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Sacred Space & Ley Lines

Sacred Space & Ley Lines

Sacred Space & Ley Lines

SACRED SPACE & LEY LINES is any space that has been dedicated to a sacred purpose and has been used by many spiritual traditions around the world in an effort to commune with God and the spirit world in the physical dimension. In architecture, a balance of harmonics in synergy with the spirit world is achieved through designing a space or building in the proportions of Archangel Metatron’s sacred geometry. In Asia, Feng Shui is the tool used to redesign any space into the harmonics that allow for easy flow of Chi/Prana energy of the spirit world to help with abundance. The Free Masons factored in sacred geometry by designing many of their buildings in the layout of the Tree of Life form with an alchemical river flowing under or by the building to help connect to the spirit world. Before the Hindus erect any type of building, they construct a square from establishing due East and West. Then they lay out the entire building. In Buddhism, the temple of Buddha is often designed in mandalas as a square that leads up to a suggestive pyramid with various sacred geometric cubes of the 3D image of the Flower of Life or Metatron’s five-pointed star as commonly known in Judaism as the Star of David. The ancient Egyptians used regular polygons in their construction. Many sacred spaces follow the sacred geometry outlined in Archangel Metatron’s proportions, which include nature and water. No matter the culture, sacred geometry is used to design sacred space for homes, buildings, etc. to invite the spirit world to bless such spaces with grace. Even in the study of architecture, many traditions have alluded to the interconnectiveness of the ONE unified consciousness of the universe. The stubborn nature of some human institutions has tried to avoid making such knowledge of Metatron’s sacred geometry of oneness known publicly, but have subliminally used it to try to connect to the spirit world. If you want to commune with the spirit world that’s available anytime to help you if you ask, then see about making your home a sacred space using Metatron’s proportions. The links below offer a wealth of information regarding Archangel Metatron’s sacred geometry in sacred spaces. Check ‘em out!

The links below offer more information regarding harmonics in sacred space seen all over the world.

“Founder of Ley Lines: Sir Alfred Watkins” by Wikipedia. Sir Alfred Watkins discovered ley lines in 1921. He discovered that threw dowsing techniques he can map out the magnetic field lines on the Earth. He found sacred monuments often resided along these energy grid paths on the Earth and that the axis points along the sacred pathways often had large abundance of energy like a vortex. He had such spiritual experiences at an axis point near Stonehenge by his home during his business travels. His work was able to show that the Earth functions like energy lines that follow sacred geometry patterns and when put together represents a Sphere that has energy grids that move in a “wheel within wheels” design as depicted in many ancient texts around the world.

“The Practical Magic of Sacred Space”. This video does an excellent job explaining how pagan traditions lasted and shows up in the architecture of the Free Masons in building of religious churches throughout Europe in the shape of Archangel Metatron’s sacred geometry and in the form of the Tree of Life in order to have the harmonics necessary to connect to the spirit world for those to have a connection to universal consciousness of oneness. Many indigenous traditions through out history such as Buddhist, Hindu, Celtic, Kabbalah, etc have always believed in the oneness of all life in this hologram. Some religious beliefs avoid speaking about Archangel Metatron’s work and message of oneness in sacred geometry in the creation of all life with God as it would unite all religious traditions and take power away from such institutions. The Free Mason’s coded such knowledge of Metatron’s work left over from Gnostic Christianity, which have parallels to other much more ancient traditions into all their architecture. For others, it just resonates with their bodies, but only so far depending on how light their heart is. Fascinating.

"The Practical Magic of Sacred Space" by Freddy Silva and the book, "Secrets in the Fields".

“Chartres Cathedral: Sacred Geometry” (1/5)

“Feng Shui Style” by HGTV. Here’s some quick tips from HGTV to redecorate your home into a sacred space that will commune with the spirit world to bring in some good fortune. A home in harmonics are also believed to have healing properties to our psychology.

“Sacred Geometry in Building” by John Koch, Sacred Geometry Architect.

“Sacred Spaces and Sacred Places” by Geoffrey Simmons, PhD. at the University of Calgary.

“Geometry in Art & Architecture: Polygons, Tilings, & Sacred Geometry” by Dartmouth University.

“Sacred Places” by Tiffiney Whitmire at Sweet Briar College.

“Holistic House Plans” by Michael Rice. Bio-architect of sacred geometry in design of homes.

Seattle is 1st modern city that is designed to build power systems and parks along Earth’s magnetic ley lines to create a sacred space similar to the magnetic's in Stone Henge and other ancient sites around the world that build in sync with the harmonics of physical dimension with the spirit world. The practice of ley lines are following the natural sacred geometric energy patterns in which prana/chi/holy ghost/spirit energy moves along. Creating a space in harmonics with this natural energy patterns is believed to bring abundance and good blessings from the spirit world. Finding these natural sacred geometric points of convergence is often found threw dowsing rods or magnetic field detectors. Seattle was a good candidate for the ley line project as it also was close to the Puget Sound, which is a water source. Water passing through the sacred space is believed to be alchemical in communication with the spirit world. The Geo Group created the Seattle Ley Line Project in 1987, an artwork commissioned and funded by the Seattle Arts Commission. Seattle is the first city in America - possibly the first modern city anywhere - to have its ley lines located and mapped. Sacred places located all over the world are generally located over various Earth energies. These electromagnetic fields of energy emanating from the Earth have the capability to improve the well-being of people as well as the Earth as a whole. One of our goals is to identify the presence of all kinds of Earth energies and work in harmony with the Earth Spirit to improve the flow of these energies. In later years, the ley line project has connected to Portland and San Francisco to link up the harmonics along the west coast. These three cities are believed to share similar traits in the population's affinity to oneness with nature and new age mysticism of the ancient past. Hey, maybe that’s why Seattlelites are so organic and hippy. Its purpose was to:

* Identify and map the major ley lines and ley-line power centers within the City of Seattle using dowsing techniques.
* Design and build a series of environmental artworks that will be used to mark and enhance the ley-line energy.


“Earth Sanctuary” by eco-artist Chuck Pettis. In conjunction with the ley lines project to map out Seattle and King County with the harmonics of sacred space to be in sync with the spirit world to help keep our city in tune with Mother Earth, Chuck developed this 72-acre nature reserve and meditation parkland on Whidbey Island in the State of Washington in the US. It is designed like Stonehenge with dowsing massive stones in the park.