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Torus Vortex

Torus Vortex

Torus Vortex

The TREE OF LIFE, KUNDALINI SERPENT, APPLE SHAPED TORUS VORTEX (black hole of the human dna), MARK OF THE 3RD EYE are aspects of the divine tools all humans have if they want to access the merkaba of expanded consciousness programmed in their bodies. In much older ancient cultures and esoteric wisdom traditions, it represents the same knowledge. That knowledge is that the tree of life are the human chakras and if align properly through meditation and emotional balancing techniques goes to form a sacred geometric form of a funnel/apple shaped torus vortex, which is the black hole of the human body that form up to the pineal gland of the brain that is shaped like a pine cone, which then opens up vesica piscis of your esoteric spiritual 3rd eye that opens up into an expanded consciousness of parallel realities, dimensions, and 6th senses. Suppressing this knowledge through conditioning fear in the masses who are unaware of this ancient knowledge have been tactics to get the masses to manifest a dogmatic empire of power that grows in wealth while the masses are unaware that their beliefs held in their consciousness is manifesting their individual and collective reality in this holographic matrix we share. Spreading the illusions of separation have been tactics to deter people who are unaware of this knowledge from realizing their true nature and potential in order to have servitude through conditioning fear. The Tree of Life has shown up in many spiritual traditions and mythology as far back as ancient Egypt, Assyrian, Sumerian, Zoroastrian, ancient China, Hinduism, Buddhism, ancient Mayan, Judaism, and Kabbalah to name a few.

There’s a variety of emotional balancing techniques to maintain a healthy merkaba, which is necessary. Balancing the polarity of your emotions by always choosing the most loving option maintains the flow of unified energy. Each moment where you feel heightened emotions, be aware of the duality of the two opposing emotions such as hate and love. Always try to choose the most loving emotional decision, which has more unified manifestation potential in synch with the synchronicity of the universe. Choosing to align and follow the chronic events of negative emotions and the decisions that follow negativity will always lead to more havoc and destruction as such negative emotions are not designed to unify, but rather divide and be reflectors of duality so you can see both decisions and decide what resonates with your true nature. Human’s true nature is unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and respect to name a few of the positive emotions of higher consciousness that doesn’t get sucked into the karmic cycle developed through a dharma cycle of duality consciousness (good/bad, right/wrong, etc). The symbol of polarity/duality consciousness of expanded enlightenment is the spiritual 3rd eye on the forehead with the caduceus.

The misinterpretation in fear based mythology of Adam and Eve who ate from the apple offered by the serpent in the tree of life is not good as it will lead to having the mark of the beast has deterred people from accessing their divine powers of ascension and expands their consciousness to keep them from honing in their spiritual 6th senses and thus not controllable anymore. Without people in servitude to focus their creative powers of manifestation in this hologram into a dogmatic organization, the regime would lose support to flourish on the blinded faith of mass consciousness, which is unaware of their divine nature of manifestation through their emotions and beliefs/thoughts. Full acceptance of your divine self, oneness with universal consciousness, and balance of emotions are necessary basic functions to activate the pineal gland. Self-hating and believing in the illusion of separation from others, and turning the most sacred knowledge in many ancient traditions around the world have been tactics to fool the masses. There is no original sin. Original sin is a construct to self hate yourself so that you never get to “know thyself” as equal to others now and in history and never fully realize you are a fractal reflection of divine source energy to see that God is and has always been inside you and everyone else. You and everyone are gods or ascended masters in amnesia when you choose to incarnate here. What would be the point of the test if you already knew the answers? God with a big “G” for the big kahuna and god with a “g” for the rest of us as we grow. The journey through the experience of forgetfulness is to see what you are made of and if you can follow the internal compass inside back home to nirvana or universal consciousness to zero point (infinity). We are all born good natured; it is through social conditioning that we learn to self hate, prejudice, stereotypes, etc. We all can make this journey in the spirit world, but it is faster if we incarnate through the veil of forgetfulness. We just need to remember. Much of this knowledge has been kept safe in Coptic, esoteric wisdom traditions, and in plain sight depicted in artworks of ancient temples around the world in a variety of ancient cultures alive today and lost over time for many thousands of years.

