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Female Buddha, Kwan Yin

Female Buddha, Kwan Yin

KWAN YIN, the famous female Buddha has had many incarnations, but this one as told through-out Buddhist folklore is her most popular. She grew up as a princess that had toxic parents who tried to kill her twice. Her father hired an assassin to kill her when she didn't want to marry for the kingdom and no sword could cut her so he put her in a monastery in the mountains. When her father was sick, he was told that an ascended enlightened being lives in the mountains that can save his life. He sent help to find this person only to find it was his daughter who gave him the medicine to cure him. Her parents built the Kwan Yin monastery in the Himalayan Mountains for her, but when a neighboring monastery could not achieve the same level of 6th senses she achieved with her merkaba in the matrix we live in because they forget to connect to their heart in oneness, they kidnapped her. Her father was embarrassed thinking she was fornicating with the male monks that he had her monastery and all the monks there burned down. When she escaped back to her monastery and found this out, she was hurt that he only cared about his property and reputation instead of loving his children unconditionally. The spirit world bid her father’s heirs infertile as he attracted to himself his worst fears. All heirs of her father’s kingdom had no heirs and the kingdom ended. In Buddhism, there are no right and wrong, just learning experiences and if someone doesn't learn, they reincarnate again trying to make right the karma they developed previously as the recipient of their errors in another scenario until they transcend it or forgive and let go. Otherwise, they may descend into a lower vibrating experience as hungry ghosts, etc. in the lower astral plains that is an illusion of hell fire instead of ascending into higher frequencial plains of existence into new dimensions with different enlightened experiences, because such souls feared damnation for their life errors instead of realizing that the spirit world and source is more loving than that and will work with tormented souls that have been tarnished by negative energy in the life experience. Nothing in creation is a mistake and source didn't make mistakes, just what we perceive as bad entities are incarnations gone astray, but it is part of their process back to wholeness. Knowing such knowledge, Kwan Yin, always offered unconditional love and light to demons, hungry ghosts, etc. as they could’ve been a descended lost soul along with becoming one of the 1st Bodhisattva (angelic humans who stayed behind to help humanity ascend until all ascends/awakens) who upon entering the deity dimension where all the other Buddha’s/ascended masters reside, she heard the cries of the world upon entry and stayed behind. Kwan Yin is revered as a mother savor model and held in great regard and commemorated in statues for her unconditional love for humanity in all dimensions. With her toxic parents, she always loved them unconditionally and practiced discernment by respecting their path and not pushing a relationship onto them. She still loved them from a distance and wished nothing but peace and unconditional love along their chosen journey back into the oneness of source. When she died in the physical, the spirit world made her a member of the Karma Council to help incarnate souls consult with their previous lives and find new life experiences that would transcend the wheel of karma so they can ascend. She specialized in helping tormented souls that had the best intentions to make right what they didn't learn previously upon incarnation, but got caught up in the cycle of violence, rage, and hatred in hard chosen life lessons. Her message is also about harmonic frequency, unconditional love, and oneness as all the rest of enlightened beings are about, but mostly about forgiveness (letting go of anger and rage for retribution as that continues the karma cycle) and compassion for others as a suffering reflection of ourselves. She is depicted often in art as a young girl around 16 years old when she was sent to the monastery by her father. She did not cut her hair and dressed in the modern Chinese vintage attire of her time. Kwan Yin is quite the hipster in all her incarnations, but wise in her teachings as she learns from her students who learned from her as that cycle continues until all of humanity awakens, which is when she will enter the deity dimension with the last human soul who transcended this density. She often is holding a vase/wave that represents the violet flame liquids of healing and transformation from release of karma or holding a lotus that represents her most famous healing mantra from one of her incarnations, which is the “om mani padme hum” chant that translates as the jewel in the lotus is you, you are the most wonderful thing in creation as you are and you create your physical reality based on the emotions you reflect outward from within. She enjoys seeing people awaken to the self-mastery of their own life experience as she did and be the best guru to themselves as only they can be. She is well known as the Goddess/Bodhisattva of Compassion in Buddhism. Cheers to Kwan Yin. Thank you for your light and unconditional love.

The famous female Buddha’s temple is on the south coast of China's island province Hainan near the Nanshan Temple of Sanya. Below is the 2005 live video of the grand opening of Kwan Yin’s temple in China. It is open to the public for tourism and to pay your respects to the legendary master teacher of compassion and Bodhisattva (people who incarnate to help others ascend until the last of humanity walks through the doors of self-enlightenment to a divine connection with source and their higher self from within) from the long lineage of ascended master Buddhist teachers since the 1st awakening from this esoteric, metaphysical, and mystic tradition initially “re-introduced” to the world by Gautama Buddha. Note, there’s many paths to enlightenment, and Buddhism is just one spiritual, not religious tradition and none should feud amongst each other.

