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CERN is an international research facility encompassing a Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which is an atom particle accelerator that shoots two beams of subatomic particles of light traveling at opposite directions straight at each other to try to simulate the black hole energy of the Big Bang. In sacred geometry, two circles of light colliding in fusion would create a Vesica Piscis that create new experiences within the intersecting points and amplification of interconnection of multiple circles creates the Flower of Life, which is a 3D formula for unlimited, clean energy fueled by non-local consciousness, which serves multiple functions. The Flower of Life has been depicted unbiased in many ancient mandala artworks in Buddhism, Judaism, Gnostic Christianity, Hinduism, Egyptian, Sumerian, Mayan, and a wide variety of traditions around the world. Black hole technology emerges from understanding the math of black holes in quantum physics and the human DNA atom. Continued research into black holes and metaphysics suggest that the Flower of Life is not just a formula for energy, but also theorized to be a possible teleportation portal into new dimensions as depicted in many spiritual traditions through the merkaba of the human consciousness. Mer (light) Ka (spirit) Ba (body) means a field of light that takes the body into higher dimensions of consciousness. Our quests to find alternative, clean energy and solve the inherited problems of yesterday have brought many scientists back to comparative religious studies. Instead of halting progress through bickering over semantics, many have chosen to extrapolate common themes in many ancient texts as allegories of more complex thought constructs that had few reference points in the collective consciousness of ancient times. Such cross reference to scientific theories attempts to materialize metaphysic technology to benefit the whole in unity consciousness. It is unknown if our $8 billion dollar experiment will be successful and what we may learn when we successfully simulate a black hole particle to harness. The world has changed and paradigm shift have been made. May we venture together into this new enlighten world as ONE with unconditional love and grace.

To learn more about black hole research and how it clarifies religious dogmatism and unifies us into universal spirituality, please review the links below.

“European Organization for Nuclear Research” and “CERN News” by CERN.

“Large Hadron Collider with Lisa Randall” by Lisa Randall and Charlie Rose. Lisa Randall, PhD is a theoretical physicist at Harvard University and Kyle Cranmer, and experimental physicist at New York University. She mathematically proved that the 5th dimension does exist and by doing so other dimensions above the 3rd dimension we currently live in may exist as well. Lisa is a consultant at CERN. It’s believe that we maybe ascending into the 5th dimension through harnessing the consciousness of the 5th dimension, which is of unity. The consciousness of the 3rd dimension is of polarity. As you can see, each dimension has a different vibration. Polarity consciousness separates and divides to keep a slower vibration. Unity consciousness works together and amplifies to spin faster and can hold more information. One is not better than the other, just different experiences, and all relative. This is the concept of the law of vibration.

“We Are the Center of Creation” by Nassim Haramein. Nassim is a pioneering physicist who further developed Einstein's knowledge into a Unified Field Theory that have mathematically been proven accurate and well known at CERN. This video explains how the Flower of Life and Archangel Metatron’s sacred geometry are keys of knowledge being explored at CERN and similar physics facilities around the world. This technology will allow us to someday teleport through space, space travel through portals (stargates), and generate clean light energy fueled by non-local consciousness. He also briefly explains how we can mind travel through activating the merkaba of consciousness in our chakras and vortex torus in our human aura. The relationship between sacred geometry, alchemical properties of water, and spirituality were discussed here on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s tv show. Supreme Master Ching Hai is believed by many in Asia to be a reincarnation of ascended master, Quan Yin. Many esoteric traditions believe that at the time of the emergence into the new era, many ascended masters of the divine order of spiritual teachers who have incarnated in the physical will be available to help gracefully transition humanity into a new paradigm shift of unity consciousness with the help of a army of Bodhisattva's (people who enjoy serving others to help empower them as part of their spiritual journey) who have agreed to help raise the vibration of humanity to match the new frequency of Earth. Such transitions have been spoken of in many traditions throughout time. Incarnates of a higher frequencies use tools of “love” to help you empower yourself and incarnates of lower astral plains use “fear” tactics to manipulate you into doing what they think is best for you. Nassim is very familiar with working with his ascended masters, spirit guides, and angels to help him on his work. I agree that people working in this field under the new paradigm should be more open minded to asking for help from their divine posse or stubbornly spend the rest of their life trying to figure it out the hard way.

