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Parallel Reality or Mandela Effect?

Parallel Reality or Mandela Effect?
JUMPING PARALLEL REALITIES. PARALLEL REALITIES are the projected outcome of using the human MERKABA through expanding your consciousness to travel to matching frequencial realities. It’s believed that the past, present, future, and various parallel realities all exists in the NOW and if you want to be there, then all you need to learn to do is match the frequency of that reality. PARALLEL REALITIES & UNIVERSES is a theory that there is a MIRROR universe and when one makes a decision in this universe, an alternate 'you' in the other universe makes the opposite decision. In esoteric traditions, the last judgment is really where you see all decisions you could’ve made manifest, have a life review of the path you were self-ware in, and experience all points of views and emotions through the eyes of you and all those you interacted with. In essence, there’s no judgment, just understanding. What one does with that knowledge in the spirit world or if they choose to incarnate again to learn about themselves through the human experience of forgetfulness to see how they evolve through choices in free will is between them and their life planners, guides, angels, and the rest of the divine order. Some may even those to damn themselves cause they can’t forgive themselves by going through the left door instead of the right door after re-entrance where they will be rehabilitated and cleansed of negative energy before reunited with the whole again. Since they have forever, they can sit and ponder forever until they find the courage to make amends and work with the divine order to chart out a new course for their evolution and conscious expansion either as a physical incarnate or in the spirit world. For example, if one wanted to learn forgiveness, then another would have to agree to do something in which forgiveness can be granted. If such negative acts were never created, the originator of the request would not get the opportunity to exercise forgiveness and expand their consciousness from that level. This is a very hard concept for constructs of a very black and white, good and bad nature to understand. There’s no pit that’s any worst than self-criticism. Fortunately, there’s a vast amount of professionals in the spirit world to help such incarnate spirits. These defining life moments are heavily weighed and analyzed before incarnating. Universal consciousness is all loving and won’t punish young souls for eternity for making some bad mistakes in one lifetime of forgetfulness. When incarnating into physicality, we all live in a parallel reality and everything and everyone are self-reflected mirrors to help decide what emotionally resonates within through such dichotomy (contrast).Seeing flickers of light are the projections of moments in a reality designed by you and your consciousness. Frame per frame. Like arranging a picture one piece at a time. You decide each aspect one at a time through the contrasting emotions you decide to resonate with.
Being in unison of your higher self (spirit) and self aware of your ego (your avatar’s being, which is just self reflectors) are important in the manifestation process. Each person has charted a variety of time lines, but free will in the emotional NOW moments projects the matching reality into your experience. Your ego was never meant to lead the life process as it was intended to allow you individuality for conscious expansion. Let your higher self, the higher mind bring you what resonates in your heart in the order of synchronized events because your higher self is in touch with the universal mind and knows the fastest, most efficient way to manifest. Having expectations in the order and ways in which things need to manifest are second guessing and allowing the ego mind to be in control which won’t know the greater reality. Your ego was meant to self organize the ship’s crew by working the factory of the body and the mind, but your higher self that’s in touch with the universal mind has all the navigation coordinates and is meant to captain that ship. Being in sync with the mind, body, and spirit means being in unison with your higher self that guides the ego along the life experience. Everything moves through you like standing in a holographic studio and having the cars pass by you, which gives you the feeling of movement. Body, mind, spirit must be in unison of the vibration of the reality you resonate with.

One who is self-aware travels through parallel realities by being conscious of their emotional intelligence in each moment in the HERE and NOW. Life is a series of NOW moments ALWAYS. There is no future and no past. We only live in the NOW always. Frame per frame, these parallel realities are so small that most people aren’t aware they are projecting themselves from one parallel reality and dimension to another each now moment until something out of the ordinary jumps out at them such as someone dear in their lives all the sudden has a new personality or eye color. Based on the frequency one emits from inside them, they can experience a higher reality in harmony and balance or a lower vibrating reality in contrasting rifts that matches the negative destructive emotions that match the frequency of such reality. This is why emotional intelligence or self-mastery of our emotions is important in manifestation and each moment we have the free will to choose, that which resonates comfortably within us. Emotions and free will are unique attributes to the human experience. As incarnate spirits having a human experience through embodying human avatars, we can’t rid our negative destructive emotions as they serve as reflectors to show us what we are feeling at that moment to allow us to decide if it resonates with our nature or not. Without such emotions, we won’t be able to see the contrast and have choices to exercise out free will. These divine gifts allow us to grow and expand our consciousness throughout the galaxies and the spirit world. It’s not that others have changed; it’s you that have changed your consciousness that now you vibrate at a frequency that matches that parallel reality in which clone copies of you and everyone else exists. Your higher self is just NOW self aware in this new avatar of yours.

