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Yin Yang Symbol

Yin Yang Symbol
YIN-YANG in crop circles and many spiritual artworks reinforce the significance of balance, harmony, and unity as a foundation as we move away from the previous paradigm of polarity into unity consciousness of ONEness in the 5th dimension. “Life's oppositions, such as male and female, light and dark, are always in tension. But even within that tension, each term has some of its counterpart within it. Thus, for example, the dark of night has the light of stars within it. This holds true even for the opposition of good and bad, especially as applied to the evaluation of events. The yin-yang symbol represents the interlocking of opposites because every place where a diameter line can be drawn across the circle it intersects both white and black.” – Berger Foundation. In essence, all things in creation have both versions inside it in order for it to exist in the physical. The key is to turn the negative into a positive and by doing so; you have transcended the mirror in which the negative and your fears are a tool to reflect back to the user what do you want to do now. Does the negativity resonate in your heart? Do you want to further explore the negative or move towards the positive at this time? Positivity and unconditional love is our natural state always because ALL of creation is a reflection of source energy/universal consciousness. Negativity is a dichotomous tool of reflection to help us decide what we want to create next to be experienced, which is why negativity continues to separate, divide, and fuel more chaos over and over again until it makes the creator YOU self-destruct or if you had enough, to transcend it towards making choices and actions that fuel positive, loving expansion in your inner being. Without the darkness there can’t exist the light. The spirit world is eternal light. The physical world has sunsets and sunrises because it offers that divine dichotomy of opposites in order for Earth to self-create that expression of sunrises and sunsets we all love so dearly. There must be a balance. A middle way as Buddha would say. Being physical is about creation and living in the NOW is about being in motion towards manifesting your complete piece of art. Your art can be your music, your artworks, your lifestyle, or anything that brings you joy and excitement about living in physicality. The point of having a physical body is to be in the act of creation. The Yin-Yang in motion creates a spiral pattern to reflect the union of the mind-spirit-body interaction. The spirit feels excitement towards manifesting a new experience. Then the mind starts to think thoughts of how to manifest it with the help of your higher self that communicates with the universe and ONE over soul to find the quickest, fastest way to navigate the synchronicities or series of events that will lead to the full manifestation. Your body is the final element of the physical reality you exist in by needing to be in motion through doing the actions needed to follow through with each opportunity manifesting in front of you in a series of divine events until you blossom in your full originally intended real experience. Here’s another example, men have feminine attributes inside as well as woman having masculine attributes. Dominance of one aspect of the duality of human nature is unstable and will self-destruct. A balance of polarity or equilibrium of the dichotomy of anything in life is necessary for peace and fruition. That balance of polarity consciousness is the fruition of oneness in the divine.

