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Placebo Effect

Placebo Effect
“The PLACEBO EFFECT is a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution -- can sometimes improve a patient's condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful. Expectation plays a potent role in the placebo effect. The more a person believes they are going to benefit from a treatment, the more likely it is that they will experience a benefit.” –Wikipedia.

The links below offer a wealth of information regarding how our own beliefs about our healing potential has the same if not greater affect on how fast or slow our healing times can be when we are sick or injured. Even in medicine, the beliefs we hold about ourselves shows how the hologram projected back is a reflection of the user’s intent. The universe is a reflection of the inner being. The universe is a living mirror.

“Placebo: Cracking the Code” by Harvard Placebo Group at Harvard University. This documentary goes over the research findings of the placebo effect on how someone’s conscious beliefs about their medical treatment is can be more powerful than the medicine alone. Many patients in such studies get better thinking they got treatment whereas they actually got a placebo/no medicine instead.

“The Secret You” by BBC Documentary. This documentary goes over consciousness research in how the universal non-local field of consciousness connected to everyone is affect by the beliefs of any individual person and how the experience’s people endure are manifested in our holographic universe in this pararell reality. Such as how sick and how long someone will stay in a sick state as researched by the placebo effect.

“The Big Picture” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho is a world renowned geneticist & biophysicist. She is Director of the Institute of Science in Society; she is co-founder of the International Science Panel on Genetic Modification.

“Human Psychophysiology, Macroscopic Information Entanglement and the Placebo Effect” by Dr. William A. Tiller.

“Modulation of DNA by Coherent Heart Frequencies” by Dr. Rollin McCraty and Glen Rein, PhD.

“Effect of Consciousness on Human DNA” by Dr. Glen Rein.

“The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention” by Dawson Church, PhD.

“When Consciousness Matters” by Eddy Nahmias, PhD. at Florida State University.

“The Evolution of NLP” BY Chris Keeler, PhD and Linda Ferguson, PhD.

All energy medicine is linked to the unified field or force of universal consciousness.

Energy Medicine Resources:

“Matrix Energetics” by Dr. Richard Bartlett and Matrix Energetics. Another resource for learning how to do quantum healing with your fingertips. Focuses on teaching children and their families how to do it to heal themselves and others. There’s nothing religious about it. We all have the God/Goddess/source consciousness within each of us unbiased and all we have to do it tap into the force and pull some of that energy out. Matter is just a delusion of the mind. We create matter. We can all heal ourselves and each other on a quantum level. Although our chakra's are good to know about, on a higher level, compartmentalizing our bodies is also an illusion as it is all one unit anyways as it is all interconnected. Compartmentalizing our bodies tells our cells you are separate from each other and can go off on any tangent you want and we know that's not true as the user of our bodies. Our bodies are an illusion of our minds, because in this holographic reality, we are just waves of energy. When you treat the whole system as one unit in energy therapy, then you address it all instead of having to address this issue and that issue and this new issue. Just a quantum physics tip to add on to our knowledge about the tree of life we call chakras.

“Reconnective Healing” by Dr. Eric Pearl. Here’s another resource in quantum healing that anyone can learn to do on themselves or others through tapping into the force of universal consciousness. Matter is created in the mind. We live in the matrix and everything is interconnected. This is why anyone can heal with quantum healing techniques.

“Quantum Entrainment” by Dr. Frank Kinslow. And another doctor teaching the public how to tap into the force of the unified field of consciousness in this matrix to conduct quantum healing.

“Energetics of Healing” (1/10) by Caroline Myss, PhD. This is a complete presentation to understand how our chakra system functions and how it is linked to our bio-energy field (aura) that manifests in physical ailments. Caroline goes over many people’s fear of self-healing, forgiveness and our attraction to staying in pain and suffering. We are energy and we have a bio-energy field that can be healed through connecting to the force field of universal consciousness and an oneness with all things in this matrix. Nothing is separate. You are not separate from others either. She urges us to completely heal our self and social conditioning to feel attracted to suffering to get attention we get when in pain. We all deserve better and it starts with each of us alone.

