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Water Has Memory

Water Has Memory

Water Has Memory

Humans are 60% to 80% water and water has memory. Water expands when it cools and can expand under pressure as seen in seeds that reach 400 atmospheres at germination allowing it to break through asphalt. It’s the only substance on Earth that defies physics. It can exist in three states, liquid, solid, and gaseous. It has the highest surface tensions of all liquids, is the most powerful solvent on Earth, and how does it defy gravity to be able to rise through the trunks of trees. Science is continuing to strengthen their evidence that water has a memory. In lab experiments when drops of water from the same bottle were frozen, each molecule droplet solidified into unique shapes. When reunited with the whole, the droplets became the same molecular structures. This has major implications on our understanding of the unified field of a collective consciousness that is individually unique and one at the same time. Further research has shown that positive emotions of love, beauty, etc towards the water creates beautify healing properties seen in completed crystalline flakes. Negative feelings of hate, fear, separation, etc are seen in unformed water. Cases in history shows that water can act as a placebo for healing and a disease depending on the users view point of it showing water has memory as it doesn’t see separation when unified with other life forms made of water. So the question is, what positive emotions are to emitting into the water you drink?

To learn more about the alchemical properties of water and how the frequencies of either unconditional love and unity or separation and doomsday that you emit into your water gets sent back to you in the water you drink, please review the links below.

“Water Has Memory”

“Water the Great Mystery”

“Be Water My Friend” by Bruce Lee. Actor and Martial Arts Instructor.

“Dr. Emoto Earthdance Meassage” by Dr. Masuru Emoto, author of “Hidden Messages in Water”, “Shape of Love”, and many more. This is a great video explaining through cymatic experiments in water that the higher the frequency, the faster the vibrations and more complex the sacred geometric shape of the water molecule. This also shows the human DNA follows the same guidelines outlined in nature. Many people know that the Earth is changing and raising her frequency. This video shows how human emotions of the positive energy such as compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love are examples of higher vibrating frequencies that raise your cellular DNA vibration so you match the new frequencies of the Earth. Low vibrations of hatred, greed, doomsday, and separation using whatever constructs to justify such emotions will keep you at a low frequency as it has been shown in Dr. Emoto’s water experiments. It’s theorized that the human race is separating based on the frequencies individuals choose to emit and will be paired up with the matching frequency in parallel realities and dimensions.

“Words Have Frequencies That Affect Human Harmonics” by Jim Self. Feed yourself positive, loving "I am" verbal frequencies everyday.