“Flower of Life” by Thrive Movement and Nassim Haramein.

“Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields” by Nassim Haramein. After awakening at 15 years old, Nassim spent his career proving sacred geometry as understood in metaphysic traditions to be conclusive understandings regarding the oneness in universal spirituality. This presentation goes over an in-depth coverage of sacred geometry inside each black hole and the mathematical science behind it. As you can see, CERN didn’t spend $8 billion dollars on “pseudo science”. “Weird Science” is cool and sacred geometry is kick-ass!

“Worm Holes, Time Machines, and Weak Energy Conditions” by Kip Thorne, Michael S. Morris, and Ulvi Yurtsever. Kip Thorne is a Theoretical Astro-physicist at California Institute of Technology. Kip published his research and mathematically proved that time travel is possible. We’re just not at that level of consciousness to be able to understand such complex metaphysics yet. This is a well known math at CERN.

Below are all publications by Kip Thorne who assisted Carl Sagan who wrote “Contact”, which was made into a movie.

“The Quantum Mechanics of Time Travel” by Dr. Seth Lloyd. Dr. Lloyd is a MIT professor and self-described "quantum mechanics," describes the quantum mechanics behind time travel. Since time travel has been show mathematically to be possible in our holographic reality, many physicists are gitty over the various technologies that can be developed from understanding black holes and the ability to potentially time travel through harnessing a black hole through technology or through the consciousness of the human mind, which are the two forms of black holes science knows of currently. The Abha Torus Vortex is the same black hole concept being explored to replicate unlimited, free energy from non-local consciousness.

“Cosmology as a Science” by Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss. Physicist, author, and professor at Arizona State University. This is a great presentation at CERN. CERN is the embodiment of "pseudo science" as coined by skeptics of metaphysics/quantum physics who are having a hard time transitioning into a new paradigm. CERN is an $8 billion project to investigate black hole creation in technology and the human DNA atom, which is another conductor of black holes. "Weird science" is normal science and totally rockin!

“Science and Religion” by Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss. Physicist, author, and professor at Arizona State University. This is a good discussion of the merging of science and spirituality and the need to for unbiased religious studies to extract scientific knowledge of metaphysics out of ancient descriptions in all traditions. Many religious and spiritual traditions are accurate in speaking the same concepts, but much has been lost in translation and used as excuses to demonize each other to stunt our evolution as a collective consciousness. Progress in this golden era will only be made through unification into singularity (oneness).

“Future Technology and Parallel World” by Dr. Michio Kaku.

“The Pyramid Code: Sacred Cosmology” by Dr. Carmen Boulter in the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary. Comparative religious studies in conjunction with scientific research are leading us back to the pyramids and much older advance civilizations to derived metaphysic understandings from the ancient artwork left. Studying Buddhist mandalas and mandalas in ancient artwork are also driving a renewed zeal to excavate all the pyramids of the world. The scientific research into the pyramids have shown that there are advance technology that can be harness such as understanding that the Flower of Life is not just a pretty image, but more a sacred geometric code for creation of unlimited, clean energy powered by non-local consciousness in the Abha Torus Vortex also recognized as a black hole.

“Black Hole Time Travel” by Stephen Hawking, PhD and Discovery Channel.

“Consciousness & Super String Unified Field Theory” (1/2) by Dr. Jim Hagelin, PhD. Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, International Director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, President of the United States Peace Government, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace.

“The Dalai Lama and Quantum Physics” (1/6) by Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama, Anton Zeilinger, director of the Vienna branch of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information IQOQI at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and the Mind & Life Institute board: Richard J. Davidson, PhD, Paul Ekman, PhD, R. Adam Engle, PhD, Martha Farah, PhD, George Greenstein, PhD, Matthieu Ricard, PhD, Bennett M. Shapiro, MD, Wolf Singer, MD, PhD, Evan Thompson, PhD, Anton Zeilinger, PhD, Arthur Zajonc, PhD, Geshe Thupten Jinpa, PhD, and Geshe Dorje Damdul.

