leave me less time to teach QHHT to stay certified. However, when a lite Level 3 certification is offered, I'd get it then.



Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis (BQH): I offer the BQH hypnosis for my remote clients from all over the world who are not able to visit Seattle for the in-person QHHT hypnosis modality. The outcomes are equally achieved. 



A Gift to You for Visiting My Website:




If it’s metaphysical and expands your consciousness, then you’ll find me investigating the phenomenon to ascertain where it fits within the life planning of consciousness. I'm no ordinary ‘woo woo’ practitioner. As a lifelong Buddhist, I investigate and practice the modality and put it against many peer review scientific and medical journals to make sure it can be substantiated by quantum physics. The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso is an example of a well-known Buddhist who put's metaphysic spiritual concepts under much academic research before encouraging practitioners to follow the findings.

I believe in  always being connected to source energy. My mission is to uplift customers by offering them helpful tools in metaphysic products and services so that they can live a spiritual and balanced lifestyle. In doing so, my customers are high-vibe vibrating souls on Gaia (Earth) and affect the harmonic frequency of the people around them. It's not always easy to find peace in non-peaceful situations and to remember that you've always been enough.




    Feel free to contact me to request a free 5-minute initial consultation conference call. If a hypnosis session is a fit for you, then we can schedule an in-person appointment for a QHHT hypnosis, an online BQH hypnosis appointment, or a 1x1 consultation to discuss your 6th sense coaching. 



    Quantum Hypnosis Cost: $360/Session (9.8% Sales Tax Included)

    Session Overview: 4 hrs

    • Interview & Measure Chakras
    • Hypnosis 
    • Recap & Measure Chakras


    • Past Life
    • Future Life
    • Spirit World insight
    • Life-Between-Lives
    • Starseed & Indigo Incarnates
    • Conversations with Over-Soul (universal consciousness), past love ones, spirit guides, angels, council members, master teachers, etc.


    1x1 6th Sense Consultation Cost:

    Many consultations can be done via cell phone calls, but some people need visual Zoom or Skype call instead in order to show me their 6th sense abilities so I can access it and provide suggestions for dealing with it. In Buddhism, the lamas and aides would help people learn to work with their amplified or awakened 6th senses, which is the result of the process of spiritual awakening and ascension towards Buddhahood. Now, since this is happening worldwide to people all over the world due to the Earth raising her frequency further into the 5th dimension, everyone living on her is also getting raised up in frequency whether they're ready or not. It's like humanity is having a growth spurt, and needs to learn new ways of living with their new bodies.

    • $90 for a 1-hour session over the phone or Skype/Zoom (9.8% Sales Tax Included).  
    • $180 for a 2-hour session over the phone or Skype/Zoom (9.8% Sales Tax Included).  


    Accepted Payments: 

    All major credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, Venmo and PayPal are accepted. 


    About the Products Sold: 

    In terms of the products I offer on my website, Merkaba Chakras buys directly from our suppliers and manufacturers, cut out the middleman, and pass these incredible savings on to you. Often, my hypnosis clients would really like to shop for metaphysical jewelry. We’re all in this together and Merkaba Chakras strives to be a platform for metaphysic resources.


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