In wisdom traditions such as Tao and Buddhism as in many other traditions, self-mastery of negative destructive emotions is key to the human experience. Again, our negative destructive emotions and our ego are human tools that serve to REFLECT back to us to decide what do you want to do now? Continuing to exercise the most unconditionally loving and respectful emotional decision is the quickest way to by pass this mini test. Not everyone needs to synchronize a long, lengthy period of sucky events to learn the lesson that experience offers. Even many Buddhists have a hard time with self-mastery. These lessons are often told in allegorical stories, but the Buddhist tradition just speaks about them directly. Such emotions such as fear, hatred, delusion, attachment, and desire are the most common negative emotions that serve as reflectors to the self to see and decide if it resonates as something they want to vibrate with to project that matching reality or not to manifest the alternate reality. Our natural state is always joyous and loving, which is why it always feels bad when we do negative things to others and ourselves cause they are you. There is only ONE. We are all choosing new frequencies each NOW moment and large defining moments signified by intense emotions are those defining moments, which project you to drastic experiences. If one were to tell another that he/she hates them, then the other would likely have a adverse reaction, which is reflecting back to the original commentator a defining moment to decide if that resonates truthfully or not within. If the original commentator feels comfortable with that comment about that person, then they will move to the next frame of manifestation to project out to the universe that vibration so that synchronicity projects back a series of events that follow that rift until they completely part ways or resolve such differences in which a new unifying higher vibration manifests a new series of synchronized events in which a reality that strengths the relationship manifest and grows. We are all making these vibrational choices through our powerful emotions every NOW moment, but becoming self aware of them allows us to be more control of what realities we want to experience.

We’re already enlightened. We just need to remove the conditioning that have been veils of illusion and walls we have allowed to surround us from our own divinity and unlimited potential. Raising your frequency in the NOW is just seeing more of the reality already everywhere and being excited about it. We’re all constantly shifting realities through each emotional vibration that resonates within us. Each time we choose the most loving and positive outlooks, then we are matching the frequency of the reality that is in synch with the chosen vibration. If one is constantly negative and hurtful, then they will manifest negative hurtful events and people as compared to the opposite vibration that attracts loving and positive experiences and people. If you don’t love yourself and others as reflections of you, then the universe will continue to manifest people and situations that will project back to you your perceive inner reality to show you how out of alignment you are so you can decide what your really made of. The whole function of NEGATIVE EMOTIONS, PEOPLE & SITUATIONS ARE MIRRORS projecting back to the divine creator and asking that person…What do you want to do now with this iciness’? Raising your vibration is just shifting realities that match your inner emotions about yourself and others. Life in the physical is duality. It’s a construct we are all playing to learn more about ourselves through direct experience. Everything in our lives is just reflections of duality. FORGIVENESS transcends you from the cycle of duality. There is no way to win a duality consciousness. The whole point is to use our emotions to decide what resonates within us in each situation where there is duality. For example, some said a mean thing to you that hurt your feelings. This is a basic example of duality. Do you reciprocate the meanness or do you hug them back/say something loving back/leave and don’t play the game? If you do something negative back, it will start a synchronize chain of events that fuels more havoc and destruction as negative frequencies are separating and are designed to build up greater and greater until you destroy yourselves or forgive and move on. On the contrast if you respond with love, which sometimes, the most loving thing you can do is move on, and then the person will move out of your reality or develop a more positive relationship with you. As you can see, our true nature is unconditional love always as that’s the only way in which higher and greater positive experiences can manifest as it is a frequency that unites and expands so you can experience more of the NOW reality you project back to you in this holographic matrix we share. Your emotions are a barometer that changes the reality around you.

