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Crop Circles

Crop Circles

Crop Circles

Crop circles depict sacred geometric forms of oneness expressed in all incarnations of nature through the mathematical language of Archangel Metatron. Archangel Metatron is believed by many ancient civilizations to be the right hand being of God/universal consciousness in the creation process. The message mapped out in the form of math in sacred geometry is an infinite unbreakable truth in nature, which is that everything exists in unity, harmony, and oneness. Life not following this formula eventually ceases to exist through self destructiveness. The sacred geometric shapes in crop circles are showing up at a time when much of the world’s citizens are awakening into oneness and unity that vibrates at higher frequencies. This unification of the collective consciousness is believed by many to raise humanity and Earth from polarity consciousness of the 3rd dimension into the unison of the 5th dimension that spins at faster frequencies. We may be ascending to a level of universal consciousness where we meet our galactic and inter-dimensional family that will lead us to the next phase in humanity’s story. These oneness crop circles may be poking at us to gage if we can meet openly, peacefully, and responsibly. Only time will tell if we can realize we are ONE.

To learn more about sacred geometry, please check out the very brief videos below.

“Sacred Geometry 101: Metatron’s Cube” by Charles Gilchrist. This video explains Archangel Metatron’s cube and all the forms of interconnectedness in nature that stem from it. Archangel Metatron’s Cube is the strongest geometric form in creation that holds all other sacred geometry as explained unbiased in many ancient eastern philosophy and other traditions. If any living thing doesn't realize this, then nature dismantles it and recreates new life forms that will work with the laws of nature. Many indigenous beliefs are familiar with Metatron’s message of interconnectedness as seen in mandalas, but some beliefs are not open about Metatron as it contradicts such institutions beliefs in the illusion of separateness in order to maintain exclusivity that allows for fear based power constructs to control the masses.

“Sacred Geometry” By Charles Gilchrist. This video briefly explains the message of oneness from understanding the tree of life, flower of life, and golden spiral.

The basic understanding of the Mandelbrot sets according to the mathematical law of universal truths is that everything is a fractal repeat of the patterns inside. Like a kaleidoscope that repeats the patterns in nature from a large view over and over again into the smallest view to prove that everything is interconnected in oneness and just reflections. So in spiritual terms, what you put out, you get back. Karma! The lies, hurt, and blame you send out gets sent back to you until you finally transcend them to start living honestly so you can start reflecting such values back to you to be experienced. Negative people project out an energy that projects back to them negative people and experiences until they transcend that by living positively. People and organizations that have been successful at instilling constructs of fear thereby reflect fearful situations and circumstances back to them lie after lie, harder lessons after harder lessons until it blows up on the creator to either self destruct or transcend by changing the projections to be ones of unity, unconditional love, and compassion, which are positively charge projections that can continue to expand on each other without becoming self destructive. The Mandelbrot sets can be understood best by one of my favorite scientist and spiritual teacher, Buddha in 500 B.C., “Everything you see and perceive is a reflection of how you feel inside.” Get it? The truth is that spirituality is universal, not discriminative, and can’t be put in any box. Not even Buddhism, which is why Buddhist will say that the spiritual emptiness is the zero point where everything comes out and nothing comes in like the “0” point between positive and negative numbers of polarity in a math chart. The only person to save is yourself from yourself. Even that is a holographic illusion. The whole point of the human experience is to enjoy it and all of your beautiful creations in all incarnations. Balance and harmony succumbs to the laws of nature otherwise nature will wipe you out for not being in harmony as seen through sacred geometry. I know people are finally getting this cause according to the math; self destructive behaviors are self defeating and doomed to not repeat itself. Repetition as shown in the Mandelbrot sets is an artistic law of nature showing expansion through love energy, which is our human nature always

“Mandelbrot Set” by Jonathan Coulton's in collaboration with Pisut Wisessing, “Film 324”, and Cornell University. The links below briefly explain the oneness in the Mandelbrot fractal sets. The flower of life is also mapped in the Mandelbrot sets.

“Fractal Universe, We Are All Connected”

“We Are Living a Fractal Hologram”. Quantum physics have shown that everything we perceive and experience are just projected holograms out of our consciousness. Everything you experience is manifestations based off what you have felt and thought about in the past. The now experience is a result of past intentions. A person’s whole life experience is based off the unlimited or limited beliefs they have about themselves and others.

“Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden”. This will explain the meaning of the Tree of Life, which is that we're all reflections of source energy and connected to divine consciousness through the harmonics of our chakra systems and the tree of life design in our bodies as do all other sentient life forms. This video covers similar stories covering a wide variety of spiritual traditions from Kabbalah, Western Europeans alchemy symbols, Tantra, Mayan carvings, Buddhism, and various Agnostic Christian gospels. It also covers the meanings of the Tree of Life in the body and the chakra system as it’s interconnected to the spirit world if you know how to tap into it through your consciousness as explained in Kabbalah and other traditions. As well as demystify the meanings behind religious stories as allegories that symbolize more complex metaphysic concepts.

“Sacred Geometry 101F: Golden Mean” by Charles Gilchrist. This is a brief explanation regarding the importance of the golden spiral, which are the divine proportions in all creations of nature. Nothing created in nature is out of mathematical proportion to Phi, which is a transcendental number that goes into infinity to expand and contract. The golden spiral shows that all life in nature is one and interconnected. Beings not realizing this and choose to stay out of harmony will self destruct as it goes against its natural state in nature. In nature, when two units come together, they fuse into a new unison. Otherwise, they feud until one outs the other and then another opposing unit comes along until at some point, a fusion of harmony is established. The golden mean shows we must be able to adapt or we will self destruct on our own choosing.