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Merkaba Chakras supports Artisans from around the world who are committed to creating a more peaceful world through ethical trading partnerships of sustainable handcrafted accessories and home goods. These wonderful pieces of art are made by various indigenous tribes and artists from all over the world. We are proud to showcase their skilled craft and handmade goods to our high vibrating customers. Support their entrepreneurial spirit by purchasing a handmade product that resonates with the spirit inside you.

Benefits of purchasing handmade goods:

  • Creating art is a meditation practice, and the artists infuse their hopes, dreams, and spiritual connection into the masterpieces that they make. Each piece is unique.
  • Handmade products have a higher vibrational frequency than manufactured products.
  • Artisan crafts made with organic, non-man-made materials often resonate better with people of higher frequency and the customer does not break out in an allergic reaction to such materials. 

Examples of people with a higher frequency:

  • Watches, lights, and electrical products short out faster in a household with these types of people living in it.
  • Allergic reactions to GMO foods, artificial foods, and products with non-organic chemicals. 
  • Highly skilled at being empathic with others by understanding the suffering of others so much that they almost take on that lower density and it can debilitate the person, which is why many live in remote areas. 

*Clothing size may run smaller. The size refers to an exact fit. If you prefer a little give, then we recommend buying a size larger.

*Artisans Collection ships within 5-10 days for USA orders and 7-20 days for international orders. Tracking numbers included on all orders. 


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