Life is a mirror reflection back to you the creator of your own universe that which you emit out back to you. Fear and negativity is a construct that functions as a mirror reflecting the polar opposite of the most loving solution so you can decide what parallel reality and sequence of matching events you want to experience next. Each moment you decide on something new through using your emotions and thoughts to decide, you are literally shifting into a new parallel reality that matches the vibration you emit. Synchronicity is the charting of events that match what you have projected out into the universe previously. If you like what you are getting, then continue projection out that positivity. If you don’t like what you are getting, then make the decision to change the beliefs you hold about that topic to project out and back to you a different reality that matches how you feel inside. You are not changing anyone or anything. You are only changing yourself and by changing your outlook and emotions about any topic you are moving through your inner merkaba into a matching reality that matches your frequency. If you are self aware of your emotional intelligence and beliefs about something, then you will start seeing how you are moving when people around you behave different from how they used to be, their eye color changes, their comments are different from how they typically would speak, the slight details of life events changes such as a new option or thing manifest in front of you that you weren’t aware of before. Expanding your consciousness is just opening yourself up to seeing more of what’s already here, but if someone is so stuck in their negativity patterns and melodramas, then they are taking up too much stock out of their manifestation energies to use on negative manifestations as it uses more energy than positive vibrations that work together and amplify. “Letting go” of what doesn’t resonate within you is allowing you to release baggage and make room for more good stuff. It’s like driving your car in the fog and the windows are foggy. By opening up to all possibilities and going with the flow of your conscious creations internally, the foggy mirrors defrost to open more of what’s around you to see. “Everything you see and perceive is a reflection of how you feel inside” is a famous summation of using your merkaba to travel parallel realities in this hologram as quoted by Buddha.

Often times, many people let life go on autopilot without realizing they are manifesting it all to them like a magnet by not being self aware of how they made each mini decision that contributed to that overall experience. Your actions and belief must align with the reality you want to project back to experience. The moment you change a belief system about yourself, you shift into expanding into a new person and then into a new reality. This is how we evolve over time. Expansion of consciousness and raising frequency is all about match to a higher frequency that have experiences that manifest from the higher self to get the best preferential choices. It’s the merkaba of ascension, which basically means you are a black hole traveling though time and space frame per frame. This hologram is self-created for the individual and collective consciousness’s expansion. There’s faster expansion in the physical world as everyone comes into it with a level of forgetfulness instead of the spirit world where everyone is omnipresent and knows more. Neither is better. Just different, but relative.

To learn more about the scientific understanding behind parallel realities, please review the links below. I have added my own esoteric understanding from my childhood regarding how parallel realities are discussed through consciousness and self-mastery of emotional intelligence. I hope this helps all who read it understand how parallel realities apply in your daily life in every NOW moment.

“Alternative Reality” (1/5) by BBC Documentary.

“The Universe Is on a String” &“The Hidden Reality” by Brian Greene, PhD. Author of “The Elegant Universe”, “ The Fabric of the Cosmos”, and many more.

“Welcome to the 11th Dimension – The Elegant Universe” by PBS Nova Documentary.

“Touching Nirvana in the HERE and NOW” by Buddhist Zen Master Yogi, Thich Nhat Hanh of Plum Village.

“The Conscious Universe: Where Buddhism and Physics Converge” by Alan Wallace, PhD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEftG26r1Tc&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PL2FFD60F67ADB189C

“KABBALAH and Our Perceive Reality” (1/2) by Rev. Michael Laitman, PhD discusses this fundamental statement about our perception of reality. This is a good brief recap of explaining ego-centric world and the higher self world as perceived by the inner being of the self.

“Returning To Your True Nature” & “Cultivating Harmony of Male and Female Energy” by TAOist Master Yogi, Yun Xiang Tseng. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbN5PSJ_6jo&feature=relmfu

“Parallel Universes” & “The Mathematical Universe” by Max Tegmark, PhD.