The trunk of the tree of life symbolizes the spine and the branches represent the 144,000 nadis that circulate the chi life/kundalini force of consciousness connected to the spirit world. The serpent seen in the caduceus used both by the American Medical Association and in Veterinary medicine represents the kundalini force connected to the angels of the spirit world represented by the wings. It’s mystical concept alluding to the interconnectedness of all life on our planet and a metaphor for the connection of humans to the spirit world through consciousness. It’s believed people can connect to the Tree of Life in the human form through the chakra system as a vessel of the merkaba of ascension and connection to the cosmic tree of the spirit world, which has a sacred space design like the Tree of Life as do the universe. Merkaba means a light energy field that will take spirit and body into higher dimensions through consciousness or traveling at the speed of light/thought. Mer (light), ka (spirit), and ba (body) are the breakdown of the meaning of the word. Often the Tree of Life is represented in ancient artworks from various traditions to accompany a metaphoric snake that represents the movement of consciousness of the individual along the different chakras, knowledge of the different traits of divinity in the Tree of Life point systems, and connecting to the angels stationed at different points of the Tree of Life through focusing our intentions on the chakra points in our bodies. These points can also be referred to as dimensions separated by frequency of consciousness.

According to the beliefs, the Tree of Life and the chakra systems are the only reference points. One must attain the knowledge on their own by passing the spiritual requirement ordained by the angels in the spirit world to be able to fully teleport through your consciousness. Studying and embracing the knowledge isn’t the same as applying it as part of one’s being. It’s believed that there’s no cheat sheet. You must be able to find a meditation technique that will help balance your inner self, be self aware enough to distinguish between duality of emotions, and raise your cellular sine wave frequency in order to be able to maintain the level of consciousness needed to make such connections. Lower vibrating beings are too unstable to making this connection unless they start using best practices to raise their vibration by releasing negative emotions through forgiveness or transcending them. Each emotional decision has a positive and negative aspect in any given situation. Choosing to align yourself to the positive is choosing the higher vibration in manifestation and therefore propels one to a more harmonious sequence of events as the higher vibrations unify instead of separate as aligning with negative emotions do.

Even Dr. John Dee of the 16th century who claimed to be able to connect to the angels to be given the Enochian Alphabet or Language of Angels that communicate through time and space mentions the angels had to squeeze him to condense his consciousness so he can maintain the frequency to hold enough consciousness to use the systems he asked to learn. More recently, the Enochian Alphabet and the Book of Enoch have been used to derive Abha Torus Vortex based math that’s being engineered by volunteers who’s trying to translate it into a commercial scale to generate free, clean energy fueled by non-local consciousness. The movement of consciousness up along the chakras to the crown chakra is the kundalini serpent represented in the Tree of Life. Again, the coined term “serpent” is an allegory to represent the movement of consciousness along different points along the Chakra system and tree. The coiling of the serpent is often referred to as the “Golden Spiral”, which can be seen as the condensing of the chakras to create and activate the apple shaped black hole vortex and has a double meaning to also represent the double helix coil of the human DNA. A five pointed star is the merkaba in the body, which can be seen in the Star of David with the two triangles intersecting making a 5 point star of the human form. In some traditions, some fruits are used to represent the 5 point star of the merkaba. Apples cut open has a five point star in it making it the perfect fruit of sin for mythology. The shape of the black hole vortex of the human aura is also shaped like a apple. It’s believed that there is a light serpent guided by the higher self and dark serpent guided by the ego. When someone lives with their mind only and not their heart, then they are living with the ego serpent as compared to the light serpent, which lives with the heart guiding the decisions of the mind. The "Tree of Life" predates Judeo/Christianity by thousands of years.

Unfortunately, this most sacred symbol in many, many ancient civilizations and indigenous traditions, which represents healing at all levels has been heinously blasphemed and corrupted to represent the story of Adam and Eve and scare people into not tapping into their divine consciousness through the Tree of Life and chakra system inherent in their DNA. The story of the Tree of Life is as fascinating in ancient mythology and modern traditions, but all pointing to the same original meanings no matter the reference source throughout the world. The basic meaning is that humans are reflections of divine source energy manifested in the physical and will always be connected to the spirit world. People just need to look within to tap into their own wisdom and ask for guidance from their angels at times. Are you getting it? Isn’t time to come out of the fear-conditioned shell into the light and join the rest of humanity in peace as we all evolve together?

Please review the videos below to learn more about the universal Tree of Life, Kundalini serpent, and the black hole torus vortex shaped like an apple.

“Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden”. This video covers similar stories covering a wide variety of spiritual traditions from Kabbalah, Western Europeans alchemy symbols in pagan traditions, Tantra, Mayan, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and various agnostic Christian gospels to name a few. It also covers the meanings of the Tree of Life in the body and the chakra system. As well as demystify the meanings behind bible stories as allegories that symbolize more complex mystic concepts and clarifies misconceptions that have been used for propaganda to control the masses. A more complete understanding can be gain when one goes beyond the comforts of their traditions and understands the true meaning of the tree of life, apple, and kundalini serpent of eastern esoteric traditions. The goddess energy in women and men has been suppressed through manipulation in order to dogmatize people into servitude by conditioning their beliefs in order to manifest the desire reality for those in power in this shared hologram. Everything we experience individually and collectively begins with the beliefs we have about ourselves and others and if someone wants to control the projections that comes back as experiences, then they would target the belief constructs in this matrix.

“Kabbalah: Tree of Life” (1/2) by Christine Schiavone and Stephen Popiotek. Here Stephen goes over the meanings of the Tree of Life in the body and how juncture points in the body represents a location to different archangel systems in the spirit world and how we may be able to connect to those systems using our own advance consciousness through 1st awakening into unity consciousness as a basic requirement for spiritual awareness. Stephen speaks about the Earth ascending into the 5th dimension and two more points will be added to the Tree of Life that is unknown as his thinks the spirit world is expanding as much of humanity ascends into the golden era fueled by unity consciousness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_603OiA21E&feature=endscreen&NR=1

“Tree of Life” by Wikipedia.

“Caduceus as a Medical Symbol” defined by Wikipedia. Historically referred to as Greek mythology symbol in the reference to wisdom that’s linked lineage as far back as ancient civilizations of the Fertile Crescent. It’s depicted as two serpents of duality leading to angel wings.

“Power of Every Hour” by Gerhard H. Eggetsberger, PhD. Dr. Eggetsberger is a biochemist and technical head of the Institute for Applied Biocybernetics and Feedback Research, in Vienna. Dr. Eggetsberger offers his ebook for free to the public as a download so that everyone can benefit from harnessing their life force commonly understood as “Kundalini Energy” or “Chi/Prana” in which he scientifically proved exists inside each and every living thing and human. The human chakra system or crystalline flow of consciousness linked to the unified field of universal consciousness is real and beaming from inside each person on Earth unbiased of long held religious separation. We are one and each a unique split reflection of source energy having unique experiences individually and also collectively. In light of Dr. Eggetsberger’s findings and so many more consciousness research findings that substantiate indigenous, ancient esoteric beliefs of universal spirituality, many religious institutions around the world is challenged to adapt to universal spirituality with fractal religious heritages or loss relevance in modern mystic beliefs.

“How to Open Your Sacral Chakras” by Carol Tuttle.

“The Seven Chakra Meaning Decoded” by Carol Tuttle.

“Double Torus Dynamic” by Thrive Movement and Nassim Haramein, Physicist. This gives a brief understanding on how black holes work and it functions exactly like the black holes formed in the human aura vortex, which have been understood as the apple shape of the human aura when fully healthy by Heartmath Institute. We are also learning that the torus structure creates equilibrium of circulating unlimited energy fueled by non-local universal consciousness from our study of Archangel Metatron’s sacred geometry where the flower of life structure has been understood through mapping out sound wave pathways in the pyramids. Our understanding of sacred geometry has been pulled from understanding metaphyics in Buddhist doctrines and mandala artworks from indigenous traditions left in ancient temples like the Mayans, Sumerian, and the Egyptians to name a few.

“Flower of Life” by Thrive Movement and Nassim Haramein, Physicist. This video quickly illustrates how The Flower of Life mandala artwork isn’t a flat image of a flower, but a sophisticated math formula coding a 3D structure of sacred geometry of 64 points that creates a black hole of unlimited clean energy that can be harness through technology. The flower of life form is the top view of an apple shaped black hole vortex as seen in the human aura vortex shape, which follows the 64 condones, in human DNA.

“Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields” by Nassim Haramein, Quantum Physicist. This presentation gives a complete understanding of the math and lab experiments to show how the unified field was completed out of study of sacred geometry from the last remaining documents that hasn’t been destroyed, but saved for thousands of years in remote Buddhist monasteries and other ancient artworks from Sumerian and Egyptian temples to name a few. Watching this complete presentation will show how science was been able to apply a math formula to prove the unified field is accurate and that human dna harnesses a black hole inside it. Science learned about the universe and black holes through understanding that everything out there is mirror reflection of human dna.

