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Mediumship & Channeling

Mediumship & Channeling
CHANNELING & MEDIUMSHIP is the practice of serving as a medium through which living people who are gifted an extraordinary 6th sense are a radio antenna of communication between the physical dimension and the spirit world of higher dimensions. Many doctors and scientists are investigating the channeling phenomena to get insight from archangels, spirit guides, past incarnations and ascended masters to name a few. Asking for such insights from their extended spirit family who has been assigned to help guide them have helped many take their work to the next level and fill in missing areas of research that have baffled them in their professional work. Skeptics often consider the work to be “pseudo science” as the act of asking for help from the spirit world has caused many to transcend current spiritual constructs, but the outcomes are undeniable evidence that the spirit world is more than happy to work with us if our intentions are for the greater good and benefit for all. This age old partnership between mystic scientists and the spirit world was conducted behind secret doors to prevent sabotage by dogmatic and political self interest institutions from early transcendental thinkers such as R. Buckminster Fuller, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, and so many more. As humanity becomes interconnected through the internet, more modern scientists and doctors are open about their partnership with their spiritual teachers helping them follow leads that create new innovations in healthcare and technology, which are cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient to better the whole as ONE. The $8 billion atom particle accelerator facility at CERN that is decorated by many spiritual statues and over 80 physicists (metaphysic mystics) from around the world is a great example of such partnership. Many leading edge thinkers at CERN, consciousness research institutions, and universities throughout the world embrace a growing storm of knowledge coming out of a partnership with spirituality and science. The days of marginalizing cutting edge scientists and doctors by destroying their research, and living in the illusion of separation is so passé. Welcome to our new enlighten world. May we grow into it with grace and unconditional love for all chosen incarnations as self reflections of the whole. Fascinating!

Please review the links below to learn more about the scientific approach going on in many of our universities around the world from medical and scientific professionals regarding their research and findings through studying channeling/mediumship.

“What is Channeling” by Arthur Hastings, PhD. Dr. Hastings is a professor at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, which is a private, non-sectarian graduate school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. He works on scientific explorations of divine communication with higher frequencial beings on higher dimensions through the channeling phenomenon going on worldwide. Arthur Hastings is former dean of faculty at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) in Menlo Park, California; and a past president of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology. He currently serves as a professor in the Residential Program, Research Director, and also as the Director of the Institute’s William James Center for Consciousness Studies. Arthur taught at Stanford University, the University of Nevada and the University of California at Santa Barbara. Arthur has done postdoctoral studies with M.H. Erickson (hypnosis), F.S. Perls (gestalt therapy) and T. Tulku (Buddhism). He has published many books on the extraction of new scientific concepts from the phenomenon.

“Studying Healing in the Laboratory” by Marilyn Schlitz, PhD. Her work focuses in psychophysiology, cross cultural healing, and consciousness studies. She works with channeling phenomenon to extrapolate medical healing techniques from higher dimensions to help grow our understanding of energy medicine for more affordable and efficient healthcare alternatives. Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D. is Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Senior Scientist at the Complementary Medicine Research Institute at the California Pacific Medical Center. She has published numerous articles on psi research and psychophysiology, cross cultural healing, consciousness studies, and creativity, has conducted research at Stanford University, Science Applications International Corporation, the Institute for Parapsychology, and the Mind Science Foundation, has taught at Trinity University, Stanford University and Harvard Medical School, and has lectured widely at sites including the United Nations and the Smithsonian Institution.

“Pscyhomanteum” by Arthur Hastings, PhD and Marilyn Schlitz, PhD.

“Merlian News Podcast with Dr. Amit Goswami” by Amit Goswami, PhD. Amit Goswami, PhD is a retired professor from the theoretical physics department of the University of Oregon in Eugene, where he had served since 1968. He is a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness”."Dr. Goswami is a Quantum Physicists, adjunct guest professor at various universities, wrote the university textbook series, “Quantum Mechanics” and wrote a long list of books in spirit science from “The Quantum Activist”, “Physic of the Soul”, “The Self Aware Universe”, and many more. He explores the phenomenon of channeling enlightened beings from other dimensions to extrapolate metaphysics concepts for the creation of cleaner, more efficient advance technology to be engineered.