“A Universe Invariant Numeral System” & “Universe Invariant and Universe Specific Concepts in the NIV Bible” by James R. Akerlund, PhD.

“Planck Length & Time: Ultimate Size Comparison”. This video does a good job of showing the size of a planck length and time in our physical reality in terms of how small it is in relation to atoms, particles, and the rest of the universe. In essence, a planck length and time is the movement in which a person’s consciousness is moving from moment to moment in their projected sequence of manifested realities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSY42-QTfDM

“Beyond Planck Length” by Nepal’s Kopan Monastery. This is just a cuttie video of young Buddhist monks playing around on a snow day between studies. Studies in metaphysics and consciousness can make us to loony too.

“If An Electron Can Be At Two Places At The Same Time, Why Can’t You?” by Discover Magazine. This is a basic understanding of the scientific discoveries that dumbfound quantum physicists when they discovered that sub-atomic particles of atoms can exist in two different places at the same time, why they vibrate, and move through matter showing in the atomic world of physics parallel realities do exists, are separated by some kind of frequency that may explain why atoms vibrate like energy particles, and there are multiple versions of the same exact atom having different experiences. The question now is: Since humans are made of atoms, why can’t we be self-aware of the different parallel realities? What separates these realities from each other? How do humans vibrate energetically in this hologram? Are there vortexes that connect theses realities? Can we consciously experience other realities through choosing to be self aware in a certain reality over the others? Can humans overcome physicality and consciously manipulate solid forms like bend spoons or walk through walls like sub-atomic particles? And many more. These discoveries are enticing scientists to look again at the ancient understandings of parallel realities in the metaphysic teachings in Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Taoism, and many more indigenous beliefs about our weird holographic world.

“Aaron O’ Connell: Making Sense of a Visible Quantum Object” by TED Speaks. Here. Aaron speaks to the TED audience about the concept of humans being in two realities at the same time to have different experiences. That it’s not an imagined possibility, but it exists. We just don’t know how to do it or why atoms and people exist in parallel realities. This new frontier of quantum mechanics is further being explored as we move forward together in unified consciousness to understand our oneness with each other and our own divinity in how we create and manifest our own and collective reflective projections to be experienced.

To learn more about sub-atomic particles behavior, please Google it for a wide variety of papers and online presentations from various research facilities and university studies around the world.

“Buddhism and Quantum Physics: A Strange Parallel of Two Concepts of Reality” by Christian Thomas Kohl. Author Kohl discusses the scientific findings that show we exists in parallel realities and the speculation that we choose to be self aware of the reality we are in as it’s easier to focus on one at a time. He discusses the metaphysics of quantum mechanics/physics and how it gets closer to mirroring the ancient findings already mentioned 2500 years ago in Buddhism and much older Puranas text in Hinduism. Purana’s in Hindu spiritual texts discuss an infinite number of universes with its own planets, people, and Gods. We experience the reality in matching vibration to our own consciousness and we jump around often not knowing how we are unconsciously changing our reality.

“Multiverse” by Professor and Nobel Prize Winner in Physics (1979), Steven Weinberg, PhD. "There are hundreds of different radio waves being broadcast all around you from distant stations. However if you turn on a radio, you can listen to only one frequency at a time; these other frequencies are not in phase with each other. Each station has a different frequency, a different energy. As a result, your radio can only be turned to one broadcast at a time. Likewise, in our universe we are tuned into the frequency that corresponds to physical reality. But there are an infinite number of parallel realities coexisting with us in the same room, although we cannot tune into them."-Steven Weinberg.