“Sacred Geometric Merkabah Visual Aids” by Free Spirit. This is a brief video of visual aids, but you can create your own through painting it like I have in mandalas like many indigenous cultures have such as Buddhists, Native Americans, Pagans, Mayans, and many more. You can get the blueprints through an online search to make your own, you can draw sacred geometric mandalas, or just imagine them in your head. If you want one pre-made, then Free Spirit does a great job providing them completed.

“If An Electron Can Be At Two Places At The Same Time, Why Can’t You?” by Discover Magazine. This is a basic understanding of the scientific discoveries that dumbfound quantum physicists when they discovered that sub-atomic particles of atoms can exist in two different places at the same time, why they vibrate, and move through matter showing in the atomic world of physics parallel realities do exists, are separated by some kind of frequency that may explain why atoms vibrate like energy particles, and there are multiple versions of the same exact atom having different experiences. The question now is: Since humans are made of atoms, why can’t we be self-aware of the different parallel realities? What separates these realities from each other? How do humans vibrate energetically in this hologram? Are there vortexes that connect theses realities? Can we consciously experience other realities through choosing to be self aware in a certain reality over the others? Can humans overcome physicality and consciously manipulate solid forms like bend spoons or walk through walls like sub-atomic particles? And many more. These discoveries are enticing scientists to look again at the ancient understandings of parallel realities in the metaphysic teachings in Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Taoism, and many more indigenous beliefs about our weird holographic world.

“Aaron O’ Connell: Making Sense of a Visible Quantum Object” by TED Speaks. Here. Aaron speaks to the TED audience about the concept of humans being in two realities at the same time to have different experiences. That it’s not an imagined possibility, but it exists. We just don’t know how to do it or why atoms and people exist in parallel realities. This new frontier of quantum mechanics is further being explored as we move forward together in unified consciousness to understand our oneness with each other and our own divinity in how we create and manifest our own and collective reflective projections to be experienced.

To learn more about sub-atomic particles behavior, please Google it for a wide variety of papers and online presentations from various research facilities and university studies around the world.

“Buddhism and Quantum Physics: A Strange Parallel of Two Concepts of Reality” by Christian Thomas Kohl. Author Kohl discusses the scientific findings that show we exists in parallel realities and the speculation that we choose to be self aware of the reality we are in as it’s easier to focus on one at a time. He discusses the metaphysics of quantum mechanics/physics and how it gets closer to mirroring the ancient findings already mentioned 2500 years ago in Buddhism and much older Puranas text in Hinduism. Purana’s in Hindu spiritual texts discuss an infinite number of universes with its own planets, people, and Gods. We experience the reality in matching vibration to our own consciousness and we jump around often not knowing how we are unconsciously changing our reality.

“Multiverse” by Professor and Nobel Prize Winner in Physics (1979), Steven Weinberg. "There are hundreds of different radio waves being broadcast all around you from distant stations. However if you turn on a radio, you can listen to only one frequency at a time; these other frequencies are not in phase with each other. Each station has a different frequency, a different energy. As a result, your radio can only be turned to one broadcast at a time. Likewise, in our universe we are tuned into the frequency that corresponds to physical reality. But there are an infinite number of parallel realities coexisting with us in the same room, although we cannot tune into them."-Steven Weinberg.

“Full Spectrum Human” by Tobias Lars. Some good tips on how to be an enlightened human, using your rainbow light body, and merkaba. ET’s are not the leading edge experience. They just have better toys and been in the game longer. An enlightened spiritual and fully activated spirit in the human is a leading edge experience.

“Quantum Jumping” by Burt Goldman. Burt Goldman has been quantum jumping parallel realities for over 30 years. He claims he has done from his early studies with the Hindu yogi Maharishi Mahesh who through his associations with various university studies reintroduced to the world “transcendental meditation” to get into alpha brain waves that change the individual and collective experience as studied under lab experiences. He has clarified the basic principles of jumping parallel realities in a easy to understand, non-religious manner so anyone who wants to know how the use their consciousness to jump can. The program seems like a self help metaphysical mystic life experience, but in essence that’s how you jump realities through your consciousness. Burt discusses finding some form of meditation to get into the alpha state, deprogramming your social conditioning, letting go and forgiving the past regrets that hold you down in the present unwanted reality, and changing the picture to link up with the matching frequency of the YOU in the reality you want to be present in 1st hand. Physical life is a spiritual journey in this hologram and knowing how to move through it makes the ride more enjoyable. There’s still pot holes in each reality, but you can choose to plant yourself in the reality and version of you that you best resonate within.