Below is the wisdom of Kwan Yin and other master teachers in working with our angels and jinns.



Some people have an innate ability to go into trance and contact beings from the invisible realms of existence. However, it should not be forgotten that whether these are angels or jinn, invisible beings have their own conditions of life and are bound to certain limits and principles. For this reason, one who gets in touch with jinn should be careful, for one may easily fall under their influence and become their “plaything”.

Some assert that the Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1839-1908) of Qadiyan (India), fell victim to such tricks of jinn. He attempted to serve Islam by struggling against Hindu Yogism through the way of Fakirism, but evil spirits got control of him. First they whispered to him that he was a reviver (of religion), then that he was the Mahdi (Messiah), and when he was finally under their influence and control, told him to proclaim that he was an incarnation of God.

Sins and uncleanliness invite the influence of evil spirits and unbelieving jinns. People of a susceptible nature, those who tend to be “melancholy”, and those who lead a dissipated and undisciplined life are their primary targets. Evil spirits usually reside in places for “dumping garbage” or other dirty places, public baths, and bathrooms. (Places of chaos to pry on the weak souls at heart)

Satan can only successfully seduce devout, practicing believers by coming upon them from their right and tempting them to “ego” and pride in their virtues and good deeds. He whispers that they are wonderful believers, and gradually causes them to fall through self-conceit and the “desire to be praised for their good deeds”. For example, if believers perform supererogatory late-night prayer (tahajjud) and then proclaim it so that others will praise them, and if they attribute their accomplishments and good deeds to themselves and criticize others in secret, they have fallen under Satan’s influence. This is a perilous temptation for believers, and so they must be incessantly alert to Satan’s coming upon them from their right. Another of Satan’s tricks is to cause unimportant things to appear important, and vice versa (making mountains out of mole hills so that you get confused and frustrated). If believers dispute among themselves in the mosque over a secondary matter, such as whether one can use a rosary when glorifying God after the daily prescribed prayers, while their children are being dragged along ways of unbelief and materialism or are drowning in the swamp of immorality, Satan has seduced them.

If you ask: ‘What is the divine purpose in allowing involuntary evil thoughts and scruples to pester us, seeing that they are so harmful and an affliction for believers?’

Answer: On condition they are not carried to excess and allowed to overwhelm the person, essentially they are the cause of vigilance and awareness, lead to seeking the truth and that which is better, and are the means to seriousness. They disperse indifference and repel carelessness. For this reason, in this realm of trial and testing and arena of competition, the Absolutely Wise One gave them to the hand of Satan as a whip of encouragement for us. He strikes it at the heads of human beings. If it hurts excessively, one should complain to the All-Wise and Compassionate One, and say: ‘I seek refuge with God from the accursed Satan.’

We must refrain from appealing to (unqualified) exorcists.

Some people go to exorcists. Although a few people might who know how to drive out evil spirits, such activity is usually quite dangerous, for most exorcists deceive people. In addition, an exorcist must be very careful about his or her religious obligations, refrain from sin, and be an upright person who really knows how to exorcise somebody. Patients usually rely on exorcists and attribute their recovery to them, and also rely on the written charm or amulets they are advised to carry. However, our Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, declared that God would admit into Paradise 70,000 people without calling them to account for their deeds. These people would be those who do not wear armlets or amulets, who do not consider things auspicious or inauspicious, and who trust completely in God.
Believers should not go to those psychiatrists or doctors who restrict themselves to the narrow confines of matter. “Materialist” psychiatrists who do not believe in the spirit and spirit beings may advise patients suffering from spiritual dissatisfaction or possessed by evil spirits to indulge themselves in pleasure and amusement. This is like advising a thirsty person to quench his thirst with salty sea water.

Purpose of Jinn: God gives them the ability to tempt, test, or poke at people to see if they can see past the “illusion” of the devil’s game to see the love in understanding their fears and overcoming it to come into their own divine mastery so they can create from a vantage point of unconditional love than create from their sloppy fears. If people continue to live in fear, then they will create more of what they focus on and have not pasted the test to be able to create at a higher frequency or dimension where these illusions or delusions have no purpose to exist in. If they can, then their jinn will bow down to a worthy reflection of God’s light in that person and allow for more abilities to create more wonders from God’s kingdom. Mohammad’s jinn became his followers as did Kwan Yin, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, and Yeshua Ben Yosef’s (Issa in Islam aka Jesuah or Jesus) jinn who all had this test and passed it.

Traits of Jinn:
Judgmental. Biased.
Using good against people.
Destruction of love.
Gives with ego expectations.
Playing with free will.
Tearing people apart.
Anger when questioned.
Wearing masks.
Desires praise for deeds done-conceit.
Calls you names (“selfish”, “bully”, “you’re so perfect”, “immature”, “limits people into boxes”, “stereotypes”, etc.)
Attacks or questions your spirituality, faith, your divine wisdom, and inner good.
Attacks your heart.
Refuses love or acts of love.
Doesn’t understand “unconditional” love. Love without any conditions.