“Post 2012 Earth Changes: Two Timelines Separated by Individual Frequencies” and “Evidence of Multiverses” by Courtney Brown, PhD. Dr. Brown is a mathematician and social scientist who teaches in the Department of Political Science at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and leading military researcher about remote viewing techniques. This presentation is at the 29th Society for Scientific Exploration meeting. He and his team of military grade remote viewers have shown with tens of thousands of online participants that checked the validity of the remote viewing predictions accurate years after they happened. His team is informing the public that the quantum physics interpretation of simultaneous multiple universes are a scientific reality through his research in remote viewing. After 2013, the timelines of humanity is split into two parallel realities separated by matching frequencies. The timeline with the natural disasters and a downward spiral for humanity is in one timeline where the frequency is about our separation from each other and the Earth, war, hate, greed, and the perpetuation of our own self-interest that attracts that matching reality. Whereas, the other timeline his team saw has a frequency where unity consciousness and unconditional love with each other and the Earth in harmonious oneness with the creator consciousness within each of us is a fundamental truth. In this timeline, we do become a galactic society and progress forward in humanity’s evolution like Star Trek. Regardless of whether these two very different realities are true or not, the evidence is compelling for the academic and scientific community.

“Quantum Jumping” by Burt Goldman. Burt Goldman has been quantum jumping parallel realities for over 30 years. He claims he has done from his early studies with the Hindu yogi Maharishi Mahesh who through his associations with various university studies reintroduced to the world “transcendental meditation” to get into alpha brain waves that change the individual and collective experience as studied under lab experiences. He has clarified the basic principles of jumping parallel realities in a easy to understand, non-religious manner so anyone who wants to know how the use their consciousness to jump can. The program seems like a self help metaphysical mystic life experience, but in essence that’s how you jump realities through your consciousness. Burt discusses finding some form of meditation to get into the alpha state, deprogramming your social conditioning, letting go and forgiving the past regrets that hold you down in the present unwanted reality, and changing the picture to link up with the matching frequency of the YOU in the reality you want to be present in 1st hand. Physical life is a spiritual journey in this hologram and knowing how to move through it makes the ride more enjoyable. There’s still pot holes in each reality, but you can choose to plant yourself in the reality and version of you that you best resonate within.