How to use your emotions & heart as a tool to jump parallel realities:
We all live in a series of NOW moments that are pivotal that can relate to be a fork in the road. In each pivotal moment, there is a series of choices you can make. After getting all the information regarding any situation you are dealing with and analyzing your FEELINGS regarding each decision. You can use your logic to think about the different decisions on how you want to move forward in your relationship to that situation or person(s). You can also use your human EMOTIONS as tools to decide what resonates inside you regarding what kinds of synchronistic events you may experience if you choose one decision over how you will react over another decision. Along with using your emotions as a tool to decide the next parallel reality you want to experience firsthand, you should also use your heart (gut/intuition) to check to see if the decision you choose resonates and feels good in your heart. If the decision you make feels like you‘re going against your heart resonance, then you should explore your options further before making a decision if you can. Your heart is the largest and greatest organ in your physical body that creates the largest torus frequency around your body. It is the energetic vessel that will carry your body of light into the next self-projected reality. Your mind is a logic tool to allow for your individual experience. It can be seen as a tool of the ego to be able to have individual experiences such as being the control room. Your heart is the engine room that has the largest weigh and most critical for ensuring a smooth ride. And your spirit or higher self is the captain guiding your mind and checking with your heart and emotions to make sure this next self-projected reality is truly what you want or need to experience next. Once your mind and spirit feels good about your intended reality you want to experience next, then use your body and put it on motion in a series of baby steps towards manifesting that new reality of life you want to experience. The baby steps will be bigger steps and slowly the big picture you intended and have been working towards will be the new manifested physical reality or life you slowly worked towards. This is how we manifest into a new parallel reality. Everything you experience in this hologram began with a belief and thought you had about yourself and others. You cannot change others. You can only change your perspectives and your own actions. By changing you through accepting others as they are, forgiving repressed issues you were involved in somehow, and loving them unconditionally, you propel yourself into a parallel reality in matching frequency to that which you are. Everyone and everything external have changed because you moved into another reality. Some who are self-aware will know what you are talking about, but most will not as they are subconsciously asleep in that reality, whereas you are awakened and know how to use your merkaba to have the best life you desire to manifest. Your wish is your command. You are the god or goddess of your own reality, which is the greatest gift that source energy/ universal consciousness gave you from your conception as a new self-reflected light form. Be good to yourself and don’t die with the music still inside you. Live your life to the best you can be instead of living a life directed by the holographic self-projections/mirrors you created to help you make decisions in each pivotal NOW moment. It has been said some people can see what lies ahead on the road if one were to make a certain decision and what lies ahead to be experience if one were to make the alternate decision. These roads are parallel realities all existing simultaneously. Your spirit will be self-aware in the reality you choose to experience after making that pivotal decision. “Everything you experience is a REFLECTION of how you feel inside” –Buddha (500 BC). In Hinduism, they call jumping parallel realities as “Puranas”. By choosing the decision that makes you most happy and has the highest emotional frequency, you then propel yourself into another parallel reality with the same people, but with the synchronistic events and characteristics (people) that vibrate at that higher, more harmonious reality. A caveat is that some people you remember may not exist in your new reality because the frequency of the new reality may be too foreign to them and cannot resonate that frequency to be present there. You should not remember them, but if you do, then don’t be surprised if everyone there doesn’t know what or who you’re talking about. The relationships we have with our love ones are the best way that is non-physical that provides the best opportunity to expand one’s consciousness and increase your vibrations. I think if more people choose the higher frequency, then they also will manifest a collective experience in harmony with the Earth and manifest a self-projected reality that’s also in balance and harmony. A world of emotionally dysfunctional people can affect the Earth harshly to manifest a destructive Earth and self-destruct amongst themselves too. I believe life is not always easy and God/source energy will give you only what you can handle one at a time, but the physical life experience is the fastest way to expand your consciousness. Another caveat is that some higher vibrating beings will choose to incarnate in the physical because they enjoy the act of creating physicality. They enjoy the experience of watching a flower bloom or children grow, etc. I hope this helps clarify to others how to jump parallel realities using your consciousness/merkaba in this holographic reality we self-project. I know I love all my love ones unconditionally, accept and respect their decisions, and try my best to make the highest decision for me as I can only control what I do. Often I know I have moved into a new parallel reality when people behave different than before, when certain circumstances have changed that I don’t remember ever experiencing, but everyone else remembers that such as someone is alive whereas I remember they passed on in the other previous reality I was self-aware in, certain details have changed such as some peoples eye color changed, such as seeing something there for the 1st time and having no recollection it previously existed, etc. The keys are always trying to choose the decision that has the highest vibrations which are unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, etc. Try to use your emotions as a tool to decide what resonates inside you and choose the higher vibrating frequency. Life can be hell if all you choose is the lowest frequency in each pivotal NOW moment you’re self-aware in. These are indications to me that I have jumped realities. I hope that helps everyone looking to find knowledge how to jump parallel realities using their merkaba. Good luck and God/Goddes speed always.