“If An Electron Can Be At Two Places At The Same Time, Why Can’t You?” by Discover Magazine. This is a basic understanding of the scientific discoveries that dumbfound quantum physicists when they discovered that sub-atomic particles of atoms can exist in two different places at the same time, why they vibrate, and move through matter showing in the atomic world of physics parallel realities do exists, are separated by some kind of frequency that may explain why atoms vibrate like energy particles, and there are multiple versions of the same exact atom having different experiences. The question now is: Since humans are made of atoms, why can’t we be self-aware of the different parallel realities? What separates these realities from each other? How do humans vibrate energetically in this hologram? Are there vortexes that connect theses realities? Can we consciously experience other realities through choosing to be self aware in a certain reality over the others? Can humans overcome physicality and consciously manipulate solid forms like bend spoons or walk through walls like sub-atomic particles? And many more. These discoveries are enticing scientists to look again at the ancient understandings of parallel realities in the metaphysic teachings in Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Taoism, and many more indigenous beliefs about our weird holographic world.

“Aaron O’ Connell: Making Sense of a Visible Quantum Object” by TED Speaks. Here. Aaron speaks to the TED audience about the concept of humans being in two realities at the same time to have different experiences. That it’s not an imagined possibility, but it exists. We just don’t know how to do it or why atoms and people exist in parallel realities. This new frontier of quantum mechanics is further being explored as we move forward together in unified consciousness to understand our oneness with each other and our own divinity in how we create and manifest our own and collective reflective projections to be experienced.

To learn more about sub-atomic particles behavior, please Google it for a wide variety of papers and online presentations from various research facilities and university studies around the world.

“Buddhism and Quantum Physics: A Strange Parallel of Two Concepts of Reality” by Christian Thomas Kohl. Author Kohl discusses the scientific findings that show we exists in parallel realities and the speculation that we choose to be self aware of the reality we are in as it’s easier to focus on one at a time. He discusses the metaphysics of quantum mechanics/physics and how it gets closer to mirroring the ancient findings already mentioned 2500 years ago in Buddhism and much older Puranas text in Hinduism. Purana’s in Hindu spiritual texts discuss an infinite number of universes with its own planets, people, and Gods. We experience the reality in matching vibration to our own consciousness and we jump around often not knowing how we are unconsciously changing our reality.

“Multiverse” by Professor and Nobel Prize Winner in Physics (1979), Steven Weinberg. "There are hundreds of different radio waves being broadcast all around you from distant stations. However if you turn on a radio, you can listen to only one frequency at a time; these other frequencies are not in phase with each other. Each station has a different frequency, a different energy. As a result, your radio can only be turned to one broadcast at a time. Likewise, in our universe we are tuned into the frequency that corresponds to physical reality. But there are an infinite number of parallel realities coexisting with us in the same room, although we cannot tune into them."-Steven Weinberg.

“Quantum Jumping” by Burt Goldman. Burt Goldman has been quantum jumping parallel realities for over 30 years. He claims he has done from his early studies with the Hindu yogi Maharishi Mahesh who through his associations with various university studies reintroduced to the world “transcendental meditation” to get into alpha brain waves that change the individual and collective experience as studied under lab experiences. He has clarified the basic principles of jumping parallel realities in a easy to understand, non-religious manner so anyone who wants to know how the use their consciousness to jump can. The program seems like a self help metaphysical mystic life experience, but in essence that’s how you jump realities through your consciousness. Burt discusses finding some form of meditation to get into the alpha state, deprogramming your social conditioning, letting go and forgiving the past regrets that hold you down in the present unwanted reality, and changing the picture to link up with the matching frequency of the YOU in the reality you want to be present in 1st hand. Physical life is a spiritual journey in this hologram and knowing how to move through it makes the ride more enjoyable. There’s still pot holes in each reality, but you can choose to plant yourself in the reality and version of you that you best resonate within.