“Disembodied Wisdom: Exploring the Phenomenon of Channeling” by Jon Klimo, PhD. Klimo is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the San Francisco Bay Area campus of Argosy University. He is considered the leading authority on the phenomenon of channeling, based on his definitive book, “Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources”, and has co-authored two books about the afterlife as well as many articles.

“Reinventing the Sacred” by Stuart Kauffman, MD. Dr. Kauffman is a medical doctor, author, and biology/physics/astronomy Professor at the University of Calgary, Stuart Kauffman guides us through an exploration of creativity in biology and human endeavors and also open to channeling/mediumship phenomena to explore new areas for medical studies that can be guided by help from other higher beings in the spirit dimensions.

“The Sacred Promise” by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz. Gary E. Schwartz, PhD is a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona. Dr. Schwartz received his PhD from Harvard University. Dr. Gary Schwartz researchers spirit science from studying and verifying the claims of mediums and channelers to help provide conclusive evidence to help take science to the next level.

“The Story of A Course in Miracles” (1/16) by Dr. Helen Schucman and Dr. Ken Kapnick of Columbia University. Dr. Helen Schucman believes she channeled ascended master teacher Jesuah (Yeshua) to help transition many followers of Christ Consciousness into a new paradigm of unity consciousness by helping dispel illusions of separatism in the old paradigm belief constructs, clarifying misconceptions, and distinguishing between teachings based on fear and teachings based on love. A fascinating read.

Below are some popular channelers/mediums being used as conductors of information from higher dimensions. Most university professors and doctors are very metaphysical and this list above can go on and one, but the channelers are more entertaining to listen to and the wisdom messages are insightful.

“Tuning In” (1/10). This video covers spirit channelers in America.

Abraham Hicks

Story Waters


“Lily Dale HBO Documentary” by HBO and the “Today Show”. Lily Dale is a town in the USA that has the largest registered volume of mediums and channelers. Many open minded people come to the town each year for assistance communicating with the spirit world with their deceased love ones.

“A Message of Spiritual Awakening from Adamus Saint-Germain”, "Life Designers", and "To the Visionaries" by Crimson Circle. It is believed that ascended master teacher Adamus Saint-Germain was channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe as a walk-in at this time to those who seek his knowledge to help them transition into a new era of awakened humanity in unified oneness. Adamus talks about 2012, tools and tips for awakening humans, and leads a beautiful DreamWalk with your Soul. He is one of many believed ascended masters along with Yeshua, Quin Yin, and many more who are walking in now through the channeling phenomenon. What matters is the message and not the foreign nature of how the message was received.

“Beyond Identity” by Adamus Saint-Germain. Here, he and the many, many ascended masters is warning us that when we become a galactic humanity and meet other “aliens”, please look inside yourself and realize you are it. You are divinity, god and goddess in human form. You are equal to all galactic races having a different experience. Anyone from space coming in and saying you must pray to them as they are your saviors, we made you and you must bow to your “physical” creators, masking themselves as Jesus, Moses, or any other spiritual teachers are still playing you into not realizing you are it and you too have the same gifts and truths beaming within you as ordained by the un-biased unified field of consciousness. Jesus, Buddha, Moses, etc. have mastered the matrix and do not need spaceships or allegiance in servitude. Duh! These advance aliens are subject to the same universal laws of spirituality and divinity of the spirit world as they too die in the physical. Some alien races may want you to still think you are meager, little humans and not telling you the truth. Anyone telling you to look to someone else to save you is playing the duality game to keep it going so you can serve them. The real angelic beings regardless of what dimension and planets they come here from are the ones who want nothing from you besides helping you awaken to unity consciousness of all beings and creations of source energy, interacting with you as equal brothers and sisters, and experiencing fruitful co-creations. Please know the difference not based on what they say, but by their behavior. Please don’t fall for the bait and switch techniques too. Be on the lookout for one’s offering help and then requiring servitude as not angelic beings. True angelic beings are ones who will give unconditionally, equally, and will not bait and switch you. Please do not see these new beings as your enemies and take arms against them. Just be spiritually logical and responsible. Look in your heart. Meditate on it.

"Tuning In Again". Now that you've awakened to being an enlightened human, now what...Welcome back to you!
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