“Chi Masters Using the Universal Life Force” by Human Metamorphosis. There is nothing mysterious about the force. The force is an unbiased universal life force or commonly understood as God/Goddess consciousness that resides inside all living things. Once someone becomes consciousness of the holographic matrix in which we co-create in both individually and collectively, then they too can tap into the force to conduct quantum healing techniques, move objects kinetically, and many more varying “6th” senses. This was taught in ancient Buddhist & Hindu medicine techniques throughout time and goes back even further into ancient Egypt and beyond. A more famous chi master of quantum medicine from the Kashmir Indian school of Buddhist Medicine is Yeshua or Jesuah. This ancient known quantum knowledge regarding metaphysics are being relearned, explored, and shared to the public to learn as well. Mastering this knowledge is being the natural crystalline energy body or rainbow body of the human potential as famously depicted in spiritual artworks. It begins with awakening, being conscious of your manifestations and intent, and then mastering the skills you intend to learn. Good luck and have fun!

“Becoming A Energy Healer” by Barbara Brennan, PhD and former NASA scientist. Dr. Barbara Brennan shows her students how to utilize the universal force of consciousness to harness energy healing. This video goes over the oneness of all living things in our holographic universe and shows us how to use the force to live peacefully within ourselves and others in the matrix. We are ONE.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Oa4oE3bQTY&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuHJdXMfNUk&feature=context-cha http://www.barbarabrennan.com/

“Bio-Energy Healing Live Demonstration” by Michael D’Alton as interviewed by Tamara Bull of “Wellness Within”. Michael Alton teaches the public about being conscious of the living experience as we create our manifestations and how to use the unified field of consciousness or force to remove blocks in our human energy body or human aura.

“Bio Energy Healing” by Birdie Hamilton of BCIT Magazine.

“Bio-Energy Healing As Seen On Oprah” by Remedy Me.

"Testimonials About Bio-Energy Healing" by the D'Alton School of Energy Healing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn2LndCLcNk&feature=plcp

“Matrix Transformation” by Dr. Richard A. DiCenso. Dr. DiCenso uses Nasa’s M.A.P. (Matrix Assessment Profile) technique to properly diagnose on a quantum level to see where the underlying issue started and why it continues to resurface when modern healthcare was not able to diagnose it. He helps clients evaluate their bodies where modern medicine has not found anything and the patient still feels chronic symptoms. He stresses that the human body is trying to communicate with the person to show where in their life they are imbalance.

Dr. Judith A. Swack, Ph.D. along with many other naturopathic doctors located around the world are revolutionizing medicine by offer patients who have chronic pain that traditional medical procedures and medication have not been able to cure. She uses energy psychology to help her patients identify in their consciousness what fears they hold in their psyche that is manifesting into the chronic pain they experience. Energy medicine doctors are shaking up western medicine and offering more affordable solutions to patients. It’s posing serious questions for western medicine and drug industry as a growing number of patients mix naturopathic approaches into their health care strategy.

-Dr. Judith A. Swack, Ph.D. of Healing From the Body Up (HBLU).

To learn more about energy psychology as an affordable option, please visit the links below.

“Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century” by Qigong Institute. Qigong is an ancient form of energy exercises that is show to bring balance into people’s lives and vitality. Tai Chi and yoga are later forms that sprung out of Qigong, which is often used in Asia as a preventative medical technique to ailments in conjunction with western medicine for severe ailments as well.

“Gateway to Chinese Medicine, Health, and Wellness” by Acupuncture.com

“Reiki Training” by International Center for Reiki Training.

“Quantum Healing Hypnosis Training” by Hypnotherapist and author, Dolores Cannon. Dolores has been a licensed hypnotherapist and author for over 40 years. In the QHHT method of self-energy healing within the super-conscious higher self that is also connected to the universal collective mind of source, Dolores Cannon has taught thousands of energy practitioners worldwide her technique to enter the Theta brainwave of hypnotherapy. In Theta brainwaves, which are a slower, more relaxed state after the meditation state in Alpha brainwaves, the patient is unbiased, intuitive, and absorbs information easily. Before the client goes into sleep at Theta, the practitioner is asking the client’s questions they want answered by their higher self and the collective mind and the client themselves are answering their own questions that they were too stubborn to listen to their intuition about to uncover the underlying root cause of their predicaments and illnesses. It’s a form of hypnotherapy where the practitioner helps the client get into Theta and take a self-examination and hard look in the mirror where they can’t lie to themselves about their problems and where they can get their answers. It’s another story when the client wakes up and has to decide if they want to apply their own answers to everyday life. Highly recommended.

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