Purpose of Angels: Although angels are seen by some as more advance than humans; humans have the potential to excel beyond angels in being more comprehensive mirrors to God’s light through meditation and their complexity through mastery of their own divinity. In Muslim tradition, it is my understanding that the angels were put here with what they are limited to but not more advanced than the human being as vicegerent of the earth. There is no better than or worse than as it is all relative and different experiences, but equal. It’s like the analogy that every parent wants for their children to grow up and in that they feel gratitude so their children can be capable of parenting their own creation as more and more universes of God get created through the infinity loop of time.

Traits of Angels:
Breathe inspiration and wisdom into hearts.
Do not violate free will. Has integrity.
Follows commands of God. Has fixed stations.
Asks NO rewards for their deeds, but to be close to God. Desires no wages for their deeds.
Learns from everything God created, even humans.
Free of negative moral qualities like envy, jealousy, rancor, lusts for glory, etc. animal appetites, which are found in humanity for expansion through polarity and jinn to poke humanity to be better. Interactions with angels are uplifting, unconditional love, acceptance, insightful, inspiration, etc.…/spell_sorcery.html…/What-Are-The-Characterist…

Note from the author of this post: The mythology of angels and jinn are similar to the devil and angel on each side of our shoulders. Each person incarnate has both, but many people do not understand the reasons why they were created and what purpose they have in our spiritual development so they embrace the angels and hate their jinn’s, which like any mischievous child when boxed into being the bad guy will finally own up to it and be the worst it can be because that’s how it is treated, which only fuels its powers against you because you gave them that power by fighting back instead of showing the wisdom of unconditional love instead of fighting sword with sword. The Muslim tradition has a well-documented knowledge of how the characteristics of Jinn are. The Buddhist understanding is a great accompaniment to their knowledge in the Kwan Yin writings to their purpose and how to deal with them if you come across them as these Jinn’s are seen as mischievous children and when one tries to play games with you, you don’t play into their games by fighting back as that only continues the games and no one wins in war, not even the spiritual wars of our own delusions and illusions in the matrix. The way to transcend these kinds of interactions is to accept and understand their purpose in why God/source would assign a jinn and angel group to each human and to offer enlightenment and compassion for even our jinn’s own suffering. There are many mantras of compassion we can offer to them and by doing so, they will move on to find someone who is not wise to the nature of reality and play fear mongering games with them instead (the jinn that is assigned to you from Muslim tradition, does not leave, it would rather conform if given enlightenment i.e. Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) ‘My Jinn is a Muslim’ – the jinn has a purpose for being with you). As you reach higher frequency, remember that you will have another test presented to you by your jinn, the jinn that is assigned to you will be with you for life (whisper bad things to you). Other jinn will attack you based on what you will be doing throughout the day. i.e. Messing with you in prayer, good deeds, during a peaceful sleep. In the Muslim tradition, Mohammad’s jinn saw he had wisdom to the nature of them and became his followers as many jinn groups also became followers of worthy incarnations of light and love such as did the jinn groups of the famous female Buddha, Kwan Yin who was so good at giving sermons to jinn’s in the illusionary “hell” realms because she followed her beloved fallen family members there to bring them back into the light and transcend their “shadow” side of their souls that it is believed she was appointed to the karma council to help in the life planning of souls in the pre-incarnation process if they choose to incarnate again to continue their education in order to gain mastery of the life experience with a veil, which is believed to be a more accelerated path than in the spirit world where all the answers are there already. The non-physical and the physical path is equal and relative as it is just different curriculums for the eternal flame/souls to choose to take. In my perspective, what you hate so much and put your energy into only fuels more of it. So, it’s a process and exposing the lies is a part of it, but many stay stuck in the icky slim spiraling downwards. Its best to recognize and expose the icky, then move your energy to create the opposite of such dogmatism and control by being a part of movements and organizations that create beauty, unconditional love, expresses compassion and empathy for all unconditionally. Then all the energy is focused on the positive through recognizing the negative as a polarity instruction of decision. True spiritual masters know that the evil is a mask and illusion to help you steer your energy away from it, not play with it and fuel it. There is no evil. In the Bible, it is often quoted that the only thing you have to fear is fear itself, because it exists as an illusion to see if you can see past the 3D polarity of the masked angel trying to help you get over your fears, cause if you didn’t then when you become more conscious creatures of your sloppy thoughts, then you will always manifest the worst for yourself cause you live in fear, which is why in exorcisms, they do not recognize the Devil exists. In the Koran, Mohammad said, “My Gin (ghosts, demons) is a Muslim.” The reason why is because he finally recognized that the devil, his gin is really an angel wearing a mask to scare him, which is why even some people who can channel angels can also channel jinn as jinn are just angels in disguise with free will to be able to poke humans