How to use your emotions & heart as a tool to jump parallel realities:
We all live in a series of NOW moments that are pivotal that can relate to be a fork in the road. In each pivotal moment, there is a series of choices you can make. After getting all the information regarding any situation you are dealing with and analyzing your FEELINGS regarding each decision. You can use your logic to think about the different decisions on how you want to move forward in your relationship to that situation or person(s). You can also use your human EMOTIONS as tools to decide what resonates inside you regarding what kinds of synchronistic events you may experience if you choose one decision over how you will react over another decision. Along with using your emotions as a tool to decide the next parallel reality you want to experience firsthand, you should also use your heart (gut/intuition) to check to see if the decision you choose resonates and feels good in your heart. If the decision you make feels like you‘re going against your heart resonance, then you should explore your options further before making a decision if you can. Your heart is the largest and greatest organ in your physical body that creates the largest torus frequency around your body. It is the energetic vessel that will carry your body of light into the next self-projected reality. Your mind is a logic tool to allow for your individual experience. It can be seen as a tool of the ego to be able to have individual experiences such as being the control room. Your heart is the engine room that has the largest weigh and most critical for ensuring a smooth ride. And your spirit or higher self is the captain guiding your mind and checking with your heart and emotions to make sure this next self-projected reality is truly what you want or need to experience next. Once your mind and spirit feels good about your intended reality you want to experience next, then use your body and put it on motion in a series of baby steps towards manifesting that new reality of life you want to experience. The baby steps will be bigger steps and slowly the big picture you intended and have been working towards will be the new manifested physical reality or life you slowly worked towards. This is how we manifest into a new parallel reality. Everything you experience in this hologram began with a belief and thought you had about yourself and others. You cannot change others. You can only change your perspectives and your own actions. By changing you through accepting others as they are, forgiving repressed issues you were involved in somehow, and loving them unconditionally, you propel yourself into a parallel reality in matching frequency to that which you are. Everyone and everything external have changed because you moved into another reality. Some who are self-aware will know what you are talking about, but most will not as they are subconsciously asleep in that reality, whereas you are awakened and know how to use your merkaba to have the best life you desire to manifest. Your wish is your command. You are the god or goddess of your own reality, which is the greatest gift that source energy/ universal consciousness gave you from your conception as a new self-reflected light form. Be good to yourself and don’t die with the music still inside you. Live your life to the best you can be instead of living a life directed by the holographic self-projections/mirrors you created to help you make decisions in each pivotal NOW moment. It has been said some people can see what lies ahead on the road if one were to make a certain decision and what lies ahead to be experience if one were to make the alternate decision. These roads are parallel realities all existing simultaneously. Your spirit will be self-aware in the reality you choose to experience after making that pivotal decision. “Everything you experience is a REFLECTION of how you feel inside” –Buddha (500 BC). In Hinduism, they call jumping parallel realities as “Puranas”. By choosing the decision that makes you most happy and has the highest emotional frequency, you then propel yourself into another parallel reality with the same people, but with the synchronistic events and characteristics (people) that vibrate at that higher, more harmonious reality. A caveat is that some people you remember may not exist in your new reality because the frequency of the new reality may be too foreign to them and cannot resonate that frequency to be present there. You should not remember them, but if you do, then don’t be surprised if everyone there doesn’t know what or who you’re talking about. The relationships we have with our love ones are the best way that is non-physical that provides the best opportunity to expand one’s consciousness and increase your vibrations. I think if more people choose the higher frequency, then they also will manifest a collective experience in harmony with the Earth and manifest a self-projected reality that’s also in balance and harmony. A world of emotionally dysfunctional people can affect the Earth harshly to manifest a destructive Earth and self-destruct amongst themselves too. I believe life is not always easy and God/source energy will give you only what you can handle one at a time, but the physical life experience is the fastest way to expand your consciousness. Another caveat is that some higher vibrating beings will choose to incarnate in the physical because they enjoy the act of creating physicality. They enjoy the experience of watching a flower bloom or children grow, etc. I hope this helps clarify to others how to jump parallel realities using your consciousness/merkaba in this holographic reality we self-project. I know I love all my love ones unconditionally, accept and respect their decisions, and try my best to make the highest decision for me as I can only control what I do. Often I know I have moved into a new parallel reality when people behave different than before, when certain circumstances have changed that I don’t remember ever experiencing, but everyone else remembers that such as someone is alive whereas I remember they passed on in the other previous reality I was self-aware in, certain details have changed such as some peoples eye color changed, such as seeing something there for the 1st time and having no recollection it previously existed, etc. The keys are always trying to choose the decision that has the highest vibrations which are unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, etc. Try to use your emotions as a tool to decide what resonates inside you and choose the higher vibrating frequency. Life can be hell if all you choose is the lowest frequency in each pivotal NOW moment you’re self-aware in. These are indications to me that I have jumped realities. I hope that helps everyone looking to find knowledge how to jump parallel realities using their merkaba. Good luck and God/Goddes speed always.

A note on shutting down the loop cycle of thoughts in your mind to get into alpha: The easiest way to shut down the mind to prevent it from running thoughts in a loop cycle so you can get into Alpha brain waves is simple “acceptance”. That’s it. Just accept everything as is. Stop trying to control it. Just accept. Once you say and are that, then the mind has nothing to think about over and over again. “Acceptance” is the stop lost and shuts down the factory of thoughts of the mind. Accept all the drama that you have been dealing with and now focus on creating new experiences in alpha so that you are alert to when the universe delivers the sequence of events that manifest your new experiences. Now, you have achieved alpha and can start meditating on a new focus so you can start reprogramming your matrix to decide what parallel reality you want to be self-aware in. You will need to master this if you want to be self-aware in the 5th dimension where everything you feel inside manifests faster as that reality is vibrating much faster. So stop the mind’s habit of focusing on the negative and your fears as that loop cycle will manifest. Your mind is not your enemy. It’s a tool you have to help manifest your individual experiences aside from the collective experience. Without the mind, all you have is the collective experience and not the individual experiences that enrich your spiritual growth as well. Your higher spirit in physical form allowed to properly create beautiful experiences as reflections of your spiritual growth and in tune with the oneness of source energy is the leading edge experience. If used properly, it is the best of the physical and the spirit world. So give your mind a break and use it properly to start manifesting consciously. Get into alpha so you can manifest better, more loving experiences for the new version of you.
  • Von Galt