All energy medicine is linked to the human chakra system and the unified field or force of universal consciousness.

Energy Medicine Resources:

“Biomeridian Technology” by Innovative Health Technology. This machine measures the acupuncture points in the hands and feet that emit energy to measure the human energy field a.k.a. human aura or torus vortex as believed by many esoteric traditions regarding the human chakra system that begins from the heart torus field out into the other torus fields of other chakras into one big torus field around the body that has been measured through the HeartMath Institute regarding magnetic fields emitted from the heart to communicate with others and in measuring of impending heartfelt events from mass consciousness to predict major events hours prior to them happening through measuring the magnetic frequencies of the heart chakras at Princeton University’s Global Consciousness Project. Neuroplasticity or brain research has found that the brain also emits a smaller torus field, but not to the magnitude of the heart, which has also been depicted for ages in many spiritual artworks around the world accompanied by the human aura vortex. This human torus has always been portrayed in many indigenous spiritual artworks through depictions of the human torus as our individual merkaba’s designed like the sacred geometric shapes of Metatron’s cube of oneness in the Sri Yantra, Star of David, and Flower of Life, which are all the same thing. Measuring a patient’s health through reading the energy patterns shows that the human form is a hologram in the matrix and information is stored in the human energy field as practiced through energy medicine in the East and now in the West. In essence, we are all energy and a healthy torus field indicates a healthy immune system against diseases and break down of the body over time. What the machine does is measure the frequencies emitting from the patient and compares the notes to registered frequency rates in a healthy human’s energy reading to diagnose any issues in someone’s immune system and organs. Different frequencies in the holographic body will say if someone is prone to heart disease and many other dis-eases. This also suggests that causes of immune deficiency may steam from stress caused from emotional imbalance. It is fascinating how modern medicines are becoming more Star Trek and metaphysical in conception to help us all live enlightened lives in the physical. At this rate, death may someday be a choice as we learn more about our holographic reality and ourselves.

“Matrix Energetics” by Dr. Richard Bartlett and Matrix Energetics. Another resource for learning how to do quantum healing with your fingertips. Focuses on teaching children and their families how to do it to heal themselves and others. There’s nothing religious about it. We all have the God/Goddess/source consciousness within each of us unbiased and all we have to do it tap into the force and pull some of that energy out. Matter is just a delusion of the mind. We create matter. We can all heal ourselves and each other on a quantum level.

“Reconnective Healing” by Dr. Eric Pearl. Here’s another resource in quantum healing that anyone can learn to do on themselves or others through tapping into the force of universal consciousness. Matter is created in the mind. We live in the matrix and everything is interconnected. This is why anyone can heal with quantum healing techniques.

“Quantum Entrainment” by Dr. Frank Kinslow. And another doctor teaching the public how to tap into the force of the unified field of consciousness in this matrix to conduct quantum healing.

“Energetics of Healing” (1/10) by Caroline Myss, PhD. This is a complete presentation to understand how our chakra system functions and how it is linked to our bio-energy field (aura) that manifests in physical ailments. Caroline goes over many people’s fear of self-healing, forgiveness and our attraction to staying in pain and suffering. We are energy and we have a bio-energy field that can be healed through connecting to the force field of universal consciousness and an oneness with all things in this matrix. Nothing is separate. You are not separate from others either. She urges us to completely heal our self and social conditioning to feel attracted to suffering to get attention we get when in pain. We all deserve better and it starts with each of us alone.