"You've always been enough. Use the resources all around you to create a life you want to experience. A life full of joy and love. The spirit world will nudge you through synchronicity. You can do it" -Source


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Enlightened Friendships

Enlightened Friendships

Enlightened Friendships

“You don’t have to know anything to be NEGATIVE. You have to know a great deal to be POSITIVE. All the great governments, all the great religions, and all the great businesses would find it devastating to have man be a great success. They want suffering so you can rely on their leadership. I know we can change this, but it depends on the new young world.” – Richard Buckminster Fuller. Inventor of the Icosahedron Dome Structures.

Richard Buckminster Fuller had his spiritual awakening in his early 30s when he had no money and the stress of a supporting a family caused him to consider suicide. Shortly after his moment of awareness, he started to develop dome structure architecture from understanding metaphysical science of sacred geometry and designing based off of the esoteric, transcendental belief in Archangel Metatron’s Cube of oneness, which is believed to be the strongest geometric form in creation that holds all sacred geometric platonic solids inside it as explained unbiased in ancient esoteric philosophy. Bucky Fuller spent much of his life after his youthful feats as a sacred geometric architect trying to partner up with enlightened minds of his time to educate the future children of America and the world. His message to the children is that we will have in our hands, the resources to create technology unheard of that will transform the world by casting out suffering and bring global unity in oneness, but to enlightened yourself first so that you build visions with moral integrity not fueled by the greed and political agendas of his time that he saw in business, politics, and religion, but with universal consciousness and unconditional love for all in mind so that the legacy continues to benefit future generations to come in bringing the human potential into higher and higher physical experiences in conjuncture with the spiritual dimensions. Well, the children has grown up and “it’s time to Buck up”.

“Prospects for Humanity” by Buckminster Fuller at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Graham Foundation Lecture in Chicago, Illinois on January 20, 1965.

“Buckminster Fuller and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi” (1/3) conference in 1971.

Unfortunately, we don’t have video of Martin Luther King and Thich Nhat Hanh. We also don’t have videos of Nikola Tesla and Swami Vivekananda Yogi. Yet, these pictures of their enlightened friendship say a thousand words.