to be better through playing with their fears. Angels do not have free will so they can do tell you things that would infringe on it and mix the truth with lies to confuse you. The purpose of jinn being able to do that is so that the enlighten human can own up to their own wisdom and mastery to pass the test of understanding their fears are just a construct of polarity so they can make wiser choices through such dichotomy. Often times humans do not listen to the gentle nudging of their angels, follow the signs, synchronicity, etc. so they ask for very compassionate angels to be the bad guy in order to push lost humans into confronting their fears, transcending it, and to become more powerful “conscious” manifesters who manifest loving experiences for spiritual growth rather than being “unconscious” manifesters of sloppy fears. Many people are sloppy thinkers and what you think and focus your heart energy into; you create physically for the soul to experience. In Buddhism, many monks who say they are ready for the next level of enlightenment are asked to go into the woods to meditate in the dark where they expect to manifest their worst demons. If the Buddhist disciple sees oneness and interconnection with their demon self and sees it is a loving person underneath cause the same life force of divinity is within, then they would’ve past the test to be willed more creative powers of manifestation. The enlightened person will see beyond the scary masks and antics of their jinn and see it’s just a mischievous, lost child and offer unconditional love and acceptance to it instead of fighting it back, which only fuels it. At the very least, let it be regardless if it wants to stop the games or not, because we respect it has free will too and unconditional love is to offer their jinn and others the respect enough to let it ride their own chosen path so it can learn on its own too. On the other hand, if they still live in fear and ego in their consciousness, instead of unconditional love and peace, then they manifest a demon that will destroy and kill them. Many Buddhist disciples have not mastered their fears and ego. Until they can master the ego and fears to become secondary passengers of the higher self in connection to divinity, then they are not ready for more creative manifestation abilities in the matrix. In eastern mysticism, they talk about the fallen angels as the humans who fell from consciousness into 3D in order to play with the concepts of “fear” to see if we forgot about divinity, our interconnection to all, and the spirit world. Will we find our way back home? Will we regain consciousness and remember our true nature with divinity within. Those fearful fallen angels are seen wearing masks to scare kids to see which kids are going to pull the masks away and love what is underneath because they know that once an angel and connected to truth, always an angel and the only way to be separate is to create an illusion and be forgetful. So a fallen angel is just one in amnesia and that is why when one asks their manifested demons questions, it knows the answers because it is your consciousness, it is you. Ask it a question it doesn’t know, that you don’t know like how much atoms are in this rock or how many grains are in this pile of rice or just talk to it about consciousness and oneness and often times, these self-manifested gin/demons moves on cause the person they were playing with has passed the test and can be granted permission for more manifestation ability. That is the purpose of gin, illuminati, reptilians, etc. This exists as lost souls in amnesia and illusion to play a bad guy in our grand play in order to give us the push we needed to stand up and embrace a better alternative than the ones they offer, which is their purpose to do. It takes a loving person to play the bad guy and hurt themselves or others and in eastern mysticism, they are not punished after they die, but cocooned in rehab to shed the toxic energy from the horrible roles they play before they reunite with the rest in heaven. When one understands the purpose of fear, ego, and polarity, then they see that they underestimated the wisdom of God. People create horrible experiences for themselves out side of karma because they live in fear and are sloppy thinkers. So why give people more manifestation abilities if they are already hurting themselves and others with the limited abilities they already use and letting their ego and fears take havoc of their lives where one’s ego and fears were only intended to be decision instruments of polarity and never to be the captain of the ship. The captain of the ship is our divine higher selves because it is connected to the spirit world and has the maps, not the ego and fear that are a lost compass. Some people of 3D, polarity consciousness will not understand this wisdom and therefore not fully ready to move onto the next level of consciousness that gives us far more creative abilities to manifests. Until one transcends their fears, then they will not move onto the next level in consciousness and stay in the good vs. bad, heaven vs. hell, love vs. hate, etc instead of seeing there is only love and positive and the negative exists as illusionary instruments. When a light it lite in a dark room, darkness cannot exist cause it’s an illusion. I hope this helps those of you trying to transcend your fears. For those of you still stuck in polarity, I wish you much unconditional love along your journey back to higher consciousness.

“Great Compassion Mantra” by the ancient female Buddha, Kwan Yin. This mantra is often chanted in a light and sound meditation for all who suffers such as possibly yourself, your love ones, humanity and also your enemies and your jinn who we have boxed into being the bad guy and have been feared for many lifetimes not knowing the purpose to why they were created to be a part of our learning experience to be a reflection of how we shouldn’t fall into our shadow sides, but like children, many of us play with fire and wonder why we got burned. You can listen to the mantra below:

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