Another aspect of the yin-yang symbol is that it represents inner harmony in all sentient beings regardless if you’re human, humanoid, spirit or an animal. “This law supersedes even the fundamental law of Karma, for harmony is the supreme potential of balance. The purpose of Karma is to attain harmony. If you through a rock into a pond you disturb the harmony of the pond, you are the cause, the affect is the splash and the ripples that flows out and back until harmony is restored. Similarly, your disharmonious actions flow out into the Universe and back upon you, lifetime after lifetime, until eventually your own harmony is restored.”- Universal Laws. The eastern esoteric understanding of finding balance and harmony through the use of karmic life cycles (wheel of dharma) is that there is no hell. Hell is a state of mind. A self-punishment if someone believes they lived a life deserving of such repercussion and therefore will continue to manifest a holographic reality of damnation to self-punish themselves with their own negative thoughts. In truth, some people do not attain a higher vibration and lived their lives in constant violence and manipulation towards others their whole life and as a result can likely experience watching such similar events over and over again in the physical plain as a spirit until they can learn they have had enough of it and willing to work harder to rise above the need or want to destroy others for their own gain. In the spirit world, this too can be hell having to repeat the same negativity over again cause they can’t raise into higher plains of existence because they do not match that frequency. We live in the 3rd dimension of polarity. The 4th dimension is time. The 5th dimension is of unity consciousness and “believed” to be the last physical dimension. The other dimensions above that are energetic existences. It is also believed that in order to ascend into the 5th dimension, one must resolve their karmic lessons and the easiest way is to “forgive” and “accept”. If you can’t forgive yourself and others for past repressed issues you took part in through being a part of the manifestation, then the universe will give you another chance. Don’t be surprised if you ask God/universe for help and you lose many things. This is only to show you what your delusions and illusions are so you don’t put too much value in the physical. Yes, enjoy the fruits of your labor, but don’t let it be you or hold more value than an illusionary experience that is self-reflecting. Physicality changes and anything that’s permanent and real does not change. Don’t be surprised if the universe will bumble up your repressed issues to be resolved one at a time or all together at once. Either way, it is your choice what parallel reality and dimension you propel yourself into through forgiveness and releasing those negative vibrations that hold you in the 3rd dimension. It’s ok if you aren’t able to do so in this life. At some point you will and you will ascend in another opportunity. And upwards the dimensions go separated by different internal frequencies that are observing those dimensions below it. None of us are alone in our spiritual journey in the physical and in spirit. We each have our own guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, etc to help us if we choose to call on them, but many of us ask for help to attain more physical wealth, to rid issues we self-created and therefore the best assistance to get help is to see for yourself where you held the unbalanced perspective that continues to manifest the same situations over and over again until you can understand it and stop the cycle of self-destructive manifestations in your holographic reality. As such these people will likely incarnate back again as the victim of similar crimes they previously committed in previous lifetimes or this lifetime and know how it feels in order to see through the other’s eyes and balance out that internal disorder. Same goes for violence spouses and family members. And likely, Hitler became a Jew in his next life in order to learn from the opposite vantage point. The likely spirit consultation would be that the violent perpetrator will agree that they want to move up in better plains of existence and willing to incarnate again and contract for someone else to hurt them in the manner they hurt others to learn from and resolve those unresolved issues they did not want to work through in the last lifetime. This is a controversial perspective as many want to believe that they can do whatever they want in this life and as long as they believe in the in a certain set of beliefs that they can go to heaven and not have to atone for their mistakes they did to others. They can sit there for a trillion years as there is no time in the spirit world, but at some point they will want to move up into the next plain and because they do not resonate that frequency, they can’t surpass that dimension and will consult their life planners, angels, etc. to choose the demographics (what planet, what species, what family, what country, what race, what class, etc.) of their next incarnation to learn and grow spiritually so that they can move upwards. The key to erasing past karmic lessons is to accept your reality you created, take responsibility and grow from them, and forgive yourself and others who hurt you. Don’t just know it, be it. Don’t be surprised if the universe sends a new situation to test your new beingness to see if you truly know how to forgive or if it was just spouting words you do not know of inside. The act of forgiveness and learning to not repeat such destructive behavior is divine intervention and show spiritual growth so you are ready for creation of better, more joyous experiences to manifest within your holographic reality. This is the short understanding of how the yin-yang symbol represents finding inner harmony from your inharmonious human behaviors. The Yin-Yang symbol is a transcendental symbol and has other meanings as well as these. A picture is worth a thousand words. If I could send thought packets to you, I’d likely use symbols that have shown up in ancient artworks, but we live in linearity so I have to use words in sequential order and hope it resonates inside as meaning.

In transcendental terms, the result of humanity living in unity consciousness is reaching “0” point. Enough people in that alpha state of unity consciousness will direct the rest of humanity not being in zero point towards whatever they want. Polarity consciousness is an aspect of the 3rd dimension, but as we raise our frequency into a new alpha state of consciousness, we can create new experiences without letting the negativity consume us, but use it as a tool of reflection to help create ever more spectacular wonders. Once zero point is reach, nothing of lower vibrations can penetrate these higher vibrations emanating from the heart of peoples in unconditionally loving unity and thought. Thoughts travel faster than light. The people of zero point will then move forward to reaching a positive “1” percent. According to transcendental meditation research, it only takes 1% of society to direct the collective consciousness of the whole positively. The reason why is because that 1% works in unity and amplifies in vibration as compared to the 99% working in separation. One person living in the light is 99% more powerful than 99% of people living in the darkness. This sounds familiar to those in the know regarding the “Age of Aquarius”. According to Science of Wholeness, “The Age of Aquarius is meant to be a “Golden Age” intended to unify all religious organizations and liberate everyone from prejudice, religious DOGMA, closed-minded thinking, and MATERIALISM. Everyone will start on one’s own inner search for the true Self, and transform one’s self into a new culture of enlightened or fully AWAKENED truth seekers. In tune with the eternal Soul (oneness), all nations throughout the world will be healed by their influence.” The higher vibrations of Earth are believed to raise people’s conscious self-awareness and push them to release their repressive issues of separation into unity otherwise they will choose to self-destruct and exit to be replaced by a new breed of enlighten heirs and heiresses that will work in harmony with the Earth. Have you taken notice of a lot of natural deaths and births going on worldwide? We are starting to see that with many evil dictators having sudden heart attacks and lower vibration institutions cleaning out the skeletons in their closet in order to survive in the new energy. It’s an individual and collective choice what parallel reality each person wants to be self-aware in. Simple science.

Below are more FREE resources to help you transcend yourself through finding balance, harmony, unity, and oneness, which is the embodiment of the Yin-Yang symbol.

“Yin Yang Symbol” by Eckhart Tolle. Tolle is the author of “A New Earth”, “The Power of Now”, and many more enlighten books.