How to use your emotions & heart as a tool to jump parallel realities:
We all live in a series of NOW moments that are pivotal that can relate to be a fork in the road. In each pivotal moment, there is a series of choices you can make. After getting all the information regarding any situation you are dealing with and analyzing your FEELINGS regarding each decision. You can use your logic to think about the different decisions on how you want to move forward in your relationship to that situation or person(s). You can also use your human EMOTIONS as tools to decide what resonates inside you regarding what kinds of synchronistic events you may experience if you choose one decision over how you will react over another decision. Along with using your emotions as a tool to decide the next parallel reality you want to experience firsthand, you should also use your heart (gut/intuition) to check to see if the decision you choose resonates and feels good in your heart. If the decision you make feels like you‘re going against your heart resonance, then you should explore your options further before making a decision if you can. Your heart is the largest and greatest organ in your physical body that creates the largest torus frequency around your body. It is the energetic vessel that will carry your body of light into the next self-projected reality. Your mind is a logic tool to allow for your individual experience. It can be seen as a tool of the ego to be able to have individual experiences such as being the control room. Your heart is the engine room that has the largest weigh and most critical for ensuring a smooth ride. And your spirit or higher self is the captain guiding your mind and checking with your heart and emotions to make sure this next self-projected reality is truly what you want or need to experience next. Once your mind and spirit feels good about your intended reality you want to experience next, then use your body and put it on motion in a series of baby steps towards manifesting that new reality of life you want to experience. The baby steps will be bigger steps and slowly the big picture you intended and have been working towards will be the new manifested physical reality or life you slowly worked towards. This is how we manifest into a new parallel reality. Everything you experience in this hologram began with a belief and thought you had about yourself and others. You cannot change others. You can only change your perspectives and your own actions. By changing you through accepting others as they are, forgiving repressed issues you were involved in somehow, and loving them unconditionally, you propel yourself into a parallel reality in matching frequency to that which you are. Everyone and everything external have changed because you moved into another reality. Some who are self-aware will know what you are talking about, but most will not as they are subconsciously asleep in that reality, whereas you are awakened and know how to use your merkaba to have the best life you desire to manifest. Your wish is your command. You are the god or goddess of your own reality, which is the greatest gift that source energy/ universal consciousness gave you from your conception as a new self-reflected light form. Be good to yourself and don’t die with the music still inside you. Live your life to the best you can be instead of living a life directed by the holographic self-projections/mirrors you created to help you make decisions in each pivotal NOW moment. It has been said some people can see what lies ahead on the road if one were to make a certain decision and what lies ahead to be experience if one were to make the alternate decision. These roads are parallel realities all existing simultaneously. Your spirit will be self-aware in the reality you choose to experience after making that pivotal decision. “Everything you experience is a REFLECTION of how you feel inside” –Buddha (500 BC). In Hinduism, they call jumping parallel realities as “Puranas”. By choosing the decision that makes you most happy and has the highest emotional frequency, you then propel yourself into another parallel reality with the same people, but with the synchronistic events and characteristics (people) that vibrate at that higher, more harmonious reality. A caveat is that some people you remember may not exist in your new reality because the frequency of the new reality may be too foreign to them and cannot resonate that frequency to be present there. You should not remember them, but if you do, then don’t be surprised if everyone there doesn’t know what or who you’re talking about. The relationships we have with our love ones are the best way that is non-physical that provides the best opportunity to expand one’s consciousness and increase your vibrations. I think if more people choose the higher frequency, then they also will manifest a collective experience in harmony with the Earth and manifest a self-projected reality that’s also in balance and harmony. A world of emotionally dysfunctional people can affect the Earth harshly to manifest a destructive Earth and self-destruct amongst themselves too. I believe life is not always easy and God/source energy will give you only what you can handle one at a time, but the physical life experience is the fastest way to expand your consciousness. Another caveat is that some higher vibrating beings will choose to incarnate in the physical because they enjoy the act of creating physicality. They enjoy the experience of watching a flower bloom or children grow, etc. I hope this helps clarify to others how to jump parallel realities using your consciousness/merkaba in this holographic reality we self-project. I know I love all my love ones unconditionally, accept and respect their decisions, and try my best to make the highest decision for me as I can only control what I do. Often I know I have moved into a new parallel reality when people behave different than before, when certain circumstances have changed that I don’t remember ever experiencing, but everyone else remembers that such as someone is alive whereas I remember they passed on in the other previous reality I was self-aware in, certain details have changed such as some peoples eye color changed, such as seeing something there for the 1st time and having no recollection it previously existed, etc. The keys are always trying to choose the decision that has the highest vibrations which are unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, etc. Try to use your emotions as a tool to decide what resonates inside you and choose the higher vibrating frequency. Life can be hell if all you choose is the lowest frequency in each pivotal NOW moment you’re self-aware in. These are indications to me that I have jumped realities. I hope that helps everyone looking to find knowledge how to jump parallel realities using their merkaba. Good luck and God/Goddes speed always.