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Female Buddha, Kwan Yin

Female Buddha, Kwan Yin

KWAN YIN, the famous female Buddha has had many incarnations, but this one as told through-out Buddhist folklore is her most popular. She grew up as a princess that had toxic parents who tried to kill her twice. Her father hired an assassin to kill her when she didn't want to marry for the kingdom and no sword could cut her so he put her in a monastery in the mountains. When her father was sick, he was told that an ascended enlightened being lives in the mountains that can save his life. He sent help to find this person only to find it was his daughter who gave him the medicine to cure him. Her parents built the Kwan Yin monastery in the Himalayan Mountains for her, but when a neighboring monastery could not achieve the same level of 6th senses she achieved with her merkaba in the matrix we live in because they forget to connect to their heart in oneness, they kidnapped her. Her father was embarrassed thinking she was fornicating with the male monks that he had her monastery and all the monks there burned down. When she escaped back to her monastery and found this out, she was hurt that he only cared about his property and reputation instead of loving his children unconditionally. The spirit world bid her father’s heirs infertile as he attracted to himself his worst fears. All heirs of her father’s kingdom had no heirs and the kingdom ended. In Buddhism, there are no right and wrong, just learning experiences and if someone doesn't learn, they reincarnate again trying to make right the karma they developed previously as the recipient of their errors in another scenario until they transcend it or forgive and let go. Otherwise, they may descend into a lower vibrating experience as hungry ghosts, etc. in the lower astral plains that is an illusion of hell fire instead of ascending into higher frequencial plains of existence into new dimensions with different enlightened experiences, because such souls feared damnation for their life errors instead of realizing that the spirit world and source is more loving than that and will work with tormented souls that have been tarnished by negative energy in the life experience. Nothing in creation is a mistake and source didn't make mistakes, just what we perceive as bad entities are incarnations gone astray, but it is part of their process back to wholeness. Knowing such knowledge, Kwan Yin, always offered unconditional love and light to demons, hungry ghosts, etc. as they could’ve been a descended lost soul along with becoming one of the 1st Bodhisattva (angelic humans who stayed behind to help humanity ascend until all ascends/awakens) who upon entering the deity dimension where all the other Buddha’s/ascended masters reside, she heard the cries of the world upon entry and stayed behind. Kwan Yin is revered as a mother savor model and held in great regard and commemorated in statues for her unconditional love for humanity in all dimensions. With her toxic parents, she always loved them unconditionally and practiced discernment by respecting their path and not pushing a relationship onto them. She still loved them from a distance and wished nothing but peace and unconditional love along their chosen journey back into the oneness of source. When she died in the physical, the spirit world made her a member of the Karma Council to help incarnate souls consult with their previous lives and find new life experiences that would transcend the wheel of karma so they can ascend. She specialized in helping tormented souls that had the best intentions to make right what they didn't learn previously upon incarnation, but got caught up in the cycle of violence, rage, and hatred in hard chosen life lessons. Her message is also about harmonic frequency, unconditional love, and oneness as all the rest of enlightened beings are about, but mostly about forgiveness (letting go of anger and rage for retribution as that continues the karma cycle) and compassion for others as a suffering reflection of ourselves. She is depicted often in art as a young girl around 16 years old when she was sent to the monastery by her father. She did not cut her hair and dressed in the modern Chinese vintage attire of her time. Kwan Yin is quite the hipster in all her incarnations, but wise in her teachings as she learns from her students who learned from her as that cycle continues until all of humanity awakens, which is when she will enter the deity dimension with the last human soul who transcended this density. She often is holding a vase/wave that represents the violet flame liquids of healing and transformation from release of karma or holding a lotus that represents her most famous healing mantra from one of her incarnations, which is the “om mani padme hum” chant that translates as the jewel in the lotus is you, you are the most wonderful thing in creation as you are and you create your physical reality based on the emotions you reflect outward from within. She enjoys seeing people awaken to the self-mastery of their own life experience as she did and be the best guru to themselves as only they can be. She is well known as the Goddess/Bodhisattva of Compassion in Buddhism. Cheers to Kwan Yin. Thank you for your light and unconditional love.


The famous female Buddha’s temple is on the south coast of China's island province Hainan near the Nanshan Temple of Sanya. Below is the 2005 live video of the grand opening of Kwan Yin’s temple in China. It is open to the public for tourism and to pay your respects to the legendary master teacher of compassion and Bodhisattva (people who incarnate to help others ascend until the last of humanity walks through the doors of self-enlightenment to a divine connection with source and their higher self from within) from the long lineage of ascended master Buddhist teachers since the 1st awakening from this esoteric, metaphysical, and mystic tradition initially “re-introduced” to the world by Gautama Buddha. Note, there’s many paths to enlightenment, and Buddhism is just one spiritual, not religious tradition and none should feud amongst each other.



“Great Compassion Mantra” by the ancient female Buddha, Kwan Yin. This mantra is often chanted in a light and sound meditation for all who suffers such as possibly yourself, your love ones, humanity and also your enemies and your jinn who we have boxed into being the bad guy and have been feared for many lifetimes not knowing the purpose to why they were created to be a part of our learning experience to be a reflection of how we shouldn’t fall into our shadow sides, but like children, many of us play with fire and wonder why we got burned. You can listen to the mantra below:


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