“Yin Yang Nature of Immunity” by Dr. Daniel Weber. Dr. Weber discusses the need to have a balance approach to life. Otherwise, too much excess in each direction may cause immune imbalance to your overall health. Dr. Weber attended medical school at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and graduated in 1993 having 19 years experience. Additional Orthopedic Surgery training was conducted at University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers.

“Yin-Yang Symbol Kansas City 4-2-2012” by National Weather Center. This weather broadcast over Kansas City, Kansas U.S.A. was recorded on April 2, 2012. The weird anomaly was that the weather kept circulating the yin-yang symbol.

“I See You In Me And Me In You.” – by Thich That Nhat. Thich That Nhat is aVietnamese Buddhist Monk, Master Yogi, author, poet and peace activist who now lives in France where he was in exile for many years. Nhat is the author of “Jesus and Buddha as Brothers”, “Living Buddha, Living Christ”, “Transformation and Healing”, and many more. This lecture explains simply how the Yin-Yang symbol is representative of our oneness with one another and how we are all interconnected in this hologram. Everyone you interact with is just a reflective aspect of yourself. What you don’t like about them is what repressed issues you have about yourselves. Acceptance and forgiveness is the more harmonious way to transcend that and then decide what you want to do next in that relationship. Look in your heart to decide which solution or path resonates most peacefully and lovingly in your conscious heart. Sometimes, letting go with unconditional love is the best present solution, but the hardest as well.

“Secret of Brain Wave Vibration” by Ilchi Lee. Ilchi Lee discusses how the physical holographic projections we interact with are just different frequencies or radio waves occurring all the time in our life experiences. Our brain sends out to the universe different frequencies that match what resonates inside our hearts and consciousness. Finding balance and harmony in our lives is finding and resonating with the brain wave frequency that will tune your consciousness to the parallel reality and dimension that has the most joy and harmony to be self-aware in. If someone feels imbalance in their life, then there may be some repressed issue that has not been addresses and thus imbalance vibrations will project back to the creator YOU a series of situations to help show you what you need to find peace with in order to move forward to create a new vision from a solid foundation. Everything is energy and just self-projections. Play nice in the sand box.

“Forgiveness and Alpha Waves” and “Doorway to Divinity at the BioCyberNaut Institute” by Dr. James Hardt. Dr. Hardt has a brainwave training facility in Canada to help his clients learn to “forgive” and “let go” of repressed past issues with family, friends, and other love ones in order to help his clients reprogram themselves to STOP the cycle of negative thinking we have allowed ourselves to be “conditioned” to be, which causes a series of stress, anxiety, and depression related later medical diseases. It has been shown that transcendental meditation regardless if it is lucid dreaming, yoga, music, meditation, exercise, etc that when one reaches alpha states of consciousness that they can reprogram the matrix they live in. If anyone wants to have balance in their life, then it is essential to connect to the one over soul, god/goddess, universal consciousness through attaining the alpha state in your brain waves to reprogram and new dream to be experienced and thus match a new brain wave frequency that in sych with your new harmonious parallel reality.

“Changing the Dream” by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Use whatever meditation technique that is most comfortable and effective for you to get into the alpha state of brain waves and then change the dream you self-project outwards back to yourself to be experienced firsthand. You created it. You change it. Find that balance. Take responsibility.

“Evolution and Transcendence of the Self” by Dr. Rick Hansen. Dr.
Hansen is a brain wave researcher and has written “Buddha’s Brain”, and many more.

“From Ego to Awakening” by the Institute For Noetic Sciences. This is stubbornly simple. The most common thing in our own ways from having balance and peace in our inner being is our own EGOs. Your ego is a tool of your body so that you can have an individual experience aside from the collective experience. Give your ego a break. It was not design to do the hard work of manifestation, as it will likely create negative situations as it is out of balance with your heart and not in unity with universal consciousness. Your higher self/spirit is having a human experience. Therefore, your spirit knows the fastest and most harmonious way to manifest by directing your ego and mind using the largest organ in your body; your heart. A balance life will have harmony with you mind, body, and spirit. Your golden triangle. You’re the golden child. Be it!

“Intention Series” by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. When your inner being is in peace and you have balance in your core regarding anything, then you spirit will want to experience a new joyous experience. Now what? Where next? Once your spirit feels excitement in your heart toward a new venture in any NOW moment of your life, then your heart will tell you brain what it’s “intentions” are in order to manifest and physically work towards the new reality you want to experience. Intend it! Once you intent it, a series of synchronistic or opportunistic events will start to manifest one after another in front of you and you MUST start being in physical action in each opportunity taking baby steps and then bigger steps until you see yourself in the center of your original intended experience.
Abracadabra! You did it!
  • Von Galt